Handheld Mini-Cakes by a Veteran of the Plaza Hotel — First Person

Handheld Mini-Cakes by a Veteran of the Plaza Hotel — First Person

(upbeat music) The reason why I love the Ring Dings is because the cake is separate,
the filling is separate, and the crunchy outside of
the chocolate is separate, and so we get these
different taste sensations. Bottom line is I worked
for four months for no pay, so the pastry chef decided
to go to the executive chef and said, ‘Hey, this
girl,’ they called me, ‘She wants to be a chef
and I think she might be able to do this.’ And the executive chef
goes, ‘Well that’s nice. We don’t have any girls here.’ It was tough. There were a lot of men who,
at first, did not welcome me. There was no place for me to change. I had to go four flights up to use the housekeeper’s
changing room and bathroom. Some of the men were really hostile and did things to me that
they would now be in jail for. I never cried. I never opened my mouth. I’m particularly sensitive to women who want to be in the business. I try to work with as many women as I can to make sure they have chances. We have all of these little
bits and pieces of cake that are the in between cut-outs left over that we were just tossing in the garbage. So I thought, ‘OK, I’ve gotta
do something with these.’ So then I thought of, ‘Hey, you know what? I remember, like, another
treat from my childhood my mother used to do, is
like, take the balls of cake and icing leftover from
anything that she did, and she would roll them in her hand and we would call them little cake balls.’ And it was a treat. So I thought, ‘Aha, thanks mom.’ (sprinkles rattling)

25 thoughts on “Handheld Mini-Cakes by a Veteran of the Plaza Hotel — First Person

  1. i never cry, like u dont crying now? can u stop being sjw eater? U running food chanel, go to ur vox chanel and cry about imigrant rights, gender pay gap etc. srsly

  2. It's incredible the amount of misogyny and hypocrisy she had to fight through to become a chef. I cant imagine what it's like to hear, "a woman's role is in the kitchen," and, "you can't have a job working in a kitchen," at the same time. Good for her! True inspiration.

  3. Ding dongs that taste good.Or at least not like lies and compromise.I only eat carbs twice a month,I would fit those in

  4. Eater, you might want to check out Carroll's Kitchen in Raleigh, NC. It's a non-profit lunch spot designed to help homeless women out of homeless. The kolaches are great there too. It's not New York so you'll probably never make it here but just a thought if passing by.

  5. Why not just make little squares then there wouldn't be left over waste from the circles that you have to squish up and make balls out of?

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