100 thoughts on “GE Big Boys – SNL

  1. I'd like a sugar mama that would work all day while I cleaned and took care of the kids. I'd play video games all day after i got done.

  2. We arent discussing the big issue. Women don't know their place and they dare to ask for more in workplaces like mine. I cannot ever bow to a women's needs as they ask for more and more and I'm done treating them like a fellow worker.

  3. After watching too much snl I always get confused and watch the ads that play first cause I think they are skits

  4. Well at least they arent belittling men that are sadly put in this position these days.. Stay stong my brothers ✊🏼

  5. My wife bought me the GE Rodent Remover Flamethrower to handle our little rat problem. One afternoon and only 7 canisters of high yield accelerant and our troubles are over 😉

  6. I have actually worked "big boy" washing machines.
    If it's higher than a meter, forget top loading that thing.
    Also you can absolutely buy industrial machines from like 12kg drums up and hook them up to detergent tanks with digital pumps.
    If you want an appliance made from brushed corrosion-resistant steel that's several times your weight, has to be bolted into the ground and sounds like a jet, you can absolutely buy that without having the bro attitude and implausible design.
    You better have children or otherwise a big household for that to work out, though.
    Otherwise you'll be washing half-filled machines once a week.

  7. This makes me question whether or not power tools are so big because of design or if it's just a marketing gimmick to make men feel tough

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