Hacker said YES to EVERYTHING I Say for 24 HOURS! (Game Master Challenge)  | Rebecca Zamolo

Hacker said YES to EVERYTHING I Say for 24 HOURS! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

– Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and
you guys know the Game Master told me that I could control
somebody’s life for 24 hours and he gave me the choice
between Matt, my husband, who’s behind the camera – [Matt] Yeah. – And Q, the Quadrant,
who’s trying to join the Game Master network. So I had you guys decide in
the last video and comment and I’m about to reveal who
I’m gonna be controlling for the next 24 hours, but
right now we’re waiting for Q to get here, he should be here any minute. Oh, he’s here. Hey Q. – Hey guys, did you decide
who you’re choosing for the 24 hour challenge? – Yeah, come on in. Okay. Right now I want you to
comment who you think I chose, are you guys ready to find out? – Yeah I really wanna win. – I don’t know if you can
really win this, but okay. The person that I will control
their life for 24 hours is Q. – Yeah, let’s go, all
right, what do I have to do? – Wait, you’re happy about this? – Yeah, I want to get into
the Game Master network and if that means winning
challenges then that’s great. – Well you guys know that
I am in Dallas right now, attending DigiCon and I am
about to meet a ton of you guys in the ZamFam. And so I think the first
thing that we should have Q do is I think you need to
sell some ZamFam merch [Matt] Yeah! and answer some ZamFam questions. – Okay as long as it gets me
into the Game Master network. – All right, let’s start
this 24 hour challenge. All right ZamFam, smash
the thumbs up button if you guys are excited
for this challenge. I cannot believe that Q is
meeting some of you guys in the ZamFam. Oh and I forgot to tell you. So a lot of the fans like selfies and they want to take pictures,
so do you have your phone to take photos? – I do, but it’s, well
it’s seen better days. – Oh my gosh, Matt. – It looks so hackery,
did you hack this thing? – I mean, I had to get in there somehow. – I hope we can take photos with this. – Oh it still takes pictures just they’re a little splintery. – Okay if you guys have
ever cracked your phone comment below that you’ve done that. It’s kind of relatable Q. All right, let’s go. – So we have this audience out here. – Yup. – And we wanna know how
many people trust Q? Okay, it’s a pretty good amount. – What is the Quadrant’s favorite food? – We’re big fans of peanut butter and peanut butter sandwiches. – All right make some noise if you think that we should let him in
the Game Master network. – How much ninja moves do you know? – Did you see me do those barrel rolls? – No. – Okay so we just got
back, so many of you guys asked so many good questions to Q. It was a…hold on. Wait, Daniel’s FaceTiming right now. – Let’s go inside the living
room, let’s go inside. – Yeah, you’re right, let’s go. Hey Daniel, what’s up? – Hey Becca, are you with Matt right now? – Yeah I’m with Matt,
he’s filming right now we’re actually doing a 24 hour challenge. – Okay, you just need to get back to LA. Get back to the safe house now. – Why? – It’s urgent, I’ll tell
you when you get here. – Okay well what about Q? – It’s okay, all 3 of you
just get to the safe house as quick as you can, okay? – Okay we’ll pack up, we’ll get there. Okay, fine. – [Matt] Why? What’s going on? – I don’t know what it is, but Daniel said we all need to get back and finish the 24 hour challenge there. So what do you guys think
is going on right now? And we have a ton of
questions to ask Daniel. – Also, a ton of people actually
asked us at DigiCon today, they were wondering what’s
going on with Daniel, they haven’t seen him anywhere. – I don’t trust Daniel personally. – Well people trust you for
some reason a lot it seems like. – We obviously need to
finish this 24 hour challenge so we need to get back to the
safe house as fast as we can. I got to continue controlling his life. So we just stuck away from Q you guys but, you saw his phone.
– Yeah, it’s terrible. – It is destroyed. It’s completely broken. So I figure, if I’m controlling
his life for 24 hours, and he actually does it, I kind of want to give him a surprise. I want to surprise him with a new iPhone. – The iPhone X. – Yeah, exactly.
– Okay. – What do you guys think? I kind of think I should,
he’s been really nice, and he’s selling merch right now and interacting with the
ZamFam and they all seem to really like him. I kind of feel bad for him,
his phone doesn’t really work. – Give us a thumbs up
right now if you think that this is a good idea. – If he makes it through, he’ll
get a new phone at the end of this challenge. – Okay ZamFam, so we
just traveled overnight to get back here to the safe house because Daniel said it was urgent. I’m still controlling Q’s
life for 24 hours, but obviously it’s Game Master
training and this is real life. So we need to figure out what’s going on. Wait.
– Where’s Daniel? – Daniel, Daniel?
– Daniel! – He said he’d meet us here. – Q, did you see Daniel? – I don’t see him anywhere. – Daniel! – [Daniel] Bec? – Oh, he’s back here, Daniel. – Hey.
– What are you doing? – Oh sorry, I’m napping. – You’re napping?
– Yeah. – Wait you slept here? – Yeah well I have to
keep the place secure. That’s why I needed you guys to come here. – Wait, what is that?
– Yeah. – Oh I ordered more stuff off Amazon. – What? – Oh, the account’s back up. So it’s not frozen anymore. – That doesn’t mean you
should order things though. – We need more spy gadgets
– Daniel! – Because, because listen. – Okay. – The Quadrant, okay, I
intercepted a message, or at least the Game Master did, sent it to me, it involves RZ Twin. So RZ Twin got information
out to me basically saying that within the next 24
hours, at some point, the Quadrant is gonna try
and take back the safe house. – No. – This? – Q, do you know about this? Did you get a notification, a message? – I mean I haven’t
gotten any notifications, but then again it could be probably because my phone’s pretty… – Oh what happened to your phone? – It’s been like dying so
fast, it’s like cracked. – Oh, no. Okay yeah, so I
don’t know exactly when, but I do know that it’s
within the next 24 hours. So we have to stay here
and keep it secure. – Okay but were supposed
to do Game Master training, and I’m supposed to be
controlling Q’s life for 24 hours. We need supplies for in here,
we can’t just stay here, we don’t have things. – Wait, you’re controlling Q? – Yeah. – Hold on, I have an idea. Q could leave. Q’s apart of the Quadrant,
they don’t know that he’s working with us, or
trying to work with us. – Oh, right. – So if we need anything
in here, he can go get it. – And guess what, you can
tell him to do whatever you want, because you’re
controlling his life for 24 hours still. – So I can have him go run
my errands while I’m here. – And we can keep the
place secure and safe. – ZamFam smash that thumbs
up button if you think it’s a good idea for us to
stay here at the safe house and have Q go and run the errands. – Why are we here, what’s going on? – Yeah. – Okay so the message that
I got was a little broken which is why I don’t
exactly within this 24 hours when they’re coming, but also there’s some sort of other
device hidden in here. – We got all the devices. – No, no, no, no. Remember
when we got them to leave the safe house?
– Yeah. – Well they rushed out of here. – It was pretty fast. – It was very fast, but
there was something else hidden here that they are
trying to come back for, it’s very important. – Okay, so what do we do first? – Before we do all these
things, can we have a snack? Like, I’m very hungry. Yeah. – Is that a good idea right now? – We have been traveling
overnight, we are hungry. – Yeah how about some
peanut butter sandwiches, I make these all the time. Hey who wants a peanut butter sandwich? – Guess I’ll try one. – Yeah, I’ll try it too. – I mean. – No, not me. I’ve been having
too many of those lately. – You have? – Yeah, I’ve just been
eating them all the time. So I’m good you guys. – That’s okay.
– Okay, yeah, no worries. I’ve never had a peanut butter sandwich, like a plain one, I’ve
always had it with like jelly or honey.
– Same. – All right, here you go. – Wow.
– One for you. Here’s just a bread one for you. – Just bread? – All right so what’s the plan? – Okay well we definitely
need to get supplies to protect the safe house, but
I also want to kind of want to get my slime supplies, I
left them at our place Matt. Like, maybe Q can go get
them so that I can teach him how to make slime for this challenge. – What, did anybody catch that? – I’m not sure what he said. – Oh, yeah, slime. You should really make slime. – Okay.
– Okay. – Why did you say it like that? – I just, I think it’s
gonna be really important. – And then I’ll get makeup. – Makeup? – Cool. – My mascara ran out, so… – Okay, is that a necessity Rebecca? – It is a necessity if
we’re here for 24 hours. – What if he runs into
Quadrant while he’s out there? Like especially at your
guys’ place, maybe we can… – We should put a camera on
him in like a comm system. – Exactly. – Okay, we’re gonna get spy
gadgets, get you set up, you need to eat the peanut
butter that’s on your face. – Let’s get going. – 1, 2, 3… Game Master! – Okay, Q.
– Okay. – All right we are coming in right now. – The feed’s live.
– Yeah. – Can you hear us? He’s in the elevator, okay. – All right, he’s going in. Careful. – There’s two Quadrant members in there. – What? What are they doing in our place? – What are they looking at? – Is that a little box there? – Oh, hi guys. – Okay, just stay calm Q. – What are you doing here? – Q, you need to get to the kitchen. Say you need to get a snack or something. – I’m just gonna go get
a snack from the kitchen real quick, if that’s okay with you guys. – Okay. – Okay.
– Good. – Okay. – Rebecca where do I go now? – If you look at the refrigerator,
it should be on the left. You should see the glue
right there on the left side of the refrigerator. Do you see it? – Yeah, I got it, I got it. – Thought you needed a snack, what’s this? – Stay calm, just stay calm. You’re fine.
– Yep. – Make up something, just anything. – I was gonna do some
crafts with the Red Hood, guess I’m not as hungry
as I thought I was. I’m just gonna go over here now. – Okay. – You need to get to the
closet in the hallway. – There’s a container with a blue lid. – Blue lid? – It should be on the right side, I think. Do you see it? – Yeah, is there anything
else that I need to get? – No, so now you just
need to get out of there as fast as possible. – All right looks like it’s not here. – Try to hear what they’re saying. – Try to hear what they’re saying. – Give me about 10, maybe 15 more minutes, I think I can find it,
I feel like it’s here. – Okay, well I’ll go
prep the Cloud Solution. – Ask what the Cloud Solution is. – Wait, Cloud Solution? What
are you guys talking about? – The Cloud Solution that
the Game Master used on us at Clotopia, we all fell asleep? – Oh yeah, we’re going to utilize it now at the people at the safe house. – Are they gonna use it on us here? – You guys think that’ll
be prepped in about what, 15 minutes? – It’s looking more like 10. – 10 minutes. 10 minutes?
– What? – So we need to secure
the safe house so that they don’t get in, and if they put the Cloud Solution through,
we’re gonna fall asleep. – What’s in your hand? – Yeah, what is that? – Oh.
– You have something else now? – Everybody’s scared of the
Red Hood just say something about the Red Hood. – It’s just arts and
crafts for the Red Hood, it’s no big deal, it’s
a little side project. Good luck finding what you
guys need to find, all right? Squeeze by you here. – All right Q, get here quick. Okay guys, I got to tell you something. I said that the slime
was pretty important. – Yeah you made like a weird
face when I said slime. – Okay the Game Master
left a message for the Game Master network.
– Okay? – He’s saying that there’s
some form of slime solution that could help block the cloud. – Oh like he knew that the Cloud Solution ingredients got out there.
– Yeah. – Wow, so it’s almost like
slime is a ninja gadget. – Yeah, it’s a gadget, and
maybe we can seal up the doors, seal up windows, anything just
to kind of help protect us. – The only place that
there’s any space is at the bottom of the door. – Yeah.
– The front door, right? – The front door.
– Okay. – Okay so we need to
make like 5 minute slime. Like we need to make it
fast before they get here. And then we can put the
slime under the doorway and block the Cloud
Solution from coming in. – That’s a great idea. – Okay, so we just need Q to get here now. Okay ZamFam smash the thumbs up button if you think the slime is
going to work, and we will not fall asleep when the Cloud Solution comes into the safe house, I hope this works. – Here he is. – C’mon
– Perfect. – Hey guys, you heard what
the Quadrant said right? – We’ve got to make the slime. – So have any of you guys ever made slime? – Nope. – Daniel?
– No, I haven’t. – Okay Matt, I’ve made him make some. We need all 4 of us so set
the camera down, let’s go. I’ll show you how. – So I think we’re ready to… Shh. – What? – Do you guys here that? – We got to go. – The sound, the sound! – Oh, let’s go, hurry, hurry. – This is it, grab the slime. – They’re pouring smoke! – Guys see that? – It’s a cloud! – Okay, so take the slime
and just stretch it across. It should be enough with all four of us. – It looks like it’s working. – Good job Rebecca. – Okay, I mean the Game Master is the one that told us about it. Okay
– Guys. – That should work. So that should buy us
a little bit of time. – Yeah they probably have
to wait and think that we’re gonna have to fall asleep. – Yeah, and we need to
search and find that device that they’re looking for here. All right, we need to look
around you guys right now. – There’s a box in there. – Oh it’s just the
bedding stuff I ordered. – Look, these are the chairs
for the lie detector test that I had the person put. – We got to find the device though. – This is the box with the gadgets. – Oh is it in there? – No, this is… There must be a hiding place somewhere. – There’s nothing in here. – Where should we look you guys? – Okay, the only place we
haven’t looked so far.. – Okay? – In his room is, it’s
like the vent up here. – The vent? Okay. Hear that? They’re coming, they’re coming. Guys hurry up, hide, hide. – It got through, it got through! – Come on Matt. Okay. – Close it up, close it up. – Hold on, do you see them Matt? – I think they’re there. – They’re coming. Okay ZamFam, if you made
it to this far in the video comment below the device
is inside the vent. Shoutout to you guys in
the last video that made it until the end, make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications and
watch a video right here. We’ll see you guys next time, okay? Shh..

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