Homemade Almond Coconut Granola Bars

Hey everyone, it’s Beth from “Walloping
Teaspoon”. Happy New Year! If you’re anything like me, you have a tiny
little bit of a holiday-food-and-merriment hangover, it’s time to reset a little bit.
And for me, breakfast is super important so I’m going to show you how to make some really
healthy, homemade granola bars that will help you get your day started right. They’re
awesome to take on-the-go, either for breakfast or even a snack.
What you’re going to need for this is three-and-a-half cups of old-fashioned oats. Don’t use the
instant for this. We’re going to add three tablespoons of flax seeds, three tablespoons
of chia seeds and two teaspoons of kosher salts. We’re just going to mix it all together
like that. We’re going to line a 9×13 pan with parchment
paper. Don’t worry about getting it completely [0:00:59] at this point. This is fine. And
then just dump your oats in. And then in your oats, dump a third-of-a-cup
of coconut oil, which you can see is solid at room temp. Stick this into the oven at
375 degrees. We want to toast everything up. You’re going to leave it in there for about
30 minutes but stir it together every 10 minutes so that the oats can get combined with the
oil which will melt down really fast and take it out when everything is super golden.
After about 30 minutes, your oats will look super golden all the way through and the oil
will be completely absorbed into them. We’re going to combine these with the rest of our
yummy ingredients. Put them back into a bowl. And to that, we’re
going to add some cinnamon, a little bit of finely shredded coconut – the unsweetened
kind, a whole bunch of chopped whole almonds and some roughly chopped dates.
I like dates for this because they’re super-duper sweet and they’re chewy so they’re going
to give a really nice contrast to the crunch of these bars. Just break them up a little
bit because even after you chopped them, they are kind of sticky so give them a chance to
break up a little bit within your bowl. To bind everything together, we’re going
to use agave nectar. The reason I’m going to use agave nectar is because it’s got
a much higher sweet count than honey or maple syrup. We can use a lot less of it but still
got a lot of really sweet flavour. To my agave nectar, which I have three-quarters-of-a-cup,
I’m going to add a whole tablespoon of vanilla extract. Just stir that together. Agave nectar
is also much looser than honey. It’s a lot more liquid so it’s going to incorporate
into our mixture a lot better. If you’ve never used it, you can get agave
nectar at pretty much any grocery store nowadays. Coconut oil, too – all these stuff right
in your regular grocery store. Just pour it over and mix to combine. When
everything is really evenly moistened and combined, we’re going to dump it back into
our parchment-lined pan. This is why I said don’t worry about where
the parchment lies. We’ll force all these down in because we’re going to have to pack
it really really tight so that when these bars are cooled, they cut and hold their shape
really nicely. I forgot to mention – after you toast your
oats, drop your oven temp to 300 degrees so that we can give the bars a nice, low, slow
bake. Take a piece of parchment and use it to press the mixture firmly into the pan,
all the way to the corners. And then once it’s completely packed in
and it’s really solidly down there, bake it in your 300 degree oven for 35-40 minutes.
It’ll get a little bit browner and it’s going to smell really delicious.
After the bars are completely cooled, it’s super simple to get them out of the pan because
you did the parchment. Literally, just lift it up and out. How easy is that?
I like to cut the size into about 24 bars so 6×4. These are awesome because it’s great
for on-the-go breakfast thing. These granola bars are much, much healthier
than what you’ll find pretty packaged at the grocery store. And that’s because we
used coconut oil and agave nectar, flax seeds – all kinds of really delicious, healthy
ingredients. A perfect way to start your day or to take on-the-go as a snack.
I want to hear what you eat for breakfast. What are your New Year’s resolutions on
how to get healthier? If you like this video, please give me a thumbs
up and please subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching Walloping Teaspoon. I’m
Beth and I’ll see you next week with another, probably, indulgent treat. Bye.

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