Get Cheeseburger & Nutella Dumplings At This Restaurant || Fork Yeah

Get Cheeseburger & Nutella Dumplings At This Restaurant || Fork Yeah

– So, my grandfather
recently passed away.He wasn’t able to
see the store open.He used to make me and
my cousins dumplings.We had 10, 11 of us, and
he would feed us allafter school with like
the smallest amountof ingredients and
everything; we’ll all helpchip in, make a meal out of it.I’m a ABC — what we call
an American-born Chinese —so it’s cheeseburger and
stuff is what I love the most.I’m not saying my mom’s cookingis bad or anything like that.So, I took whatever we
liked, I grew up with eatingBuffalo chicken
cheeseburger and decidedto put it inside a
dumpling, see how it works,and at the same time
making it portable,quick, and just
a bite-size meal.– I have never seen anythinglike this before.
I’m really hyped.We’ve got cheeseburger
over here,and then we also
have Buffalo chicken,and I think I’m gonna start
with these cheeseburger ones.These are almost like Pizza
Rolls, but burger-fied.Super-simple: just
cheese, beef, and onionall together, and it’s
like a caramelizedonion taste, too — so good.
But I wanna get into theseBuffalo chicken ones with
this blue cheese on top.All right, let’s get into those.These are, like, the
perfect bar snack.You have that crunch
on the bottom layerthat’s almost like the
breading of a wing.It’s a little spicy from
the hot sauce on top,and also inside of
it, and thankfully,you have that blue
cheese to sort of mellowthat out — oh, man, mmm.Oh, all right, well,
I guess we’re gonna
go into the next one.What are the types of
crab in here again?Blue?Whoa, the holy trinity of crab.Man, it’s like crab rangoon.It’s a little sweet, but
still nice and juicyand tender, and a great balance.I feel like I’m gonna just
polish ’em all off, no problem.What would an
unconventional dumplingplace be without
dessert dumplings?One is Nutella — I mean, that
seems like a no-brainer —and they also have this
special for the month,a cheesecake & blueberry
dipping sauce combo.It’s almost like
fried cheesecake.I mean, what’s not to
love about that, too?And let’s start
with the special.Get some blueberry on there.The cheesecake base
that’s in thereis definitely got
some, like, lemon in itand some citrus; it’s
very refreshing,especially, because
this sauce is sweet.And then, let’s get
into this Nutella.I mean, what is not to
love about some frieddough and Nutella with
a little powdered sugar?Oh, damn, ice
cream with it, too?Hell yeah, I’m gonna
break off a little bit.Ice cream with chopsticks:
Who woulda thought?Mmm, you know what these are?These are hot fudge dumplings.This ice cream, the
chocolate, that crunchall together: it’s
nostalgia in a bite.There’s nothing you
can complain about.Honestly, these are
meant to be shared.You guys wanna have some?– Ha ha, yeah.– Awesome.– Don’t ask me twice.– Here, help yourself.– Guys, if you
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  1. Dang, these sound good. To break things up a bit I’d love a bed of shredded lettuce under the cheeseburger dumplings and maybe a carrot and celery slaw under the buffalo chicken ones. Mmm, mmm.

  2. I really appreciate how the host is becoming a bit more lively and engaging with each video. Keep it up 👏

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