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I can even show you. This is the picture of Shri Mataji. She is the lady who founded Sahaja Yoga. Her family was ruling in India even at the time of the Roman Empire. I’ve been to Rome!
Yes, but they were living in India! They had India back then?
So there was Rome and there was India and then water all around?
What? Anyway… Her father was also one of the founders of India as a democratic republic.
At the time of the Roman Empire? No, No! Her forefathers lived then, her father lived in the 20th century, like she did. So her father lived from the Roman Empire up until the 21st century? My God, that’s such a long time! That’s crazy! And you say that you’ve never…? You don’t drink alcohol and you don’t take any sort of… ? No, never! I don’t know why people always assume that I do that.

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