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I’m in New York. [MUSIC PLAYING] MICHAEL KOENIGS: A lot’s changed
since Kevin McCallister got lost in New York 25 years ago. Ubers now outnumber
yellow cabs, iPhones have replaced Polaroids, and
Trump no longer owns the Plaza. Down the hall and to the left. MICHAEL KOENIGS: The Plaza Hotel
now offers a vacation package made for super
fans, so I decided to retrace the steps
of my childhood hero to see whether his
tricks really work. Calling the Plaza Hotel
here with the Talkboy. Let’s see if this works. Calling now. May I have your
first name, sir? TALKBOY: How do you do?
this is Peter McCallister. I’d like a hotel room
with an extra large bed. Credit card? You got it. He just hung up on me. Don’t think that worked
quite as well as I thought. So today, I’m
pedaling to the Plaza to get the full “Home
Alone 2” treatment. No, I know. I said, like, oh, what am
I supposed to say to that? Like, uh, credit card? MICHAEL KOENIGS: For
about $900 a night, you can live like
Kevin McCallister. And they even offered
me quite the upgrade. The Royal Plaza Suite is
going to be $40,000 a night. Wait, $40,000? Yes. That’s a pretty penny. Woo. Wow. Pretty classy. Luxurious and spacious. Enjoy your stay. All right, thank
you very much. [MUSIC PLAYING] So long. Oh. I even brought a piece
of gum to offer as a tip. And there’s more
where that came from. I spent the afternoon
sliding into the elevator and looking for the pool,
which apparently doesn’t exist. Turns out that cannonball
scene was filmed in Chicago. SINGER: (SINGING)
Jingebell rock. MICHAEL KOENIGS:
By dinnertime, I’d worked up quite an appetite. Two scoops? Make it three. I’m not driving. MAN (ON TV): I
could go on forever. Thank you so much. Just the right
quantities of sprinkles. Mm-mm-mm. And when my stay was over,
they ushered me out in style. Mr. Koenigs, here’s your
very own cheese pizza. MICHAEL KOENIGS: It’s
just a good thing my boss never saw the bill. MAN: Kevin!

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