FRESHEST Camel Milk | Street Food Karachi | Pakistan Street Food

FRESHEST Camel Milk | Street Food Karachi | Pakistan Street Food

And I didn’t know this till yesterday…. …because we bought this camel milk yesterday and Googled the benefits of it. From where and how we bought this Camel Milk that I will show you right now… …But first let me taste it because i have never ever tried Camel Milk before. Well, it just tastes like regular milk… …But it tastes a bit salty. Even though I’ve added 1 teaspoon of sugar in it… …but it still tastes a little salty. Now I’ll show you where did I buy this from. Lets go! So this is Al-Asif Square infornt of us… as you can see ! And here are a few camels sitting…. …with its calf’s. and there is this Bedouin family selling this Camel Milk. Here they have all they’re pots as well… Salaam brother How are you? I am good. Are these Camels yours? Yes. From where do you originally belong? I am from Lahore From the outskirts of Lahore? No no we live along r iver Ravi. we have our houses there. Oh, so you keep all your camels there? Yes. Thats Great!. So when did you come to Karachi? It’s been around 3 years now Don’t you have any pet names for them? What would we name them? Name them like people name elephants… No we don’t want to name them Like Sohni, Mahiwal etc No no hahaha… name them something or their calf’s?l” Ok let’s name it ‘Mahiwal’ Ok now remember that I named it Mahiwal… tell us something more about its milk? It has cure to nearly all diseases and it’s a
great natural gift from God. It just seems like a village right in the middle of the city… Do you guys live here as well? You sleep here? Yes. So what’s the price of this milk? Rs.200/kg So you’ll milk it right here in front of us? Yes right in front of you. Alright then, give me 1 kg as well. We’ll see how you milk it. Will it kick me?
no no it won’t… So this is the camel’s milk… …completely fresh… …being milked right in front us. Amazing. Fresh…milked right from this camel…. …and Niazi Bhai has milked it for us. Is it 1/2 kilo or 250 grams? No it’s a kilo.
No no how much have you taken out right now? This is just for topping. Oh Ok. What an amazing creation of God these camels are! For how much time can I keep this fresh? Keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days. Ok. But for how long can I keep it fresh without putting it in the fridge? For a whole day. Alright. Where do you put these videos? YouTube. We’ll upload it on the internet. On the internet? Yes. Our news will go to punjab… Yes, Punjab people will also watch it… So this was today’s “Camel Episode”…. and Niazi Bhai and his family’s little hut. They have all their chickens, camels here… …and from here they sell this milk to make their living This place is on the main highway just before Al-Asif Square… …so you can come here and buy it very easily. Taste is good…just like ordinary milk. But…

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