GRAND HOTEL Official Trailer (HD) Eva Longoria ABC Drama Series

GRAND HOTEL Official Trailer (HD) Eva Longoria ABC Drama Series

♪ Cuban mambo music ♪ Grand Hotel
Official Trailer ♪ Cuban mambo music ♪ You waited tables at The Ritz. Yes, ma’am. So I’m-a start you now on a trial basis. No fraternizing with the staff or guests. That means no sex. Understood. ♪ ♪ We’re the last family-owned hotel in Miami beach. Welcome, my daughter! And that is the family. ♪ ♪ You look tired. Well, that’s ’cause I didn’t sleep much. ♪ ♪ You know Dad hates it,
when you hook up with the guests. Added bonus. I saw you playing nice
with the evil stepsisters over there. They’re harmless, if you just
ignore the hideous things they say. But I’m not thrilled about Dad’s new wife. ♪ Cuban mambo music ♪ – Who’s that?
– That’s boss man’s daughter, Alicia. Otherwise known as “Off-limits”. Danny! Let’s go. I want to thank Gigi and Santiago. And we’re just delighted
to be purchasing this wonderful property. Dad! You sold the hotel?! From executive producer
Eva Longoria This was Mami’s hotel before it was yours. She wanted us to have it! You’re making an awful scene. You were her best friend and you
wasted no time, before swooping in like a vulture. That’s enough! ♪ ♪ You seem upset. Well, I’m not about to talk
about it with a total stranger. You can ignore me or talk to me, whatever you want. ♪ ♪ I’m a pretty persistent person. ♪ ♪ Danny? You’re a waiter? I was gonna say something last night… You went night-swimming with this guy? Now, who is the slut? I know you’re loyal to the staff, your people. I thought they were our people. The hotel is failing, it’s a money pit. We’re gonna pay back the bank. It’s not the bank we owe. Who do we owe?! ♪ ♪ You’re on vacation. Live a little. I’m pregnant. Things are about to get tough around here. I’m not going anywhere. You can’t touch me. Unless you want the entire world
to know what your husband did. ♪ ♪ Nothing bad ever happens
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100 thoughts on “GRAND HOTEL Official Trailer (HD) Eva Longoria ABC Drama Series

  1. Too much sex. The Alicia character's acting looks AWFUL, which is a shame since it looks like she does most of the talking, All the guys look exactly the same! Even the old guy looks like just an older version of the young guys. Even the asian dude looks just like the other two dudes. NBC already STOLE El Ministerio De Tiempo (Timeless) from Spain, and now Spain just GAVE this story away to Eva Longoria/America to RUIN! Everyone do yourselves a favor and watch the original SPAIN version on Netflix (Gran Hotel) and not the MEXICAN version, either. That one is GARBAGE too.

  2. If it's a fraction as good as the Spanish version upon which it's based,, I'll become a fan. But if you can get to see "Gran Hotel," do so.

  3. Honestly this looks really good to me. I'm going to check it out.
    Also.. Eva Longoria + Roselyn Sanchez?! Yes pls. Anyone getting Devious Maids vibes? 😀 Loved that show too.

  4. This look like a good show. It has a guy who played Father Burke in a good scary movie The Nun and a guy that want him come back to Port Charles,Morgan Corintho,son of the mob boss,Sonny.

  5. Omg this looks appauling. Why do the Americans gave to trash everything? Talk about dumbing down to the lowest level. Gran Hotel fans don't even bother with this garbage.

  6. I watched the original Spanish version but I’m gonna give a chance to this and I will watch at least the first 3 episodes before to say something bad or good about this show

  7. ¿Por qué Demian se prestó para esto??? Asco esto, nisiquiera respetaron la época de las series originales. Qué horror. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. i dont know who cast that white guy to be one of the main protagonist, but he is one of the worst actors i've ever seen. just watched the first episode and he was all over the place, seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. the acting is so bad that it literally made me want to go watch the original Gran hotel for the 5th time.

  9. Not to nit pick on the writing but in most situations most men like that won't say 'that's enough' these days….it would be more like 'Danny STFU!' or 'I heard enough outta you already'…you know, something like that – it is very tense and heated situation…it sounds so aged 'That's enough!'…it's like folks don't know how to NOT copy phrases seen in previous films or scripts. Can't count how many times i hear the same 'That's enough' shouted in a similar scene…do these writers go to the same script writing school? Also, can't the actor just say, nah, I'm not feeling that in this situation, let's throw in a different phrase. It is amazing how much bad stuff get on network TV vs the great stuff that, thanks to the independent production and distribution afforded by technology and the internet, we get to see these days. Can you imagine all the talent and stories we were robbed of seeing over the decades due to people having to go through the establishment corridors to get their work or talent seen?

  10. "this was mommy hotel before" good can we have a serial about this kind of woman not about gold digger men and women, escort who pose like divas and slutty girls with money, please, because I finished all 80-90 early 2000 movie and I want something to watch and let be serious the subject professional, honored, smart women is a taboo in today movies and in social life too, of course they are less than influencers hoes, Kardashian & Associates and generally sluts.

  11. Watched the first episode and was very disappointed. The original one was so much more classic and entertaining to watch! Was hoping this remake would have the same exact storyline, just modernized. But, it ended up being way different AND modernized. LAMEEEEE!!! Watch the original "Gran Hotel" on Netflix. It'll keep you on the edge of your seat!

  12. C’est ça qu’ils ont fait de la série espagnol GRAND HÔTEL 🏨 / this is what they make from Spanish série grand hôtel. ? Horrible !!!!

  13. Ooo, a river boy in grand hotel 😄 But for real, it’s nice to finally see Lincoln get a breakout role. I really liked him in Home and Away 🙂

  14. No need to compare I know the original is very good , if you don't like this 2019 version don't watch it just try to be happy.

  15. American producers love lesbians but hate gays….are there any movie or TV series without lesbians relationship and lesbian sex?…American cinema is going in to a trash a cinema

  16. a big no for me I love that ex-morgan from gh is on it he is a great actor and also ex-regina from the Steve Harvey show also a great actress, I just have a huge problem with the executive producer and what her true causes are….so a big no for me! many that I know feel the same. but do wish the actors the best of luck.

  17. Sooooooooo Amazing
    Can't wait for next week monday
    It's honesty really good…..despite all the comments people saying without even watching it

  18. It is necesarry to see sex scenes all times? I cant understand why when you watch a movie or tv show you have to see sex sex and sex what happens with producers ?

  19. Ugh, just NO. I don't mind remakes but this is so cringey compared to the Spanish original. I think part of what made the original so great was the chemistry between the leads (Julio and Alicia). The actors in this version have nada.

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