Homemade Honeycomb & Cadbury Crunchie Bars Recipe – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 29

Homemade Honeycomb & Cadbury Crunchie Bars Recipe – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 29

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Homemade Honeycomb & Crunchie Bars Hi Bold Bakers! Since airing my No Machine
Homemade Ice Cream video, I’ve had a lot of requests to show you how to make honeycomb.
I’m happy to do this because it’s really easy, impressive, and also my mom’s favorite! Also
I’m releasing a new video tomorrow as part of a collaboration with Entertaining with
Beth so make sure you stay tuned until the very end of this video to get a sneak peek
at what’s to come. So let’s get baking! In a heavy bottom sauce pan, add in your sugar
and your golden syrup or honey Gently let these two ingredients melt but
don’t let it simmer yet. When all the sugar is dissolved turn up the heat and let it simmer for 3 minutes when you get this lovely maple syrup color. At this point you want to have your whisk
ready to go. As you can see, the caramel has gotten darker.
It has a really nice smell to it. So we’re going to go really quickly in with our bicarbonate
soda. We’re going to whisk and stand back. Look at that. Amazing! Look at all those bubbles.
Now take it off the heat and pour it immediately onto your prepared
surface. Take care not to touch the mix until it goes
cold. Look how lovely and bubbly and caramelly it
is. As you can see, this recipe happens really
fast so make sure you have your surface oiled before you start, all your ingredients weighed
out, and your whisk and spatula ready in hand. Honeycomb is like caramel lava but it’s not
just for mixing into your ice cream. I’m going to show you another tip of what you can do
with it once it goes cold. If you haven’t already done so, now is a really
great time to subscribe. And for mobile and tablet viewers, the subscription button can
be found right here and if you like what you see the like button can be found right here. When your honeycomb goes cold, lift it off
the surface and break it apart into pieces. When you crack your honeycomb open, you can
see all the beautiful airy holes on the inside. And this is why they call it honeycomb. Break your honeycomb into the sizes that you
want. For those of you who have ever had a Crunchie
bar, that is exactly what this tastes like. Mmmmm. Honeycomb is a great treat by itself but even more delicious when you mix it into my homemade ice cream base. So that tip I was telling you about earlier We are going to dip our homemade honeycomb
into melted chocolate and we’re going to make our very own Crunchie bars. To make your homemade Crunchie bars, take your broken honeycomb dip it in your lovely melted chocolate. Give
it a toss around Let all this chocolate drip off Then take it out and let it dry on a wire
rack. When the chocolate sets you will have your very own BIG & BOLD homemade candy bar! Now you know how to make your own honeycomb
for ice cream and for Crunchie bars. Make sure to come back tomorrow where I’m collaborating
with Entertaining with Beth to bring you a beautiful Butterscotch Pudding and Beth is
making a Tortellini Pesto Salad. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
I’ll see you for the next episode of Bigger Bolder Baking.

100 thoughts on “Homemade Honeycomb & Cadbury Crunchie Bars Recipe – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 29

  1. Ok i did everything right i even used 1 1/2 tsp of bicarb and it blew up it was huge like 4 times the size of the one in the video i made it before and it was fine wtf

  2. You should do more videos like this it is really convenient for a candy/snack and I would love to see more quick and easy recipes like this!!!

  3. But when I let it dry it became to thin and it didn't became like you it is edible and thick so what should I do

  4. Hi Gemma! So I just made this, it's set.. Broken it up.. Looks just like yours.. But tastes bitter.. What happened? Doesn't taste like the crunchy bar one!

    Going to have to throw it away. 😟

  5. Hi Gemma.. tried the honeycomb but it was sort of sticky and not crunchy..can you tell me what I can do next time to get it better

  6. Hi Gemma ! I am Avni ; will you suggest me to make honey comb today. Bcz it is raining today in India.
    So ,what will you suggest? 🙂

  7. Followed recipe exactly 3 times and it always tastes bitter and smells like melted plastic. Vile. Note sure if the sugars burning or there’s too much bicarbonate in the ingredients

  8. There is a very popular old-school snack called dalgona in my country, that is made in a similar way – but with less baking soda! My mom's generation will probably have more memories of eating it than my peers do. We would buy one small disk after school, from these grannies selling them in front of our school building. Sometimes we lightly press down a shape cutter to leave a mark, and try to nibble on the dalgona to leave only the cutter's shape left 🙂 I often made this at home, too. But instead of a saucepan, I used a ladle – just the way the grannies did – and covered it with a layer of tin foil to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom and leaving a burnt mess.

  9. Wow
    I never new it could be sooooo easy even for people who don't cook
    Thanks sooooooo
    much gemma youre a star!!!!

  10. I thought it was from bees growing up as well…. I only found out a couple years ago when I tried to make a similar Korean sugar cookie ppopgi which was basically cinder toffee… And went hey wait this is like a crunchie inside…

  11. Hi, Gemma. Your Crunchie bar looks yummy. You have the cutest facial expressions, my dear friend. What's your best tip for making sure the meringue is at stiff peaks? Have a good day, Gemma. I love you, cutie pie. <3

  12. I just tried this recipe… I kept it for 2 more minutes and ended up with burning caramel 😣😥 but texture came out good

  13. Hi Gemma, I just tried this recipe and found that when I added the bicarb of soda, the honeycomb mixture puffed up but stuck to my whisk and formed 'clouds' of honeycomb all stuck to my whisk, spatula and pot and didn't pour out like lava onto the tray the ways yours did. Also, once it had cooled, it wasn't very bubbly (i.e. kinda dense) and was slightly chewy. Any idea why this might be the case?

  14. im 14 first try i made honeycomb without a recipe or any videos it worked good but the only problem i had was i ended up making it too honey like hard to explain but it was a bit sickly i tried it again and it was perfect i really want to add chocolate to it so its like a crunchie

  15. Hi Gemma…hope you are doing fantastic…I have just tried your honeycomb toffee…I have put that into a greased parchment paper lined tin..but it stuck to the parchment paper n it's not coming..and the bits that I could pick had a slight bittery aftertaste…n it was sticky to touch too…can u guide me how to correct this.. I used candy thermometer too..I got the sugar solution to 149c then added soda..i live in India..is this coz of humidity??plz plzz guide me..

  16. Crunchie is my favourite bar. Knowing how (easy it is) to make them is GREAT! Thanks a bunch from Newfoundland! But we call it sponge toffee over here, not Honeycomb. (Honeycombs were one of my favourite kids' cereals.)

  17. Hii all your recipes are amazing
    Specially your homemade versions of some which we don't get countries other than USA or UK
    Can we replace golden syrup with liquid glucose

  18. Wow..this is so yummy….I had no idea it was that simple…I have all the ingredients at hand so I'm going to try it today….😋
    Thanks a lot for your recipe

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