Guerrilla Artists Transform Trump Hotel Suite Into Anti-Trump Exhibit

Guerrilla Artists Transform Trump Hotel Suite Into Anti-Trump Exhibit

Along with the very bad Mexicans, there’s another very bad group, and I’m not talking about MS-13. I’m talking about the group Indecline. After the election, Indecline promised to shadow President Trump’s every move, and provide its own version of checks and balances. This project, along with others, is the direct response to his
inflammatory actions as well as a celebration for those who have fought time and time again against tyrants like President Trump. We spent over six months planning the project, as well as curating and coordinating the flag paintings with artists from all over the country. Multiple recon missions were also carried out at the hotel itself. The walls were refurbished with new wallpaper. 13 American flags were hung around the room, and each flag had a painted portrait of a different American revolutionary or activist. After the suite was completely cleared and deconstructed we created an environment resembling that of a prison. We also built a jail cell in the center of the room. A Trump impersonator was placed inside, and for the duration of the installation he was surrounded by live rats. In this project, Trump actually plays the role of himself. A man in prison with his own bigotry and divisiveness. Indecline would suggest that he will go down with Nixon as one of our country’s most corrupt and destructive presidents in history. And for his efforts he should be in prison. This piece also celebrates the American men and women both from our past and present who risked everything to keep fighting for a better America. They’re filled with deplorables and quite frankly, I don’t know this, but somebody told me they’re very angry homosexuals.

13 thoughts on “Guerrilla Artists Transform Trump Hotel Suite Into Anti-Trump Exhibit

  1. HAHAHA liberals want so badly to be persecuted. They want something to fight for, to feel like they’re being oppressed, but they aren’t at all. Everything they’ve pushed for has gone through, a long time ago they got black people to be equal that was a HIGE step, then they got full women’s rights, once again huge. Then they got gay rights like marriage. And now… they have nothing. So they do stupid shit like this. Not to mention, This is illegal.

  2. Wow. You really stuck it to the man. The dumbass whose credit card was used to book the suite will be really happy with his next statement.

  3. This is the most stupidest thing anyone could make. What did it accomplish besides having like minded people pleased.

  4. Yeah gotta say this video was steeped with enough propaganda, weezle words and antifa degenerative bullshit I've got no interest in watching one more second of this channels productions. Congratulations. Not only did you present the viewers with complete Idiocracy but you also should be placed on the FBI domestic terrorist list. It's cool to not be like the President. It's a blatant display of ignorance to not recognise, and even proudly promote, that you've utterly, probably willfully, given up all ability of critical thinking and instead swallow an identity rooted in ignorant indoctrination.

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