Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier (Part 2) | Dimension 20 Live

Havoc at the Hotel Cavalier (Part 2) | Dimension 20 Live

– So Fabian, you can’t, so you, on that nat one, (claps) you do not get any jump
advantage or anything like that. – [Lou] Great. – What are you gonna do? There’s six barlgura, two are, two vrocks and a cambion facing you, and then you’ve got the
injured one right next to you. – I’ll go for the cambion. – [Brennan] Hell yeah, you rush
forward, go for the cambion, go ahead and– – We got a nat 20 the first time, I thought we had a thing going. – [Brennan] Go ahead and
make your attacks, my man. – That’s a 23. – [Brennan] Hit. (die rolls) – And 20. – [Brennan] Both hit. – Sick! Eleven, and eleven, 22 damage on the cambion. – Ooh! This thing goes from
being pretty uninjured to messed up. (mimics fighting grunts) The Sword of the Seacasters rattles out, this thing goes, (hisses) why must you meddle, we were so close! – Well, it’s what we do! We’re the Bad Kids! – [Brennan] What? (laughter) – [Lou] We’re the Bad Kids! – I have no frame of reference for that! – Well, we have a whole past, you see. It all started one day in– – You will pay for your branding! – [Zac] You just killed
your mom’s boyfriend! – I didn’t kill him, all right? He’s unconscious! Also, he’s not dead, all right? Everyone needs to be, stop, he’s chosen. – Okay! True. You guys see, the next
thing that happens is this. (Ally groans) (laughter) You see three of the barlgura rush for the coat room, and another two of them rush in to fight Fabian, and then another two, including the very badly injured one, grab Gilear’s body and rush out the front door of the hotel. – [Zac] Can I take an attack
of opportunity on them? – [Brennan] Yes you can. – Can I also take an
attack of opportunity? – What about me, am I there
to take an attack of– – [Brennan] I think you are still in the coat check room, right? – Damn! – [Ally] I think I’m there
’cause I just touched him. – Yes, you’re right there. So anyone that wants to take
an attack of opportunity can. – [Zac] Does a 13 hit? – 13 does not hit. (Zac groans) – Can I take one as well? But am I too far away from Gilear’s body? – [Brennan] You are at this point too far away from Gilear’s body, but you can go for the
one that’s going for him, it’ll just be uninjured. – That’s a, a 25. – [Brennan] 25 hits. (die rolls) – That’s 14. – [Brennan] 14 damage. You slash out as it runs past you– – It stops him, right? – And it stops him, so only the injured one
runs out with Gilear. Only the bad injured one
runs out with Gilear. Kristen, you can take a swing at that one. – Okay. Wait, I did, I already failed– – [Brennan] Oh, you already did, cool. And Ragh and Tracker are
gonna take swings as well. Ragh misses, Tracker hits. (dice rolls) Ooh, Traker gets a good hit on that one. Rah! Claw goes out. That one’s looking badly injured, but does grab Gilear’s body,
and make it out the door. That is going to be the two that are going for Fabian, cool, cool. Got some attacks coming Fabian’s way. (dice rolls) That’s a hit. – That’s fine. – Oh man.
– [Brennan] That’s a miss. – [Ally] (laughs) Is
Gilear really special? – [Lou] Can I say– – [Ally] I think that maybe just– – I think I might just need anyone to– – The Hangman has attacks. – Although I don’t know, yeah. – [Emily] I think… – I think he’s special. – [Brennan] Okay. – [Zac] I’ll wait. (laughs) – What? – What they want is,
you were chosen first. I mean, if you were chosen– – [Ally] Well, you’re also– – He could be also that this is a liar. – [Zac] I thought it would, my guess was– – Well, you guys lie as much as me. – [Siobhan] Shut up, no I don’t! – [Emily] I never lie. – Fabian takes 35 points of damage. – [Ally] Jeez! – [Brennan] As these barlgura, (mimics roaring, blows) rain blows down on top of you. How many hit points does Fabian have? – You said 35? – [Brennan] 35. – Then I have 51. And can I command the Hangman
to chase the barlgura? Hangman, there’s a demon
coming out the door with a very important person! I need you to attack him
with your Slam attack! – Sire, it would be my honor! I wish to Slam the demon! – [Lou] Slam away! – Long have the devils of the nine hells and the demons of the abyss warred, let the war continue here, in front of the Hotel Cavalier! – [Lou] Yes, yes! – Incredible! So the Hangman’s gonna
act on your initiative. We now see, that is going to be Sandralynn. Sandralynn sees her,
she’s like, my ex husband! And runs out the door.
(laughter) Incredible. – [Emily] I knew you still loved him! – She runs out, and she’s gonna go twice here. That is a critical hit from Sandralynn. – [Ally] Yeah! – [Lou] Rockin’. – You guys see… (die rolls) 11, bless, eight, 19 more damage. – [Ally] Oh yeah, yeah. It hurt, but– – Sandralynn puts two arrows
into the back of the barlgura running down the street, it’s about 20 feet away from her. And that is going to be Ragh, sorry, no the barlgura that
rushed to you in the coat check all rush in, only one– – Ah, come to take more orders from me? – [Brennan] (laughs) Go ahead and make a deception check with disadvantage. – Disadvantage, okay. But I do have advantage
because of my being an actor. – [Brennan] Only when you’re
impersonating other people. – Ah, damn! Okay. – [Lou] And then possessed
Fig a different person. – [Ally] Double 20s! – Double 17s. – [Ally] Hey! – So that’s gonna be a 28. (laughter) Yeah! – [Lou] We’re back! – (grunts) Oh? You see the other two barlgura kind of try to muscle in behind this one as it looks at you for– – Retrieve the Yogurt Man! (laughter) – [Ally] (laughs) Yogurt Man! – For your queen! – [Ally] Oh man. – The Shadow Cat. – You see Ragh is gonna rush up to join Fabian, that’s a hit. And that’s a hit. – [Ally] Hell yeah, Ragh. – [Lou] Hell yeah. – 13 plus… 14… He does 27 points of
damage to one of the ones, he’s like, Hoot Growl, baby! (roars) – Just full fist bump, just hell yeah, man. – Tracker has a heightened speed, and is going to run out and make two grapple checks. – [Lou] Get those in
quick, dude, get those in. – [SIobhan] Creep! – And you see that Tracker
leaps on the back of the demon, tries to slow it down, and it’s just, she’s a barnacle on the back of this demon, as it careens down the street. – [Emily] The demon with Gilear, right? – The demon with Gilear, yeah. But Tracker has lodged
successfully on to its back. Cool. I’m gonna need everybody
still in the lobby, which is going to be Ragh, Cathilda, and I believe Fabian,
Kristen, Riz, and Gorgug. – Does coat check count? – Coat check does not count. – [Murph] I’m hiding. – You’re good, in that case, because you’re a little bit farther away. I’m gonna need all you guys to give me a constitution saving throw. – [Zac] Aw man, so this isn’t a charisma based check against us? – [Brennan] This is
constitution saving throw. – [Emily] I think you’ll have
a chance to use that some– – [Lou] 16. – (claps) Nat 20! – [Brennan] Let me know– – Keep ’em rolling! – And these are with Brennan’s dice. – [Brennan] 24, cool. You see, and I need two, so that’s one constitution roll. I’m going to need another
constitution from everybody. – [Ally] Does that nat 20 count for two? – [Brennan] Roll this
next save with advantage. – [Zac] 21. – [Brennan] 21. (die rolls)
– 23. (Ally laughs) – Another nat 20! These are on Brennan’s dice ’cause I forgot mine at home today! – I will say, the corn, the yellow one does roll well for me. – [Ally] Really? This guy? – Yes, yes, yes, yes. – [Lou] Got these soft, soft edges. – I love it! It looks like cheese. – You guys see that both of those vrocks, the vulture guys go, (loud crowing) reverberating
sound things come. Ragh and Cathilda are both stunned, they’re out. The rest of you guys successfully resist the stunning effect. That’s the, that is going to be– – [Ally] How many people are
surrounding us right now? – You have about two of these vrocks, the cambion, and three of, and two of the barlgura that are scrapping you in the lobby. Three barlgura are dealing with Fig, and then the other one is
running down the street. That’s gonna be Gorgug’s turn. – Chaos. – [Brennan] Pure chaos,
just demons in the lobby. You see the chandeliers
rocking, fire everywhere– – I think we can’t leave, yeah– – Yeah. – They’re still angels? – I guess Gorgug’s gonna
run at the cambion– – [Brennan] Cool. – And (laughs) And just yell, liar! (Brennan laughs) And just… Yeah, I just, I’m trying to decide if
I want a Reckless Attack. Maybe I won’t Reckless Attack, just ’cause I don’t want
to get owned by everyone. So yeah, just regular attack. (die rolls) Does a 14 hit? – Sure does, oh no, 14 does not hit. Not the cambion. (die rolls) – Does a 21 hit? – [Brennan] Yes it does. – And then I’m gonna Frenzy, so that gives me just
one more attack, right? – [Brennan] Yep. (die rolls) – And that’s a 20. – [Brennan] 20 hits. – So two hits. All right. (die rolls) (die rolls) So… 22 points of damage to that person. – [Brennan] Ooh damn! – To the cambion. – 22 points of damage is the damage amount of the night, I’ll tell you that. – [Brennan] So– – [Zac] Especially on that– – So all three members of the Aguefort, all three members of the Aguefort Owlbears rush forward, this cambion,
(mimics fighting grunts) and you thud in, you have pushed all the way back so that there’s a small
group of hotel baggage, you (mimics fighting
grunt) send this cambion careening into the
baggage, (mimics crashing) a little blast of brimstone and flame. And that is going to be Adaine’s turn. – All right, I’m down in this place, can I do a quick little
investigate check– – [Brennan] Give me a quick
little investigate check. – Since nobody else is down
here, and it seems bad? – [Brennan] Yeah. – [Lou] Ah. – Ooh. I got a 26. – The cambion made eye
contact with something that was not here a moment
before you freed Fig. Looked in a corner, nodded to somebody. – Can I stab it with Riz’s sword? – You, well, Riz has Riz’s sword. – [Siobhan] No, I have Riz’s sword. – Oh, I thought you sent your stuff– – [Siobhan] No, I picked up the sword. – I think the double nat 20s, I thought– – [Brennan] I narrated
that the double nat 20s gave him his stuff back. If you want that to happen. – I did sort of want to
keep the sword for now. – [Brennan] Well then, you’re doomed, Riz. Adaine– – No, Riz has a gun! – I can’t Misty Step anymore. – Cool. Yeah, so you take, if you want to take your action and do it, you can stab. – Yeah, I think I want to. – [Brennan] Cool. You reach to your waist. Pull the Sword of Shadows. (mimics magical whoosh) Shadows come to life, one blade, last time you saw this used was when it was plunged
into the head of Kalvaxus during prom last year. You reach back, stab forward, make an attack roll. – I don’t have the stats to– – [Brennan] Plus one. – It’s plus one plus my dex? – [Brennan] Yes, you could,
it’s a finesse weapon, so you can use your dex. But you’re, I don’t, yeah. – So plus one plus my dex, I got a 20. – 20? You stab forward, and it goes forward, flickers, comes back. – Nothing. Well, okay. And there’s nothing else
interesting in this room? – You watched all the demons
teleport up to the lobby. – [Siobhan] Great, then
I guess I Misty Step up to the lobby. – Invisibly! You see absolute chaos here. Adaine is back in the
lobby with everybody else. Riz, that’s gonna be– – Wait, can I take my movement? – [Brennan] Yeah! – I’m gonna go outside. – Cool. You hop outside. – [Siobhan] Great. – Yeah, you see the escaping
barlgura with Gilear. That is Adaine, Riz, that’s you. – Sweet. I guess I’m gonna run outside and try to shoot the guy
who’s running away with– – [Brennan] Tracker
gives you sneak attack. – Yes, yes, yes, yes. Can I hide first to try
to give myself advantage? – [Brennan] Sure, go for it. – Great. (die rolls) That’s a 18. – 18 succeeds. – [Murph] Okay, great. Come on, now! (dice rolls)
– Cha-cha! – Hey!
– (claps) Nat 20! (cheering)
– A 20 and a 19! (Emily laughs) – You guys help me. You watching at home, please help– – [Murph] Does the nat 20 hit? (laughs) – [Ally] Will it hit? – Yes, it hits. It’s full double damage, all
that sneak attack damage. (Emily laughs) – Wow. Murph went to England and
he came back a good roller. – This is my husband, y’all. – [Lou] That’s what it took. (laughter) – Yeah, count out that sneak attack– (laughter)
– [Murph] Oh my God. – Slow. – Count it slow? – 34 damage. (Ally claps) – You, Adaine, you appear right next to it, as you get your bearings, you see Riz just walks out of the hotel, full extension raises, and explodes the head of this demon, and it just, whoom, (mimics skid) skids along,
Tracker, (mimics growling) and you see– – [Murph] Tell Daybreak I said hi. (laughter) – You see that Gilear’s body just tumbles and rolls and plants
against a fire hydrant. And the demon is dead, no more. That is going to now be– – [Zac] Do you get multiple attacks? – [Murph] No.
– [Zac] Okay. – That’s Riz, Fig, that’s you. – Okay. So Gilear is safe. Is there anyone outside that’s
within 60 feet of Gilear? – You have to get past
all these barlgura and– – [Emily] That’s cool, I got a skateboard. – Ooh yes! – [Emily] Skateboard that
lets me dash as a bonus. – Cool. – So I want to take, use
an object interaction to grab the ruby from the coat check. – [Brennan] Cool, yep. – Slip it in my pocket,
put in my headphones, get on my skateboard,
and dash out to someone, to an enemy that’s
within 60 feet of Gilear. – Excellent. You use the bonus action to dash, you grab the ruby. As you go to where the ruby, where you remember putting
the ruby in coat check, the ruby is clouded black. It is jet. It is the exact same cut, and as you grab it, where your fingers touch it, little tendrils of ruby light come out of the dark,
black storm of the gem, almost like those Tesla globes where you put your fingers on them and lightning touches them, but what is in here has been clouded by some dark storm, and is trapped deep within this. But you grab the ruby, and you can, if you
want, bonus action dash, and get out of here. – Bonus action dash, and I want to attack someone that’s within 60 feet of Gilear. – [Brennan] Right now,
there’s no one within– – [Murph] Gilear’s just outside. – [Brennan] He’s outside, there was one– – [Murph] The lobby’s where there’s chaos. These guys are fighting. – Just, I wanted to attack someone and then Healing Word Gilear. Ah, I still have action. So I’ll dash, attack someone, then run out to within 60 feet– – That you can do, absolutely. – [Emily] Okay, so I want to do that. – But remember, you have to
use a bonus action to dash. You can just use your movement– – Oh, you’re right! (laughs) No! I need to Healing Word Gilear! – [Ally] You can just dash and throw– – You can just, you could
just use your action to move, and then bonus, and then– – [Emily] All right, okay. – Cool. – New plan, sorry to do this. When I was in my world, what are these people,
what are these people, what were they trying to
do, do I have any memory of, if they were like, oh, I
hope this doesn’t happen? – It’s a haze to remember, they seemed to be taking orders from someone you couldn’t see. – All right, fuck, heck to it, I don’t know what
the PG version of that is. (laughter) I cast Fear on the three
guys in front of me. – [Ally] None of that, heck to it. – [Brennan] Awesome. – [Emily] Heck to it, I cast fear. – Okay. – So they gotta do a wisdom save or drop whatever they’re holding, and be frightened. – [Brennan] I, where’s my phone? – [Lou] Did you roll two nat 20s? – I rolled a six, a three, and a two. (Emily cheers)
– [Murph] Hell yeah! – All of these barlgura,
so what does Fig do to create this fear effect? – [Emily] I think she just flat, I think that that, I hold up the ruby, and I’m like, if you don’t do what I say,
you’re going in this thing. (Brennan mimics panicked screams) – And all of them spring to
one of the lobby chandeliers, and begin to Tarzan just off
into the depths of the hotel. Incredible. That is Fig, that’s Fig’s turn. Gilear is going to make his
first death saving throw. (die rolls) That’s two. Failure. – [Ally] That’s pretty Gilear, though. – [Murph] Just one, just one. – [Zac] Tracker is a cleric, right? – [Ally] Mm-hmm. – Kristen, that’s you. – Okay, great. I’m sorry, where am I? – [Brennan] You’re in the lobby. – I’m in the lobby and all these people are in
front of the door to get out? – You’re scrapping at the concierge desk. You could run out of the lobby, it’s only 15 feet to get
to the doors of the lobby. – [Ally] I do that. – Cool. You rush outside, you see Tracker’s out here,
Sandralynn’s out here, you don’t see Adaine, Riz is out here. – Great. And Gilear’s in the bushes or something? – [Brennan] He rolled
out of the demon’s hands and hit a fire hydrant,
and is sort of slumped– – Right, I run to Gilear. – I saved Gilear! – I run to Gilear and
I cast Spare the Dying. – [Brennan] Cool. – I guess, just bring him up to zero. – [Brennan] Bring him up to zero, great. – And then I kiss Tracker. Hi! – [Brennan] She’s in full wolf form. – It hurts. (laughter) – [Brennan] Yeah, you see that she has to, licks your full mouth, kind of dog style. – [Emily] Does she have dog breath? – [Ally] What? – [Emily] Does she have dog breath? – [Ally] Yeah. It’s sweet! – [Emily] Oh! – Awesome. Cool. The… Cambion’s gonna take
some swings at Fabian. – [Lou] He’s not dead? – No, cambion’s not dead. – Cambion’s the mega daddy. – I thought Gorgug slammed
him into some coats and he turned into, I guess– – Nope! Cool. – [Zac] The d12s are rolling bad. (dice rolls) – You take, eight, 14, 15, 23 points of damage as this cambion manifests a fiery spear and slashes you across the stomach with it. What’s Fabian at now? – [Lou] 28. – [Murph] You’re at 28? – [Lou] I’m at 28. And I’m chilling. – Cool. Sandralynn looks at you and says, you got this? Walks back in, and is gonna take some
shots at this cambion. (die rolls) Misses. THat’s going to be the barlgura. Cool. These things are going, there’s still a bunch of them. There’s, the one you stopped is gonna take some swings at you. (die rolls) Hit. (die rolls) Hit. (die rolls) Hit. Another one’s going for Gorgug. (die rolls) – [Emily] Three of them are just climbing the chandelier though, right? – Yes. – [Murph] How many others are there? There’s a cambion, and how many, there’s two bird people. (die rolls) Cambion, and then, two of
these gorillas fighting us? – Yes. You see, they hit with
all of their attacks. – Can we dimension door with our people who are passed out? – We can get, we’re outside. – [Ally] Yeah. – [Zac] We got two stunned
people with us, too. – Yeah, we gotta go in and
get the big stunned people, ’cause it’s– – 39 points of damage to Fabian. – [Emily] No! – [Lou] Down. – Fabian, whoom, goes down. The next one deals (die rolls) 11, 13, 21, 22, 36 points of damage to
Gorgug, halved to 18. – Okay. – [Brennan] And what is Gorgug at? – Gorgug is at 94. (laughter) – [Brennan] Gotcha. – [Emily] That’s reassuring. – [Siobhan] So you need to heal. – Cool. – [Zac] Help! (laughter) – [Brennan] The other
ones are dead or fleeing. Tracker leaps, and in mid-air, goes back into humanoid form, rushes in the door, and
is going to hit Fabian with a Healing Word. – [Emily] Oh sweet! – You see that you are
healed for five hit points. – That’s all I need. Thank you! – You got it! The vrocks. Cool. I’m gonna need constitution
saves again from everybody. Two. – [Ally] Even if we’re outside? – [Brennan] Oh, I’m sorry, just the people that are near the demons. (dice rolls) – [Lou] 20 for the first one. – [Brennan] Cool. – 21 for the first one. – 23 for the second, cool. – [Zac] 24 and then a 12. – [Brennan] And then a 12. – [Emily] 19 for the second one. – [Brennan] Cool, cool, cool. – [Emily] 21 and 19, oh thank you. – Cool. – [Zac] Does Mindless Rage help at all? – No, you, okay, so only Gorgug, you are poisoned. You… So you are full poisoned, and you can feel that it’s
starting to damage you as well. – What, what is the effect of that? – You see that both of them go, and shake their nasty carrion feathers, and a miasma of just spores and nasty disease mist oozes off. As you use it, Gorgug, that is your turn. – So there’s the two gorilla dudes, there’s the two birds, there’s– – [Brennan] You’ve got
three gorillas, two birds, and the cambion, who’s
looking real messed up. You’re also poisoned. – Okay. And how, I, what do I do in response
to the being poisoned, I mean, how does it effect
my rolls or anything? – [Brennan] You get disadvantage. – Oh, okay. Gotcha. I’m just gonna try to kill this cambion. – [Brennan] Go for it. – All right. – [Brennan] So you’re
rolling with disadvantage. (die rolls) – Does a 12 hit? – [Brennan] 12 does not hit. – All right, I’m just going
to take all of my attacks. (die rolls) Ugh, does a 12 hit? – [Brennan] No, it does not. (Ally laughs) – Frenzy. (die rolls) Nat 20, but does a 17 hit? – [Brennan] 17 does not, the
poison courses through you. – A 17 doesn’t hit? – Yeah, the cambion’s
got high, high, high AC. You take your swings,
but are just coughing, in a fit of this choking stuff. Also, this round, at
the beginning you take eight points of damage, not halved. The next person to go
is going to be Adaine. – Okay. I guess I’ll step back. I’m going to hand Riz’s sword over to him. – [Murph] Whoa, hey! – Hey, man! – [Murph] You’re still invisible, right? – Yeah, I’m super invisible. – [Murph] Thanks! – Ooh, magic! I’m gonna step inside, and do I, can I do an insight check to see what kind of damage
that I feel like this demon would be susceptible
to, like if it would be– – [Brennan] Give me an arcana check. (die rolls) – 17? – [Brennan] 17, the cambion? – Yeah. Acid, cold, fire, lighting,
poison, or thunder? – You feel like you’re certain, you don’t think it’s immune to anything, but you would bet it’s immune probably to, or it’s resistant to fire
and cold, you would assume. – [Siobhan] Resistance to fire and cold. – [Brennan] It might be
resistant to other stuff, but on a 17, you’re pretty sure you remember it’s
resistant to fire and cold. – Okay, I’m gonna hit it with a chromatic orb lightning attack, so well, I’ll do a ranged spell attack. – [Brennan] Mm-hmm. – And that’s a 25. – [Brennan] Hell yeah, and what kind of damage are you doing? – Lightning, so it’s 3d8 damage. – [Brennan] Cool. – D8, d8, d8. 11, 19 damage. – [Ally] Hell yeah. – 19 damage? – [Ally] Fuck yeah! – Holy moly, okay. This thing is, you, whow, hit it, and it is on its last legs. You see that it is fried to
within an inch of its life. – Great, and then, Cathilda is stunned? – [Brennan] Stunned. – Can I pick her up? – [Brennan] Yes, you– – She’s a little halfling, right? – [Brennan] Mm-hmm. – And how do you get rid of stunned, is there a magical way
to get rid of stunned, or a cleric way to get rid of stunned? – If she’s paralyzed, I think
I can lesser restoration. – [Brennan] Not paralyzed,
most stunned effects don’t last that long. – [Siobhan] Oh, okay. Can I just give her a little shake? (Ally laughs) – [Lou] Just give her a little bop-bop. – Yeah, you can give her a little shake. It might not help that much, but you can do that, you
can shake her a little bit. – Sure. – [Lou] You are more than
welcome to shake her. – [Brennan] So, that is Adaine’s turn. Riz, that’s you. – Sweet. Is the Hangman out here? – [Brennan] Yeah, Hangman
has rolled right up. – Sweet. I would like to, Hangman, we need to save our best friend. – Fabian? – [Murph] Yeah! – [Brennan] Oh! Right, you, you, you have a thing with Fabian. – Huzzah! (laughter) (Brennan mimics motorcycle roaring) – [Brennan] Cool! You stride– – Even the motorcycle cold shoulders you! (laughter) – [Brennan] You stride the Hangman and zoom into the lobby. – [Siobhan] The Hangman is
the most judgmental character in this game. – [Ally] Yeah, absolutely! – [Brennan] What does Riz do
as he arrives in the lobby? – I guess I’ll shoot at
the, or you know what? Maybe I’ll hop off the
Hangman and try to hide and then shoot the cambion? – Okay, yes, absolutely. Go ahead, give me the stealth check first? – [Murph] Sweet. (die rolls) 15? – [Brennan] Cool, you’re not
gonna get advantage on this. – Fuck, all right. We’ll just take a regular shot, then. I really sloppily do it back– – [Brennan] Oh wait, 15 you said? – Yeah. – [Brennan] You do get advantage. – Oh great, all right. It’s not so sloppy, it looks fine. (dice rolls) Goddamn it. 17? – [Brennan] 17 doesn’t do it. – (slams hand) Fuck! – [Brennan] Sorry. (mimics slamming) Take your wild shot. Fig, that’s you. – Okay. I think I’m just gonna straight up, who, actually, I don’t know if this is right but, who looks like the
strongest demon in here? – The cambion, although
it’s badly injuredy. – [Emily] Okay– – Actually, the vrocks
maybe look stronger, but the cambion looks like
it might be in charge. – Okay then, I’m gonna
just go for the cambion. – [Brennan] Cool, go for it. – And I’m just going to attack, I’m gonna Hexblade Curse him, and attack him. – [Brennan] Cool, go for it. (die rolls) – Does a 18 hit? – [Brennan] The cambion? – Yeah. – [Brennan] No, it does not. – [Murph] Wow. – [Lou] Hot dog! – [Brennan] He’s high, gang. – [Ally] Got that armor on. – Yeah. That is Riz and Fig. Cathilda comes out of being stunned. – [Ally] Okay! – [Lou] It was the shaking, right? – It was definitely the shaking. – [Ally] Definitely the
jiggle from an invisible girl. – I definitely stocked the right spells, and used my portent rolls
at the correct time. (Emily laughs)
– [Ally] Mm-hmm, yeah. You totally did though, or else Gorgug would have
gone insane and killed us, but yeah. – Having said that. – [Lou] That almost happened. – I’m having two fights. – [Zac] Yeah, that was today. – [Ally] Yeah, that was today. It’s been a long day. – [Lou] A great day. – I just want to apologize to everyone, ’cause I kind of did all this stuff. – [Ally] Now’s not the
time, though, sorry. – Really, ’cause my dad’s
in a cursed gem, I did that. – Cathilda messes up one
of the vulture things, just slashes at it. Kristen, that’s your turn. – Okay. I am going to walk towards the doorway, ’cause I’m outside, right? – [Brennan] Yep. – I’m gonna cast Spirit Guardians
at a fourth level spell. – [Brennan] Cool. – And then I can pick
who’s exempt from it, and I pick our whole party, and I say, everyone, run out, ’cause if anyone passes through Spirit Guardians, their movement is halved, and then they take all this damage. So I say, everyone run out these doors. – Cool, awesome. You, whoom, hit the Spirit Guardians, Kristen has sounded the retreat, get the hell out of here. You see, as you begin
to summon your thing, the cambion goes, hello, little cleric! (mimics roar) Leaps– – [Zac] Can we attack it? – It Misty Steps, like bonus action. – I take out a coffee really quick. – Be casual, quick! – Ahh! – [Brennan] It’s gonna, it has to make a wisdom saving throw, I believe. Right? – [Ally] It certainly does, or else it takes 4d8. (die rolls) – (laughs) This thing
does not have proficiency in wisdom saving throws. It fails. – [Ally] Hell yeah, can I use your d8? – [Lou] Yeah! – Thank you. (dice rolls) Fuck yeah! Aw, that is such a great roll. Okay, that is… 23, oh, I’m sure that peaked the mic. 23 points of damage, which
is a lot for little old me. – You see as this thing flashes, (mimics roaring) leaps through, it runs. You cast Spirit Guardians with this new energy from before, before it was philosophy students with Yes? – Yeah, it was hard,
for all of us I think. – Hard for everybody. – Yeah. (laughs) – You see this is post-graduate
philosophy majors. – [Emily] Yes, bring it on! – And you see that they appear, and are– – [Ally] They get a little chiller? – They appear, and
they’re not even standing. They also appear with spectral swoop back coffee shop chairs, and small chalk slate tables, and spectral little espressos, and you see they have
sort of waxed mustaches– – [Ally] No! – Sort of beanies, sort of like you can that their jackets smell like cigarettes. And you see that the thing leaps, and the entire coffee shop
that appears around you as you pour your little
coffee shop thing out, which is your new holy symbol. – [Ally] Is my new holy– (laughs) I praise the bean. (laughs) – I praise the bean! You see that they come out and one of the sort of philosophy post-grads looks and goes, (snickers) and it reverberates through the air, the little just snort, and the cambion freezes in midair and rotates so its belly is up, and you see another one,
who’s this young woman with thick, clear glasses frames with big Coke bottle glasses goes, right, you’re evil, so you
have wings and a tail, right? Like, your wings are scaly because that’s what bad is. Does that make sense to you? Because a bird wing would be good. A feathery wing that was
white would be a good thing. Does that make sense? Trevor, you get that, right? And you see Trevor says, no, exactly, like fire, and you spit fire because you’re bad, but your fire smells bad. Help me understand what your deal is. And you see the cambion goes, (screams) and unravels and fucking disappears. (mimics whooshing) – I mean, they’re right, though, right? I mean, come on. – [Emily] Yeah. – [Ally] I find myself talking to them. (laughter) – The Spiritual Guardians look over– – Paradise Lost was written, and you could see the whole
New Testament shaped by it. (Brennan laughs) – Incredible. Sandralynn fires some more shots and beats retreat past Kristen, saying, we gotta go, gang! Fires two more shots, and hits one of the
badly injured barlgura. Two arrows in the neck on the way out. Sandralynn leaps out the
door, goes for Gilear. These barlgura are going to attack. (dice rolls) Actually, they just saw their
cambion go up in flame, right? I’m gonna make a roll here, I’m gonna say these
guys need a 16 or higher to keep their resolve. (die rolls) That’s a three, baby. – [Emily] Yeah! – You see the barlgura see the
cambion go up in the spell, and all stumble back, see
their brethren swinging up into the thing, they fully abandon, they head off. Ragh comes out, takes
some swings at the vrock. (die rolls) You see Tracker, they, Ragh also comes out through
the Spirit Guardians. The vrocks beat a retreat as well. Gorgug, sorry, Fabian, that’s gonna be your action. – Great. I get up shakily and
just mount the Hangman, and hop, encourage anyone
nearby to hop on board. – Gorgug, you’re there as well. – [Zac] Nice! – [Brennan] Ragh goes, nice! And all three jocks jump on. – Nice!
– [Brennan] Nice! – Nice!
– [Brennan] Nice! – [Lou] Nice? – Nice! – Wait, where is it,
where is Riz in all this? – [Brennan] Riz is still in the lobby, the demons beat a hasty retreat. – It’s like a jockey version– – Can I do a bunch of weird, of those donut things, where I’m just spinning around. – [Emily] That’s just taking up space. – Exactly, just ruining this lobby carpet. – One star for this hotel. – You guys leave the Hotel Cavalier as the demons retreat. – [Siobhan] Wait, I’m still there? – Yes, you’re still there. – [Siobhan] I would like to grab the book with all of the sign ins as we leave. – [Brennan] Please put
it in your inventory. – Great. – [Ally] Can I talk to one
of the Spirit Guardians and be like, can you see who this man is in a photo with? – One of the Spirit Guardians? You see they look at it and they say, I mean, are any of us really with anyone, including yourself? – No, no, no, you see, but it’s really important,
we’re trying to see, do you see a woman, or is he just holding his hand up in the air? – I mean, in a weird
way, it’s both, right? – [Siobhan] My invisible
hand grabs Kristen. (laughter) – But here’s my question to you. Here’s my question to you. – [Zac] Cancel him. – Does it really matter? – [Lou] Cancel it, cancel. X out. – [Brennan] What does
it even mean to matter? – I hate that I like this, though. – [Brennan] Just answer the question, if it matters, you should be
able to articulate it, right? – [Ally] I just, I don’t know. That’s the issue at hand, right? It’s like, does it really matter? – And we come out of combat as Kristen goes deep into whatever this is. You guys are out on the street. Tracker walks over, casts Cure Wounds. Gilear is back at full health with one casting of Clear Wounds. – [Ally] Can I cast Lesser Restoration and cure your poison? – Yes, Lesser Restoration
cures your poison. The Hangman is out there. You guys see this sort of
sinister looking hotel, you know the demons have beat a retreat somewhere deeper into the hotel, but you guys have Fig and Riz back. – [Ally] I hug both of you really tight. – [Brennan] Sandralynn is– – [Emily] Stay away
from me, I’m dangerous. – [Ally] No you’re not! – Do you see what I did? I got Gilear killed, I tried to kill Riz. Look at what I did to my other dad. – [Ally] Whoa, can I– – [Siobhan] Did you have a nightmare? – [Ally] Do an insight check
on that or a religion check on this crazy ruby? – [Emily] Yeah. – Cool. By the way, I meant to ask, give me a sleight of hand check with advantage. – Okay! (die rolls) 14. – So when you were going there, the ruby was in a small
little velvet pouch that had some other
gemstones and stuff with it. Would you have just grabbed the ruby, or would you have taken the pouch as well? – [Emily] I would have
just taken the pouch, yeah. – Cool. – [Emily] I was just, I was being sloppy. – Cool, cool, cool. You grabbed the thing and ran out there. Go ahead and give me a religion
check if you’d like to. (die rolls) (Ally grunts) – 15. – [Brennan] Cool. – [Siobhan] Can I do an arcana check– – Tim Allen? (laughter) (Ally grunts) – 15 religion? The ruby has, this thing is cursed. In addition to, when you found Gorthalax’s
ruby originally, Gorthalax was trapped by
Arthur Aguefort in a ruby. No way for him to get out, he was just trapped. This appears to be something that is a curse placed on this. With a 15 religion, you think it is an insurance policy against anyone ever being able to break this open. – Do you, I remember the
chords that I played, ’cause I played like a weird
melody I never played before. – This didn’t happen when
you put your dad in the ruby, this happened sometime in between when you handed it to the demons and when you got it back from coat check. – Can I, I mean, I feel like we should get in the van and get out of here? – [Murph] We also, yeah. – When we’re in the
van, can I cast identify on the ruby to see if we can get a little bit more information on it? – [Brennan] Yeah, absolutely. – [Ally] Do we have a bag of rubies that might be all cursed trapped people? – You look at them, there are a lot of other things in there. You see that one or two of
the smaller gems are smoky, but you notice that these
are topazes, emeralds, sapphires, there is only
one gem the size and perfectness of the ruby. It is not, it does not
have the smoke curse on it, this sort of weird shadow thing. It is a bright blue, glowing sapphire. – [Murph] Can I investigate to see if any of the shadow stuff
has anything to do with the Shadow Cat? – Yeah, give me an investigation, and you’re casting identify. – [Siobhan] Yeah, so I’m
gonna cast identify on it. – [Lou] Have I ever been to Bastion City? – [Murph] Can I give you a help? – Probably only with your
dad when you were younger. – Do I know a nicer or more
pleasant part of town to be in? – [Brennan] You absolutely do. – Hey! – Are you gonna take us to– – Everyone– – Five star? – I feel like this part
of town is not ideal for chit chat and hanging out. Might we adjourn to– – Go ahead and give me a charisma check, just a flat charisma check? (die rolls) – [Lou] Oh, dirty 20. – There is a lovely dining establishment with a lively common room that plays all the various sorts of enchanting music, and there’s rooms available as well. It’s called The Swan’s Little Parade. – Oh, everyone, I have an incredible place for us to go and adjourn to, it’s called The Swan’s Little Parade. Oh, they make the most delicious
little finger sandwiches. – I’m in, Bad Kids, right? – Oh my God. – The Swan’s Little Parade! – As soon as we get there,
I’m going to sleight of hand to try and put my speaking
stone and change the music. – [Murph] Sounds like
there’s gonna be tapas. – I’m typing on the speaking, the stone, the crystal, S-W-A-N-S, space, L-I-T-T-L-E. – Is anything coming up? You’d think it would auto-fill
at this point. (laughs) – Maybe there’s a bunch of Swans Littles. (laughter) – It’s bringing up one in Missouri? – You see Gilear is swaddled
in a blanket in the van, just kind of staring blankly– – [Ally] We need to send him home, right? – [Emily] I know, I know. – [Siobhan] We need to take him. – This is my fault. This is my fault, I got Gilear into this, I’ll take him home. – No, no. Everyone needs to understand something about the nature of Gilear, right? Those two ape demons? I was, I stabbed one of ’em, I stabbed him good, right? And then both of them ran past me, Fabian Aramais Seacaster, and they went for Gilear. There is something to this man. – [Siobhan] Gilear, do you know anything about the Nightmare King? – The Nightmare King? – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – [Emily] Gilear, are
you the Nightmare King? – [Siobhan] No! – [Emily] Can I do a perception check? – [Brennan] Yeah, give
me a perception check. (die rolls) – [Murph] The are you
my dad of this season? – (laughs) Got it, I got an 18. (laughs) Is Gilear the Nightmare King? – [Lou] What if we wrap
the whole season right now? – He turns into a big puppet man, and– – Are you the Nightmare King? And you have to answer
honestly, I’m your daughter. – [Zac] Gilear. – [Lou] Gilear, what are you eating? Gilear? – [Siobhan] Gilear, come on. – [Lou] Gilear, did you find
food underneath the couch? – [Emily] He always keeps
a GoGurt in his pocket. – I think when the demon let go of me, and I skidded across the sidewalk, someone might have left, I don’t know, one of those, like a Brazil nut– – [Siobhan] No, that’s the worst nut! – [Emily] Really? It’s taken you that long to
eat one admittedly large nut? – He is the Nightmare King! – [Emily] Gilear, really? – Don’t you all see,
there’s something about– – [Emily] I invested so much in you! – I’m gonna be really
honest with you guys. I’ve had a bad day. – [Emily] (laughs) You can’t
say that every day, Gilear! – If we want to, I know
we like talking to Gilear. We can call Gilear, you know what I mean? – Yeah, we can take Gilear home– – [Zac] There’s something
special about Gilear! – [Lou] Thank you, Gorgug! – I agree, I agree, there’s– – I was conscious during the stuff of them capturing me and stuff. Did I, did it, does it, it would occur to me, Brian Murphy, that these demons just
wanted to kill random people. Can I do any kind of insight check– – [Brennan] Give me an insight check. – Okay. As Riz. (die rolls) – [Emily] Hey man, I think you’re right. – That’s a 21. – It has to be– – 21? You think that probably it’s Gilear’s fault. And what I mean by that is, his panic and what he did was so strange, by not knowing where and how to run, and then just ending up crouching, not even behind a sofa, but just kind of out in
the middle of the rug. You believe the barlgura may have believed he was casting a complex spell. And so they attempted to kill him, as a result of misreading
his physical body language. – I convey that. (laughter) I kneel to Gilear. – If we could put Gilear
into one of these gems. – And my sword. – [Emily] And my bass guitar. – Here’s what’s up. And I’m going to, I’m actually gonna, I’m gonna speak up, I’m gonna
say some stuff, all right? I am gonna say some stuff now. – [Lou] What? – [Zac] Prophecy. – I’m not the Nightmare King, all right? I’m not the Nightmare King. – [Emily] I had to ask, you
understand, I had to ask. You didn’t. And I, (laughs) (soft laughter) I need to, I’m sorry. (Emily laughs) – [Lou] Is it the nut, is it the nut you ate,
is it coming back up? – [Zac] The other half
of it in the other side– – [Murph] This is bullying. – [Emily] It’s large for a nut, okay? – [Murph] I believe it. – Nearly 100 percent of people that are punched in the back of the head by a demon would die. Nearly 100 percent. Your view of the world and how it works is not your own fault, so wildly warped by your adventuring school,
by what you’ve learned, by what you’ve experienced
with Goldenhoard, Kalvaxus. – [Emily] Or by the
fact that you’re my dad. – I love you so much. – [Emily] Aw! – I died today. I died. A gorilla monster punched
the back of my head so hard that my brain broke, and then I was dead. – [Siobhan] And you don’t know anything about the Nightmare King. – [Brennan] Maybe I did before that gorilla monster punched me. (laughter) – [Zac] Gilear, you died, but I see you standing right now. – [Lou] Yes. – [Zac] Or you’re sitting
in the back of the van. – I’m sitting in the van, swaddled in a blanket, shaking so hard. – [Zac] But you’re standing– – I’m physically shaking so hard. – [Siobhan] Can I give him Boggy? – He takes Boggy and starts crying. (Emily laughs) This frog is very good. – [Emily] Okay, I’m– – [Zac] Those are a hero’s tears. – [Lou] Those are a hero’s tears. – [Ally] No! – [Lou] My mother saw something in him, and it’s whatever’s special about you. – Gilear, you have a part yet to play, and this I know. But right now, you need some R&R. And I give him 10,000 gold. – No, come on! What are you doing?
(Lou claps) – Please, go on the vacation that you never thought you’d
ever get a chance to go on. – That’s like three houses worth of gold! – Yeah. I want him to go– – [Ally] Can we just put him in a ruby and tell him, that’s the vacation? – Stay in a hotel. – [Ally] Put him in that sapphire! – [Murph] What happened to you? – [Siobhan] Finally listening to reason. – [Ally] Thank you! – Go ahead and give me a persuasion check. – [Emily] Okay. – And I’m gonna say the
DC is actually gonna be, the DC for this is actually gonna be 25. (die rolls) – I do not get it. – What did you get? – [Emily] I got a 21. – 21. – [Lou] Damn! – He looks at you and he says, I have lived a life that, when I think about it, it bums me out. – [Emily] (whispering) Oh my God. – You all are on an adventure, you know magic, you know swordplay. You have all the tools you need. What you need is somebody who’s gonna get you your
coffee when you need it, or perhaps some hours afterwards,
if bus stuff comes up, you need someone to get you food. – [Emily] It’s who you want to be. – [Ally] We need someone to
handle our Instagram account. – [Lou] For the Bad
Kids, we’re branding now. – [Siobhan] We do have @theBadKidzz. – [Emily] But you know what? – [Siobhan] With two Z’s. – [Emily] In the bio, guess
whose name comes up last? (laughter) – An incredible dunk on
me by my own daughter at my lowest moment. – [Emily] That was to say that
you’re part of the Bad Kids! – Right, I appreciate it, look. – [Ally] You have to click read more, and then it says Gilear. (laughs) (laughter) – What I’m saying is this. (laughter) I don’t think I’m gonna be the guy, the guy, ever in my life. In my own life. But I can help all of
you be that, in your own. – [Siobhan] Maybe we
can get you some kind of amulet of invisibility, or some kind of– – [Emily] Can I shove the sapphire at him and see if it makes him stronger? – You, as you shove the
sapphire into the van, Gorgug, you see something light up on the panel a little bit, like some of your parents gears and stuff kind of light up a little bit. – Hang on, can I see that? – Yeah. What’s mine is yours, I’m the idiot who got us into this. – No, no. – Actually, yeah, a lot
of us got us into it. – [Emily] I like that
you’re agreeing with me. – [Brennan] You see that– – Yeah, why don’t, let’s do this, but there’s some other
things that happened. – Gilear looks and says, I’m going to figure some stuff out. I think maybe the goal here is, I don’t go on the dangerous parts. – [Zac] Gilear, what if
we got a big metal box that you could lay down in and– – He looks around in the
van, and is like, great. – [Zac] Okay. – Great. – I also have this brief case that is, it’s really big. – [Emily] What if we got you, you have a– – [Murph] Like a little straw. (laughter) – I could see myself within a brief case very easily. Yes. (sighs) I’ve never felt, I had my head hit so hard that I felt all the bones
in my rib cage come apart. – [Emily] Mm-hmm. – Just full disjoint. It was the, it didn’t even hurt, it was just a feeling of, oh, I’ve never experienced anything until this moment, because
I’m being hit so hard. – [Zac] Hm. – [Emily] I’m sorry. – Wild. – Okay, I know we have
a lot of things to do, but do you think, Riz, you can try to see if a lot of gem stores
have been broken into? Is that a sleuth thing
that we can see, like– – [Emily] I mean, if you want to– – I’m gonna jam this
crystal into this van. – If you wanted fun, yeah, let’s do that. – Cool. You’re casting identify on it. Do you want to do, try to do
that before this happens, or– – Sure, it’s a ritual spell,
so it’ll take 10 minutes. – [Brennan] Okay! – But we’re on the way
to the dancing little– – [Lou] The Little Swan’s Parade. – No, The Swan’s Little Parade. The parade is little, not the swans! (everyone chattering) – [Lou] Tiny parade. – [Murph] It’s gonna be a
big parade once we get there. – [Brennan] You guys are now, Sandralynn– – [Lou] The Ball. – You see that Sandralynn has just sort
of been looking at Gilear. She sort of nods and smiles, she just looks over at Cathilda, you see that Sandralynn’s
on her crystal, calling in, and you guys see a bunch
of Bastion City squad cars pull up in front of the hotel, and just come in with
wands and magical shit and start to stream into
the hotel, basically. – Is it, they’re like police force? – [Brennan] Yeah, it’s like
Bastion City’s people– – I’ll Disguise Self and try and find out if there’s been a rash of robberies. – [Murph] I think
they’re just clearing out the demons, right? – [Siobhan] Maybe, we don’t know whose side they’re working on. The police aren’t necessarily good. – Yeah. I’ll just Disguise Self and go in and see what they’re
saying as they clean up. – [Brennan] Cool, you cast Disguise self, you head on in. – I just, I take some yellow tape, and I pretend like I’m doing that. – [Brennan] As the– – [Zac] Is the couch fully
wrapped in yellow tape? – You cast Identify. Whoom, (mimics crackling) ah yes. This is another use of the Identify spell. (Siobhan sighs) The object held in front of you is a celestial sapphire, a non-magical gem infused with magical significance by a ritual act, binding the
creature in question inside. This is, rather than a
magical item or artifact, better understood as a material component of the Magic Jar spell. – [Siobhan] Magic Jar. (Siobhan sighs) – [Emily] Oh. – So is there a celestial
trapped inside this gem? – A powerful celestial
trapped inside this gem. – [Siobhan] Is there a way to talk to it without letting it out? – Certain machinery or arcane devices would enable one to be able to speak to the being inside. – [Murph] Should we put it in the– – Put it in the radio. – The tape player? – You put it in the tape player, your gnomish, your clunker,
rusty gnomish parents’ van swallows the gem and
kind of (mimics gulping) puts the gem. You see that your gas tank,
which was a little bit, almost like a little bit lower, the gas tank reader flips to just a glowing, blue
kind of soft, pulsing light, almost like the power source
of the van has changed. And the radio comes on,
(mimics radio static) (mimics angelic singing) and this sort of soft,
angelic music begins to play. You see that, as it
sort of starts playing, soft music comes over the radio, and you hear a voice go, wow! Wow! (laughs) Hello? Knock, knock, knock, anybody there? – [Siobhan] Hi. – [Zac] Hello. – [Murph] Hey. – Well gosh, I’ve been in this gem for such a long time. I got captured by demons, I think, a long time ago. – [Siobhan] That’s rough. – I was a spirit of the endless sky, towards
the late afternoon on a day at the beach, with your feet in the
warm sand, just being chill as hell. You guys can call me whatever you want, but you know, I’m sorry, I’m rambling on. Where am I, who are you guys? – My name’s Teddy Geiger. (laughter) – [Murph] Everyone go easy on the lies, ’cause the thing that
attacked me out of the mirror was a manifestation of lies. So everyone, just relax on the lies. – [Siobhan] Okay. – Baron’s not real. – What? – [Siobhan] Yeah– – Believe it or not. – Baron from the Baronies was a lie? – Was a lie. – [Zac] What are you talking about? – [Murph] I’m sorry, Gorgug. – [Lou] So who, what have you been seeing? – No, no one. – I think I need to tell you all that I’m gay. – [Siobhan] Yeah, we know. – Oh, okay. – [Brennan] Tracker goes, what? (laughter) – I just, you know, I’m not sure, I’m pretty sure most
of you figured it out, but I just– – I literally knock on
every door in the house, ’cause I’m scared you and
Tracker are gonna be 69’ing on the other side. – And healing each other’s wounds! – Tracker healed me perfectly fine and there was no sexual activity. – You just didn’t see me. – It just feels like,
(Emily laughs) It feels like you all can tell me things, I want you to know that
you can tell me things. – [Lou] Hey, Car. So we’re having a kind
of moment right now, but we are a collection of adventurers from the Aguefort Adventuring Academy. – Awesome. – [Siobhan] Why are we
calling the angel Car? – You see– – [Lou] It’s what’s
talking to me is the car. – [Brennan] You see that the– – [Emily] It said you could
call him whatever you wanted. – [Zac] Well, it’s a van. – You can name it– – It kind of feels like a Van to me. – You see he says, am I in a van right now? – [Siobhan] Yeah. – [Murph] That’s right, Van. – [Emily] Van. – That’s, whose van is this? – [Zac] It’s you! But it’s mine. – You see, you hear the van speak from the radio kind of go, dude, I would love to be your van. – [Zac] I mean, you are. – You, outside you hear the Hangman go, what the fuck is going on? – [Lou] Hangman, chill, we’re having a weird, I guess, there’s gonna be another possessed vehicle that we have interactions with. But you’ll always be my possessed vehicle. – I hate this van! – [Ally] You guys kiss! – [Lou] You don’t kiss– – [Siobhan] No lies, now! – I feel like once upon a
time you talked in my head, and now out and everyone can hear it– – You walked to the front
and you crouched down and you kissed the Hangman. – I’ve never done that once. – Two hands up and you– – Be careful– – [Ally] That lie’s gonna show up– – No! – I said everyone relax on the lies. If you’ve kissed the Hangman even once, just even an exploratory kiss. – (laughs) What, Gorgug! – [Lou] Gorgug, what were you
doing kissing my motorcycle? Not cool. (laughter) That’s like if I kissed your tree. – Yeah, I’d be fine with that. It’s just, it’s such a
cool motorcycle, I just– – I’m flipping through
your parents’ sex binder, to look for people loving motorcycles. – [Zac] You ever kiss a puppy? – Van, you’re learning a lot
about us right off the top. – I hear that. You guys seem like honestly a riot. I’m so psyched. Are you guys hungry? ‘Cause I felt someone punch in a GPS for The Swan’s Little Parade,
I’d be happy to head there if you guys want. – [Siobhan] Yeah. – [Ally] Let’s do it! – [Emily] Oh yeah, right. Oh right, I wasn’t here the whole time. – [Brennan] Cool. – [Ally] Yeah! – You guys, so Fig, you walk over to the police. Go ahead and just give
me a investigation check. – [Emily] Okay. (die rolls) 11. – You hear the police talking, you don’t hear anything about
a rash of gem robberies, but you do hear about
a lot of unsolved cases at the Hotel Cavalier, and this is a long time coming. So it seems like you guys
have done a good thing by springing the cork on
this hotel, basically. – [Ally] Oh, and we have that book– – I see them starting to, yeah. Actually that’s a good
call, is there anything else that looks, is there anything
else in the coat room, maybe the coat that the gem was in? – [Brennan] You guys grabbed
the good stuff, here. I mean, you got that bag of gems and you got the guest book, so you guys kind of have
the big score items. – I’ll see my friends leaving, I’ll just announce to the room. Ah, fellas, I’m gonna clock out early. (laughter) – I feel like actually
cops are so close knit, like they know everyone
in all the other cities. – [Brennan] Give me a deception check, if you would be so kind. – Insane, Fig! (laughter) I’m clocking out early! (die rolls) – Be exposed as a demon. – (laughs) Nat 20! (laughter)
– [Ally] What! – So 31! – You see one of the cops come, the chief comes over to you, looking extremely stern, and goes, Decker, I’m glad you’re
taking some time off, after what you’ve been through, everything that’s happened. – [Emily] Yeah. I’ve gotta be honest. (laughter) – [Lou] Make it a kiss? – The temptation to, you know, work myself to the bone is always there. – Goddamn it, Decker, look. You’re the best detective we’ve got. – [Emily] Yeah? – Your clearance rate, it’s out of this world. But solving a case doesn’t solve what’s happening in here. – I’m the best detective you’ve ever had, but what about the best girlfriend? – [Brennan] He leans in for a kiss. – I get my kisses in– – [Ally] He’s like a 45 year old man! – [Lou] He gets the kisses in! – [Emily] Get my kisses in! – Game respect game. – [Emily] I use my
skateboard to dash away. – [Brennan] When did
you start skateboarding! (laughter) – [Ally] A cop gets on a skateboard! – You guys see a full middle-aged
detective skateboard down! – Makes out with the chief of police after saying they’re
going to clock out early. And then rides off on a skateboard! – [Zac] Yellow tape just waving behind. – Yeah, I think I have
some stuck to my foot like it’s toilet paper. – [Ally] Oh my gosh. – Everyone piles in to the van. – [Lou] I ride the– – You ride the Hangman. You see the Hangman says, sire, I must find a way
to destroy this van. – Hangman, you’re going to
have to share the spotlight, all right? You’ve had your moment in the sun, right? You’re still important to me. – You see that he says, (growls) right. The van. You guys are going along, the van is just playing some chill music, and goes, awesome, totally, totally cool. So you kept, so the
identify spell continues. Basically again, like, these gems, including this gem, the thing that they said at the beginning, the devil’s heart was
not magical was accurate, but they’re just, in the same way that you need
a 300 gold piece diamond– – [Siobhan] Right. – These are rare gems to do very powerful spells with, right? But you see the van sort
of trundles along and says, I feel awful, like I should
apologize to that motorcycle. I feel like he’s super greased at me. – [Siobhan] No, he’s just very judgmental. He’ll, you’ll just, don’t worry about it. – [Zac] He’s got a lot of walls up. – [Siobhan] He’s a lot
of bark and no bite. – Here’s the thing, Van. If you just hang around, and say that you’re their best friend, eventually you become best friends. – [Brennan] Here’s the
thing, hanging around, ’cause I know that that guy’s the Hangman, but I’m all about the hang, man. (Murph laughs loudly) – [Murph] Riz laughs way too loud. – [Siobhan] Teach me how to be this chill, it seems really pleasant. – Yeah, just think about like, I don’t know, think about a leaf pile, and it’s like, oh man,
this sweater fits great. Or think about, I don’t know, just like, it’s like a cool swimming pool, and you’re tired, and
you’ve been hanging out, and then you’re just, you’re laying back, and your bud’s making a fire, and it’s like, oh, we’re
gonna do a bonfire tonight? Yeah! – Wow, okay. – [Brennan] You know? You guys want to listen to some music? – [Ally] Kristen is fine, but– – [Zac] Maybe you should
have a conversation. – Yeah, yeah. – We should look, let’s us two look at this book together. – Yeah also, do I see the tabaxi in the picture? – [Brennan] You do. – Okay. So I think I go over, ’cause I saw Kristen showing the picture to the ghost, so I think I go over to the picture, and I’m like, all right, we need to,
I guess, figure out if, I saw some kind of shadow person moving through the room when I was about to be sacrificed, so maybe it’s the same cat– – [Emily] Did I see them? I did see them, right? – [Brennan] You didn’t see them. – I didn’t see that. – [Ally] Oh, okay. – Don’t start with one of– – Did you have a nightmare? – I… No. – [Zac] But you didn’t go to sleep. – I didn’t go to sleep. – We all had really crazy nightmares. – Even me, and I don’t sleep either. – I mean, I didn’t
really have a nightmare, it was kind of like a bad
dream, but an alluring dream. – [Murph] But none of you
can see who’s in the picture? – We don’t see anyone. – But we found out from Sandralynn and your mom that that
was your dad’s partner. – Do I, oh, I didn’t see
in the picture, right. – Huh. – [Zac] Is that the Shadow Cat? – Can I do an investigate, so I saw, I saw somebody– – [Emily] If you’ve met them,
it casts an illusion on it? – We were wondering that. – Yeah, this is, so this is a cat person, we know that there’s a Shadow Cat, I saw a shadowy figure disappear, can I deduce that I
perhaps saw this person– – [Brennan] Yes. – Downstairs, this is who I saw? – [Brennan] Yes, absolutely. – Oh, it was the same one from this photo that none of us can see? – Well, dressed the same, and you could only see the eyes, but the eyes looked
slitted like a cat’s eyes. – This person was down there when I was about to be sacrificed. – [Emily] Where did they go? – And disappeared into the shadows. – Can they be in any shadow, can we try to figure out how that works? – I think I, I didn’t see her, but I saw one of the demons looking where she was, and I tried to stab her with your sword, but she had moved, which I don’t know, maybe means that she already moved, or maybe I, she’s immune to something, or she’s invisible or
can’t be stabbed, or– – So she’s– – There’s a lot of reasons
that it couldn’t have happened. But maybe, I don’t know. – If she’s still there, we should go back. – I don’t think we’re going
to be able to find her until she comes looking for us or to cause more trouble. Also, moron– – [Emily] Is she the
one who did this to me? – I don’t know. When I had, when I was captured, a little skeleton named Baron, formed of my lies, who
could only refer to things that I had lied about, appeared and came out of the mirror and grabbed me and pulled me in. So I think– – [Zac] I tried to touch the mirror. – Yeah. I shot the mirror, so that was a bad move. So in the future, let’s
not attack mirrors. – [Siobhan] Yeah, it’s
seven years bad luck. – Yeah. But oh no! But yeah, so maybe be careful with lying, ’cause it seems like the Nightmare King can make monsters based on lies. – Van, I should tell you that
my name isn’t Teddy Geiger. – [Brennan] What? – [Siobhan] Yeah. Sorry, I was lying. – I forgive you. – [Siobhan] Thank you! – You got it. – [Siobhan] You’re cool. – Hey! – Okay. So we’re going to The Swan’s
Little Parade. (laughs) – [Brennan] You guys arrive
at The Swan’s Little Parade. – What do we do, what’s the plan? Do we keep going, we were going to try to go find Aelwen. – I was gonna get some egg sandwiches and maybe some tea. – [Ally] At The Swan’s Little Parade? – Yeah. – I mean, big picture. – [Zac] I think we have
to, we have some clues to unpack a little bit,
if we could sit down and look at this book. – I don’t feel safe to be around you guys. Last night, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know how it happened, but I put my dad in a gem, I put my– – [Ally] A cursed one. – Pulled Gilear into a trap that apparently was
designed to destroy him. I mean, I am just a, I
don’t know what to do. – Tie ourselves down– – Yeah, if we all stay together, yeah, we need to guard each other, make sure this doesn’t happen again. – Tracker speaks up and says, there’s stuff we can do to ward against this. – [Emily] Okay.
– [Ally] What do you mean? – Tracker looks at you and says, I can ask the Goddess of the Moon, I think there’s stuff we can, look. Weird possessing spirits
and stuff like that– – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. – I don’t know, it depends on
how paranoid you want to be. But look, let’s go into
The Swan’s Little Parade. ‘Cause I’m super hungry. But we can talk about this. – [Ally] I want the smallest
egg salad sandwich, no crust. – [Lou] Oh, you’re going to get it. – [Murph] I saw the pictures,
they’re all really small. – [Lou] Teeny tiny! – The Swan’s Little
Parade is a sort of like chamber filled, there’s tuxedos
and swallow-tailed coats on the wait staff. – [Ally] Oh whoa. – [Lou] I’m home! – The sign says The Swan’s Little Parade, and you see that there’s a swan with a parade major’s tall hat that has a little baton in its wing, and it’s marching through a little parade. – [Ally] I love it, I love that. (laughs) – You see the maitre’d says, (French accent) oh, welcome
to The Swan’s Little Parade, I’d be happy to seat you. Our menu is a secret, and it costs 20 gold pieces. – Fantastic, we’ll have, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, can I have 10? – [Zac] To look on to your menu? – Yeah, do we have to buy the menu to order off of it? Or can we buy one menu– – [Brennan] (French accent) I’m sorry, we don’t repeat menus for
the two different customers. – [Siobhan] Fantastic, we’ll have, everybody will get a menu. – [Ally] Okay. – [Emily] Take my money. – (French accent) Okay, very good. Welcome to The Swan’s Little Parade. (speaking normally) You guys take a seat, Sandralynn, Gilear, Ragh,
Cathilda, Tracker are all here. Tracker looks sort of deep in thought as she’s thinking about what
she can possibly do to help. Sandralynn says, all right, gang. Well, we got, and you see she gives you a kiss, and she tussles your hair, she’s like– – [Emily] Stay away from me, mom. – You’re, okay. (laughter) Gang, as your hirelings, we’re
happy that the first combat went down seemingly okay, seems like we’re on the
right track somewhat. What’s the game from here on out? Where do we go from here? – [Murph] I guess, can I call my mom and ask her about Shadow Cat? – [Brennan] Sure, you
can give your mom a call. She answers right away. Riz, Riz, I’ve been calling you! – [Murph] Hi mom, I’m okay. – [Brennan] Oh, thank God! – My friends found me
just a little, you know, it actually went, I’m not lying anymore, it was a huge mix-up, I got captured by a monster that came for me through a mirror. – [Emily] Calgura captured you, you got captured– – [Murph] I got captured
by a little monster– – And then I tried to
kill him, hi, Sklonda. (laughter) – [Brennan] Hi Fig, are you safe too? – [Emily] Ugh. – [Brennan] Sandralynn says, give me the– – [Emily] What’s safe, really? – [Brennan] She says, hi, Sklanda, yes. Everyone’s safe, we went and found them, demon sacrifice that you… Yeah, exactly. That’s so funny! Okay. Good, yeah, yeah. Here’s Riz. – [Murph] Mom, so the Shadow Cat person that worked with dad, do you, does she– – [Brennan] Oh, Shadow Cat? Well, her name’s Kalina. – Kalina. And… Do you, is there any reason she
would want to sacrifice me? ‘Cause she was there, at, when I was about to be
sacrificed to some demons. – [Brennan] Sweetie, I
had very rare occasion to talk to Kalina. Wait, she was there? – [Murph] I saw her slipping
through the shadows. – Was she trying to help you? – She certainly didn’t seem like she was. – She attacked you? – [Murph] No. – Huh, okay. Well look, your, I haven’t seen Kalina, sweetie,
since your father passed. She, I know she didn’t attend his funeral. She was only around you, I think, a handful of times when you were a baby. You know, she didn’t work
with Pok all the time, she only worked with him on missions where it had to do with Falinel
and Solis working in tandem. – Did she have powers that she could turn into shadow? – Oh, she’s one of the best. I mean, she’s completely, she can be completely invisible. She had ways of getting
around words and abjurations. She was almost impossible to scrye on. I mean, truly nearly
impossible to scrye on. – [Murph] Right. (sighs) Okay, and you haven’t
seen her in a long time? – I mean, no, not for 12 years, almost. More, maybe. – Do you remember the last time, was it anything significant or just– – [Siobhan] Was she on the ship that your dad and the Oracle sank on? – Oh. He was reaching out to
her about some stuff related to that ship. He reached out and made contact, but we, I never saw her again. – [Murph] Okay. Okay, thanks, Mom. – All right, I love you, sweetie. Have fun on your adventure, don’t get captured again, okay? – [Murph] Okay, I’ll try not to. – All right. – She could just not be, she could not be doing some, she could not be an illusion, she could just be so good at getting away, being
undetected that literally– – She also didn’t, my mom’s right, she didn’t attack me, but that certainly wasn’t being super– – But she was having some
kind of communication that seemed like– – [Murph] Right. – With the devil. – [Murph] Yeah, so, seems 90 percent chance bad. – Can I roll just a paranoia check to see if she’s in this van with us? – [Brennan] Yeah, go for it. (die rolls) – What do I add to that? – [Brennan] I don’t know,
you made it up, you tell me– (laughter) I gotta make up what the roll is. – [Emily] I think, you’re a pretty– – We’ll call that just
a straight wisdom check. – [Ally] Okay. Cool, that’s 13. – 13, cool. You don’t see the Shadow Cat, Kalina, in The Swan’s Little Parade. – [Siobhan] Can I look for
the name Kalina in this book? – Yes, absolutely. Thorough investigation, you
do not find it anywhere. – [Siobhan] Okay, is there
anybody that I do recognize in this book? – Yes, but I will say that probably you would need the full night to go through it to that extent. – [Murph] Yeah, I’ll help with that. – [Emily] Yeah, I’d also
like to help with that. – Can I make a perception check on Ragh? – [Brennan] Yeah. – Does he seem any weird at all? – [Brennan] Mm-hmm. (die rolls) – 15. (die rolls) – You see Ragh looking at the
photo that Riz is holding. His dad’s photo. – Ragh, can you see the person in that picture
that’s not his dad? – Everyone give me an insight check. – [Murph] (whispers) Fuck! (dice rolls) (speaking normally) 16. – [Siobhan] 15. – [Emily] 16 as well.
– [Zac] 16 as well. – [Ally] 12. – Anyone that got, who got above a 15? Cool. Ragh looks up at you and looks terrified. He’s trying to hold it
in, but he’s terrified. – [Murph] Buddy– – I give him Boggy. Take him from Gilear and give it to Ragh. – [Brennan] Thanks. – [Zac] What’s, what’s going on? – Nothin’. – [Zac] You seem really scared. – [Emily] Hey, what did
we just talk about last? – [Murph] Yeah, what kind of– – [Siobhan] Yeah. – [Lou] Once they appear
in the mirror and kill you. You know, try to. – Ragh looks over at Tracker. Tracker looks up and says, why don’t I work on a way
to keep us magically safe, and then Ragh can tell us how he’s feeling after we do that. – [Siobhan] Great idea. – [Zac] Awesome. – And until then, I
will give you a magical spoon! (laughter) And I take one of the teaspoons, and just– – [Brennan] Prestidigitate, yeah. – Prestidigitate, make it shiny and– – Oh, that’s just– – Just to make you feel better! – [Emily] I’ll
prestidigitate a little swan and a big parade. (laughter) – [Ally] I prestidigitate a straight guy, first time blowjob porn. (laughter) – [Brennan] Sandralynn goes, Kristen! Kristen, we’re in a restaurant! – This is for Ragh, Ragh’s not doing well! – You see, so Ragh takes it very much to heart. Sandralynn says, well,
Tracker can take care of Ragh when we get to the bottom of that. We need to think about what
we’re going to do next. – [Ally] Right. – ‘Cause the plan’s
still to get to Falinel? That’s our lead for the
Nightmare King, right? – [Emily] Yeah, I thought
we were going to get Aelwen. – [Ally] Yeah. – Cool. – [Lou] But has the information
we have now changed that? – [Siobhan] Maybe the Shadow Cat, I would like for us to, my instinct is that we find a place to take a rest here, and during that time, Riz and I can look over this book and see if there’s any
more information there, and if we don’t– – I also might know some people, though. There’s gotta be, it’s– – Then we can head towards Falinel. – Yeah, if these people are demons– – [Ally] Yeah, maybe he
would know some of ’em? – Yeah. – [Ally] Does Tracker have an idea of whether we should stay here or move? – Tracker looks around and says, the thing I’m thinking of, it might be better if we somehow all sleep in like a pile. – [Siobhan] I mean– – [Ally] Babe! (laughs) – [Lou] There are rooms here that, I believe there are rooms here. – [Ally] No, no, let’s pile, let’s pile. – No, we’ll get one room, and we can, we’ll get a suite or something. – She nods, Ragh’s over, nods at her. Sandralynn nods back at you guys and says, okay, so we’ll all go see
about some rooms here. And then tomorrow we’ll, Gilear stands up and says, I will see about rooms here. – [Siobhan] Gilear, thank you so much. – [Ally] Thank you!
– [Murph] Thank you, Gilear. – [Emily] You know what?
– [Siobhan] Appreciate you. – I rip the intern lanyard off his neck, and then I reach into the, may I– – His, as you pull his head, slams into the table, and he goes, oh! And falls backwards out of his chair. – Okay, wait, wait, wait,
this is going, somewhere good. I reach into the Coat of Many Things and pull out a Tour Manager lanyard. – Oh my goodness. – [Brennan] From the floor,
he looks up and goes– – [Siobhan] So beautiful. – Just a quick heads up in the future, when you take stuff around my neck and just yank it hard. (Emily laughs) – [Emily] I’m so sorry. Honestly, it was a really strong lanyard. – Does the tour manager position come with any sort of salary? – [Lou] Sure. – 10 gold pieces a day. – [Ally] That’s a lot. – And minus the 300 we had to spend, too. – I will begin to work
off my debt at once. – [Emily] (laughs) I said I
would pay for his resurrection! – You see Gilear walks up. Ragh, Tracker’s rubbing
small circles on Ragh’s back, as Gilear walks over to Sandralynn, and she’s holding her face. Gorgug, your crystal, blip blip. As huge courses of stuff comes out, ahh, and you see that all of the servers do like a little sort of
dance as they come out, in like a line. – [Murph] Trying to get through this. – [Ally] Where’s that cute swan? – [Lou] I love this place. (laughter) – [Ally] I love it too! – You look at your crystal, and there’s a text from Zelda. – Oh! I try to read it. – The question is, did you leave without saying goodbye? – Oh shoot! – That’s all for this
week on Dimension 20 Live! Tune in next week for the next exciting chapter! (laughs) That’s it for this
chapter of Dimension 20. But wait! What hearkens on the wind? (mimics crowing) Speak to me, bird! More full episodes of Dropout.tv’s own Dimension 20, available with a free trial
that you can sign up for today? Hopefully our viewers are brave enough to answer the call. (mimics crowing) There he goes.

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    [Emily, Siobhan and Lou are VERY SERIOUS about this roll. Zac and Murph question it. Brennan is nonplussed.]

    "…What do I add to that?"
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