Hazbin Hotel is Offensive and That’s the Point Shut Up

Let’s get through the summary of what Hazbin
Hotel is so we can get on with our lives and to the point that I want to get across with
this video. Hazbin Hotel is an independent animation conceptualized
and created by animation YouTuber Vivziepop who I’ve never heard about until a few days
ago that’s been in the works for almost three years now and has finally come into
fruition with a half hour pilot episode which details the story of Charlie, the princess
of hell, attempting to create a new way to challenge the overpopulation in a way that
does not involve brutally murdering everyone every now and then. The solution she presents
is a hotel that rehabilitates everyone there to be good people with redeeming qualities
and have them be saved and sent to heaven. Of course hell being hell and being full of
people who are so cynical and evil that obviously they would not want anything to do with this,
Charlie and her girlfriend Vaggie get help from Alastor AKA the Radio Demon to take the
Happy Hotel to run the way she wants it to. There that’s the premise. It’s good, go
watch it. I have said my thoughts on three different
examples of independent animation done by different YouTubers and online personalities
in my time on this website, those being Misty Chronexia’s attempt at creating an anime
adaptation of his novel Chronexia and the Eight Seals which was a colossal failure that
the world has rarely seen that resulted in strange PR, much ridicule from anitubers everywhere and a second episode that will never come out as far as I can tell, even though I have
Guardian Spice, Crunchyroll’s attempt at creating its own original property which premiered
by showing concept art instead of actually showing us what the show would be about and
what the show would look like and as expected by anyone with a brain was met with lots of
vitriol and anger due to many different reasons which include and it’s 2019.
The show was supposed to air in 2019. Where’s it at Crunchyroll? And finally, Fist Master,
an original animated series by Stephen Kroscez that had three episodes that I liked until
he rebooted the series on TeamFourStar’s channel to a resounding thud. So, considering
my history of watching creative minds attempt to create their own original works with their
own blood, sweat and tears, including even Under the Dog, I am used to nothing but SHEER
DISAPPOINTMENT, something I did not feel when watching Hazbin Hotel. In terms of how well it executes its ideas, it’s no wonder why the show has seemingly
received nothing but acclaim by those who watched it. The pilot is sitting at 2.5 million
views and is only getting more and more fans with every day. Even the Patreon is sitting
at 2 thousand patrons and understandably so. It is extremely refreshing to see the fruits
of someone’s creative labor be met with such positivity…is what I would say if it
weren’t for OUTRAGE
PROBLEMATIC MEDIA HE SAID A BAD WORD I love the internet. I love watching something and having people complain about every single
problematic thing that happens. I sure do love it when shows that are obviously offensive
on purpose are not allowed to be offensive by some people because the very nature of
being offensive is offensive in and of itself and bad and should not be made because we
should live in a bubble where nothing is offensive and sterile no fun allowed no jokes to be
made BECAUSE THAT BAD- I am tired. I am tired. I am TIRED of seeing
discourse revolving the nature of problematic media being distilled to “it should not
exist simply because it’s problematic” because many of the best pieces of media exist
because of their ability to address problematic topics in creative and unique ways. The Boondocks,
Inglorious Basterds, South Park, The Office, Always Sunny, and even the content that built
the foundations of this very site you’re watching this video on. There are many videos that attempt to tackle these topics
and explain how they are harmful, but to discuss Hazbin Hotel, it is important to remember
the C word: If Hazbin Hotel is meant to tell the story
of the denizens of hell, the place where the WORST OF THE WORST GO TO WHEN THEY DIE, it
would make sense if the characters were HORRIBLE PEOPLE. In a livestream on Vivziepop’s channel,
she points out that her inspiration is from problematic stories with characters that are
comprised of terrible people. Stories that are full of people that would
be insufferable in real life, but the appeal and charm comes from watching them interact,
struggle, fail and maybe even change, and Hazbin Hotel is that idea taken to the extreme.
What better place to illustrate the idea of a cast of terrible people learning to change
than them LITERALLY BEING IN HELL with a chance to change. So, them being in Hell, where there
are only terrible, broken people, you would typically expect them to be TERRIBLE, BROKEN
PEOPLE. They’re racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, violent, and just really, really rude…because
they’re IN HELL!!! Angel Dust is a sexual deviant pornstar who likes killing people
and saying misogynistic things and offering people to let him do what JoJo fans do Charlie is the nicest person in the show and she says the fuck word a lot that’s a yikes. Everyone is a terrible person, but only taking away the fact that they’re terrible people
is ironically missing the point that the show SINGS TO YOU. Everyone, no matter how evil, cruel, hurtful or disgusting has a rainbow inside them. They
are all capable of doing good no matter what they’ve done or are doing, they just need
someone to believe in them and help them see that. That is the point of the show. That
is what Charlie is trying to do. That is what the creator Vivziepop wants to get across,
but some people are only capable of seeing the bad, ironically making them no better
than the denizens of hell who are laughing at Charlie’s notions of the hotel. In order
to get across the idea that these terrible people can be redeemed, we must first make
them terrible people who do terrible things. Speaking of terrible things, I’m having
a hard time understanding what the hell even is the problem. I’ve seen people who downright
refuse to even touch videos ABOUT Hazbin Hotel simply because of the supposed controversy
that’s being spouted by this vocal minority that won’t shut up about fake outrage that
didn’t exist until the day this came out and the topic was hot. If it’s the problematic
aspects, then you are all just stupid because it’s preventing you from enjoying the frankly
Hotel has not one, not two but THREE well-choreographed, well-animated and well-put together musical
performances, one of which still sticks in my head right now. The character designs are
so appealing and give off so much about these characters that it’s insane that anyone
could complain about them and ESPECIALLY the animation that went behind this because it
straight up looks like it could be on TV right now and in fact looks better than most things
airing on TV right now. Even the voice acting It has a very Invader Zim, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends but on Fire kind of look, and that’s kind of the appeal. It’s meant to draw back to the days of Cartoon Network, which many of these artists were inspired by. It has that look, but a lot of us are adults now so we take the idea and the tone and we’re putting it *No Nut November* right here. Right here in the show for adults right now. Duh. That’s why it’s silly like this. Get over it. Even the voice acting and the score is surprisingly good considering
this is independently funded. Is it just because they say bad words and have Filthy Frank humor?
Grow up. It’s integral to the point of the story and sterilizing it would take that away
from it. Is it the fact that you don’t like the humor? That’s a personal thing bro because
this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile The one review I watched when trying to make this
video just complains about things that are integral to the point of the story to the
point where none of it is really constructive criticism and is just him wanting things out
of this that he’s not going to get because that’s not the point. If it’s because
of the creator, I have yet to see anything that leads me to believe she’s
a terrible person People are accusing her of copyright striking these videos under her name, but it’s not her. It’s her multi channel network, calm down. and honestly, most of you *haha bad words* complaining like
shit like Steven Universe and pretend the Ed, Edd n Eddy and Invader Zim porn Rebecca
Sugar drew doesn’t exist. Apparently the statements that led people to believe Vivziepop
are problematic happened around 6 or 7 years ago that Vivziepop has apologized for. Y’all
need to sit down. When I see Hazbin Hotel, I see something I’ve
wanted to do for a long time. I have so many different story ideas that I wanted to see
in comic form, in film form, in animated form and am currently working towards making that
a reality. This was a passion project from someone who had a vision and was not only
able to execute it well, but get so much support in doing so. I took down my videos on High
Guardian Spice and Fist Master because ultimately, just shitting on something felt wrong. Well,
also cuz those videos sucked lol. I’m so glad Hazbin Hotel exists because it gives
me hope that I can make something like that as well if I put in the work to get there.
This is something to be celebrated, not something to put down because y’all don’t know what
a sense of humor is and can’t separate fantasy from reality.

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