Fun Easter Lunch Ideas + What They Ate | JK, K, 1st grade, 2nd Grade | Bunches of Lunches

Fun Easter Lunch Ideas + What They Ate | JK, K, 1st grade, 2nd Grade | Bunches of Lunches

hi guys and welcome to the family fudge
and welcome to another week of school lunch inspiration this time with an
Easter twist okay friends just a few things before we get started first of
all I say big thanks to all of you tuned into last week’s episode where I shared
lots of Disney inspired lunches that was so fun and I definitely plan on doing
other Disney character themed lunches in the future I tried a couple of new
techniques and ways of doing it last week and you guys definitely gave me
some feedback on what you’d like to see and what you didn’t like to see so I’m
keeping that in mind this week now on to the shoutouts of the week this week
they’re going to Tania for leaving us our first comment on last week’s video
and our Instagram shoutout goes to poppy make sure you’re subscribed to us here
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shoutouts now let’s get started good morning friends and happy Monday right
now I have Mackenzie and Jackson and Lilly with me say good
morning so I just finished making today’s lunch and I think it turned out
really cute what do you guys think so cool
so since today is Monday what do you think the sandwich is PBS yes that’s
right so I went ahead and made it really cute by using my little bunny face
cookie cutter I found this on Amazon and it came in a set of really cute spring
and Easter cookie cutters now to go along with this I also gave the kids a
carrot shaped piece of cheddar cheese doesn’t look fun yeah
because this orange and then in this back corner and give them some
strawberries with a cute little egg pic and in this corner we do have some
vegetables today it’s just broccoli with a little container of ranch now we also
have a lot of fun things to go along with lunch today including these really
fun of bunny snack holders and in here I just have a handful of the bunny graham
so there’s chocolate ones in there and it’s alright the graham cracker cookie
I’m also giving the kids some little cuties
I found these a really fun picks at the grocery store and just stuck it right in
there just for fun and then of course to go along with PB&J and giving the kids
some milk today and to make it extra special I found these really cute bunny
straws at Walmart does it look cool yeah so we have a blue one for Jackson a pink
one for Mackenzie and of course Lilly gets the purple one and the cookies also
don’t good with the milk they do okay guys I’m gonna get all of my lids on and
then after lunch show you mommy good job Lilly’s so right now I have Jackson
Mackenzie and Lilly helping me so what did you think of today’s lunch guys oh
it looks like they did really well I see the Mackenzie ate pretty much everything
except the bottom of her little treat container got lost so that’s kind of a
bummer let’s see Jackson has just a couple
bites of his sandwich left he ate everything else including most of the
broccoli so that’s good and then Lilly ate her whole sandwich which I am
shocked is that she did that and she also just left a little bit of her
broccoli stem I know she’s not a big fan of those but she ate all of her cookies
and everyone drink all of their milk so that’s really great what was your
favorite part guys I really liked the bunny right now I have both Jackson and
McKenzie with me say hello hi what do you guys think of today’s lunch I think
it turned out so cute you know I really enjoy making these fun lunches it’s
something that actually is really fun for me especially when it comes out as
cute as this I started today’s lunch by making some really fun bread cones in
the shape of a carrot now this is actually something that I’ve been
wanting to try for a while I saw that idea on Pinterest and it looks so cute
so I went on Amazon and I bought several of these metal cones and these are used
to make cream horn desserts normally but what I did is take some refrigerated
dough I cut it into strips and then I sort of wound it around the cone then I
just took some orange food coloring and brushed it on the outside so they would
look like carrots and I got it into the oven and baked it for about 10 minutes
and surprisingly these came out so well I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to
work to go in our cones I whipped up some egg salad and then I used a few
leaves of spinach to look like the carrot tops and here they are I think
they turned out so cute and they should be really tasty too now to go along with
today’s lunch I’m also giving the kids some carrots of course or going with a
carrot theme and then back here I took some pieces of cantaloupe and I use my
small flower cutter to cut it out and then I added them to this really
cute carrot pick back over here I have some yogurt and on the top I added a few
sprinkles and these sprinkles looks like grass and carrots it’s perfect for
today’s lunch I’m also sending the kids with a snack and a treat today in these
cute little carrot containers I have some of these cheddar bunny crackers
these are perfect for Easter themed lunches they look just like this and I
get these at Target and then in this little container I have won a single
Easter Oreo and I don’t know if you can see this but it has a little bunny on
the outside they look just like this and the inside is marshmallow peep flavor so
I’m just going to give the kids each one of those today they’re just going to be
taking their water bottles and that is it okay guys lunchtime is over and
right now I have McKenzie and Lily here helping me hi Oh what did you guys think
about lunch today you do like all the carrot themed foods yeah okay so let’s
go ahead and take a look it looks like McKenzie ate just about everything oh
you did everything except very little spinach leaves but that’s okay and
Jackson left a few carrots that’s not too bad and Lily she left a little bit
of everything so there’s a few little pieces of cantaloupe some carrots and
most of the cheddar bunnies but these are still too it you cancel eat those so
overall today I think it was really cute I would definitely make these little
cone bread things again and see all the different kinds of ways I could make
them yeah that’s my favorite part wasn’t that fun yeah what was your favorite
part really the cookie the Oreo cookie yeah come on
good afternoon guys and happy right now I have both of my girls with me I have
Mackenzie and Lilly say hello hello so I just finished up making today’s lunch
and I think it turned out super cute but Lilly has a special request
what did you say Lilly the best lunch was taco making so I’m definitely gonna
have to put that on my list pretty soon but what did you say about today’s lunch
yeah so for today’s lunch I started by making some turkey cheese sandwiches and
I use my really cute butterfly cutter to cut them out this is just bread a little
bit of mayonnaise some mustard only on lillies and then today I also used
Havarti cheese now to keep our sandwich together I put a cute little pic right
in the center and that pic has a little Easter Egg on there so it’s really fun
back in this corner I have some peach yogurt and it put just a couple of these
Easter Egg sprinkles on top over in this corner I have some watermelons our first
watermelon of the season and not my favorite I think it needs to get
a little bit warmer for the watermelon but I did use my flower shaped cookie
cutter to cut them out and I put them on this really cute little pic as well now
in this section I have something different for each of the kids I got
some new egg moulds recently and unfortunately I don’t think they turn
out the best I think I need to get bigger eggs next time
but lilies are supposed to be a flower Jaxon’s is the bunny shape and Mackenzie
got the ladybug I think the ladybug turned out pretty good I did put a shake
of salt on each of them because that’s what the kids liked now I also am
sending a snack and a treat today in our cute little bunny snack containers I
have just a couple of these yogurt-covered pretzels and these are
actually the raspberry flavor those are really tasty and then in this little
container I just have a few of the cheddar bunnies these are perfect for
Easter because their bunnies and the kids really like them so just I just
gave Lilly a few and for the bigger kids I gave them a little bit more and that
is everything in our lunches today I will see you on my channel okay guys
lunch time is over and as you can probably tell I think I gave them a
little too much food today Mackenzie left a few of her crackers and
she also left her yogurt pretzels you didn’t like them you were just too full
or you didn’t like them I don’t like and then let’s see Jackson Jackson – pretty
good he still has some cheddar bunnies but he ate all of his pretzels paint
everything else and our watermelon was really juicy there’s a ton of water in
there oh you’re gonna need those now okay and Lily she has one little yogurt
pretzel did you eat any yogurt you ate a little bit was it good but she didn’t
eat her eh why not you don’t like them still my favorite
pilot a yellow plant seller yogurt pretzels
okay guys I’m will see you tomorrow my friends and happy
that’s right happy Thursday I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend I’m so
excited but I think today’s lunch turned out super cute I’m about to pack it up
but before we do I will show you how I made it first up a decorated my boxes
with some cute napkins and some cupcake liners right now I have all the kids
with me including Griffin can you say hi so we started today’s lunch by making
some a rolled-up sandwiches I just took some tortillas added a little bit of
ranch cream cheese some shredded cheddar cheese and some turkey and then I rolled
it up now to go along with this today I also have some fresh pineapple which we
love usually I use the canned stuff just cuz it’s easier but when we were at
Costco they had pineapple on sale so we picked one up and I made these really
cute by using my flour cookie cutter and you guys don’t worry I like to save the
extra pineapple this is perfect for throwing into smoothies back over in
this corner I have some a black olives they’re not going to they’re actually
olives and they’re perfect for today because they look like little eggs and
right on top of the olives I have a cute little ducky pic do you guys like the
pic now I am sending the kids with a snack and a treat today in these large
snack containers I have some white cheddar popcorn it’s just like that
yummy yummy and then instead of some fruit snacks today I found these little
bags of organic jelly beans the kids love jelly beans this is definitely a
fun treat and to drink they’re just gonna be taking their water bottles
today can you love pineapple huh personally I’m actually allergic to
pineapple so I won’t be eating any but the kids love it yeah okay guys it is about five o’clock now
and we’re finally ready to show you the lunches for today starting with
McKenzie’s oh yes I do have McKenzie with me and Lily stop doing that just
spraying my cleaner stop spraying the cleaner and I’ve got Jackson with me to
say hi so what did you think of the lunch today yes very much
chicky chicky I can see the McKenzie a doll for popcorn that was really good
popcorn isn’t it it’s got like a cheesy flavor yeah and then you eat every well
there’s a few olives left and just one piece of pineapple but you ate all of
your sandwiches so that’s pretty good what was your favorite part
I really liked the pineapple in the roll-ups but I was eating my popcorn I
got way too much salt my lips and when I ate this and then it burns so I had to
leave so the popcorn and the pineapple are not a good combination together
let’s check Jackson Jackson ate all of his sandwiches he has two pieces of
pineapple and quite a lot of olives so what happened Jackson you were full okay
well next time I’ll pack less now it’s time to check live hard to go today Lily
yeah what was your favorite part the popcorn yeah you did eat all of it let’s
check in here you ate all of your sandwiches did you share any with
Griffin yep you did it and you ate all of your olives and you just left one
piece of pineapple overall I think they did a really good job next time I’ll
just pack them was a little bit less happy Friday right now I have Mackenzie
Jackson and Lily here helping me say good morning
so I just finished packing the lunch so let me show you how I made it I started
off by decorating my boxes with some really cute napkins these ones have
Easter eggs and I also added some cupcake liners because that’s what I
love to do it’s easy and it makes it really cute and it makes the lunchboxes
easier to clean out after that I prepared these really cute carrots now I
actually took some plastic piping bags like you might use with frosting and I
filled them full of cheddar buddies now you could use any orange snack in here
you could do carrots or cheese puffs just anything that’s orange and then I
tie at the top with a little string and added a piece of a green napkin on top
does that look like a carrot yeah so when you want to eat it you just untie
it and you can take the crackers right out over in this back corner I have a
few carrots with some ranch for dipping and then in this corner we have some
grapes with a surprise on top for our sandwich today we are having PB&J but
this is a special PB&J I use a really cute bunny cookie cutter this one
actually came with a separate cookie cutter to punch out a tail so I cut out
all of my bread out of peanut butter and jelly and then for an added bonus I
added some Easter sprinkles just to the tail section so it’s kind of like fairy
bread as well if you’ve never heard about fairy bread I’ll go ahead and link
a video down below also in today’s lunch I’m giving the kids some turkey
pepperoni and I’ve made it really fun by adding it to this bunny pick that just
fits perfectly right in there and then I am sending a little treat today in these
little containers I have just one of the springtime Oreos so Jackson has one with
a little peep on it and the girls have the little bunny so just one little
cookie so there’s everything in the lunch today I definitely want to get my
lids on put an ice pack in there and then we’ll be ready to go Jackson do
you want to check out what’s in there it’s a surprise it’s actually a grape
you guys because did you know that Easter is actually on April Fool’s Day
this year so there’s a little friendly April Fool’s Day joke just like that
isn’t that cute no last year we did a bunch of April Fool’s jokes on the kids
and those were actually funny and I’ll go ahead and link that video down below
as well if you want to check it out see you and over okay friends it is
almost a bedtime now and but we need to check the lunches before you can finish
this video so right now I have all the kids with me – a griffon who is already
sleeping so let’s go ahead and check the lunches for today starting with
Mackenzie’s how did it go Mackenzie but what happened here you didn’t have
enough time that’s okay these are still good you can
use them tomorrow and then let’s check in here oh you eat everything else even
your carrots good job okay I’m gonna check Jackson’s
Jackson what do you think today okay let’s see
Oh where’s your carrot I mean we all of it Wow oh you must have been really
hungry yeah Jackson goes to tumbling on Friday
so that makes you extra hungry right okay but I see that you still have some
carrots left you’re gonna eat those now okay and what did you think about our
silly grapes were you happy about that prank yah they were not happy about the
prank I don’t think I’ll do that again but it looks like you ate everything
else so good job jack now on to Lily Lily say hi hi so what do you think of
the lunch today yeah all right
you have a few crackers left let’s check in here that’s me you ate all of your
carrots that’s really good you eat all of your drapes what did you
think about the the prank was it good or bad yeah you liked it oh good I’m glad
somebody liked it let’s see what was in here you’re
cooking it all back and you in your soul no it was pepperoni but you did leave a
few bites of your sandwich but that was a lot of food so good job today Lilly
Lilly out of all of the lunches this week which one was your favorite taco
making I didn’t make topic phobos you really want me to make tacos next week
don’t you okay we’ll make tacos next week can you say we’ll see you next week
okay okay friends let me know in the comments down below out of all the
lunches this week which one is your favorite now if you’d like to see last week’s
video where I shared lots of Disney inspired lunches you can do that by
clicking on the link up here and if you’d like to see yesterday’s video
which was a Costco haul you could click on the link down there and if you’d like
to subscribe you can do that by hitting my face right over here thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next time

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