6 thoughts on “Gas and Oil Price Going Up, Food Shortage Live

  1. Sorry I missed it. I started riding my bike again, because of the ride you two took together! It felt great. You make me want to do videos also. Thank you for your perspective.

  2. This is what has me concerned, too. There’s SO much going on at once. There’s not much hope to avoid it at this point. We have food shortages on a global scale. Australia’s wheat harvest was terrible, and they export to a lot of other countries. Our harvests were terrible all over America. China lost most of their pork and is buying donkeys from Africa to feed their people. Thailand is threatening people with jail if they hoard sticky rice for the purpose of selling it, or if they charge too much for it. It’s ALREADY bad. Then you add on the growing economic instability and the potential gas prices… it’s all extremely concerning. Anyone who ISN’T concerned at this point is blind.

    I also hope things maintain status quo. But it’s folly to rest on our laurels and hope for the best. As for me and my family, we are getting as prepared as we can.

    We do have a bug out plan because my family owns around 100 acres. My aunt lives on 45 acres, and my mom and her other sister own another 55 down the road. We can’t access it right now, but if SHTF my elderly aunt will welcome us guaranteed because she can’t take care of herself. So we can take care of her. This is 20 minutes from our apartment. She has an old well that you access with a bucket on a rope on her back porch, and a small spring in the woods behind the house. The other 55 acre property is raw forest with a wide creek running through it. So we have hunting, fishing, water sources, etc. Only thing is there’s very little CLEARED land for crops. It’s mostly wooded. But there’s enough space to grow a decent sized garden.

  3. Sorry again I missed your live. SO many things are going on i.e distractions and this is part of the trickle down effect. I was soo up set again bought a Papaya only had two days went to cut and eat it was mushy and spoiled. We have to focus on our families and have eye to see ears to hear. To be clear in the mind please try to stay away from SUGAR white, and brown. Great point ! (TaraBoo Art ARMY), they are blind or just chose to Not see. The vibration in world has been changing and like the story about the ARK some will prepare and some will not. Yes, the dry goods, (beans) are able to be grounded down as a flour for breads & you are able to Sprout them very nutritious. Quinoa, Chick Peas, Kamut etc. Canning, Dehydrating making small jars of healing herbs (Tinctures) incase someone falls ill. My husband did try slicing tomatoes then put into a tub covered with dirt and they grew I'm think it would work inside. Also when you have extra Funds go to the Mormon Canneries in your area it very budget friendly and All are welcome. Kept up Roderick and Jennifer.

  4. Many people dislike Pastor Jim Bakker but he has the only ministry in the world that preaches and sells survival foods and products.

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