Free Hotel Room Upgrade at Las Vegas Flamingo

Free Hotel Room Upgrade at Las Vegas Flamingo

In this video, I’ll go over the Flamingo
Go Room and how I got an upgrade without paying full price. First, why Flamingo? The Flamingo hotel isn’t the nicest hotel
on the strip, but it offers great value. It’s located in the middle of the strip
so you can walk to the Bellagio fountains or the Cosmo or check out the Mirage’s volcano
with a little walk. They also have real flamingos, a koi pond,
and a pretty nice pool. Sure, it’s not going to be nice as the Wynn
or Aria, but you are paying a fraction of the price. Like right now, Wynn rooms are going for $156.. Vs Flamingo is going for $29 I mean… unless you plan to spend a lot of
time in your room or you have money to burn.. I think Flamingo is a go! Now, let me go over how I got the room upgrade
for $20. So, you want to first book the room online. And if you’re not a Total Rewards member,
sign up for one so you get a discount on the room rate. You see … my room rate just went from $29
to $23 Go ahead and book the cheapest not so fabulous
Fab room… I really want the remodeled Go Room…. But for now, just book the cheapest room. Now, when you check-in… don’t use the
automated kiosks which is pretty cool btw but line up for a human to help you. When you’re in line.. Look for a worker that looks like they’ll
do you a favor. I waited on the side pretending to be busy
on my smartphone and when the worker I liked was open, I went in. You basically want to hand the worker… your
credit card, your ID and a $20 bill. Also know exactly which room you want to upgrade
to. Most workers will say something like they’ll
give you a higher room with a better view but that’s not really an upgrade. My person this time just told me he’ll take
care of me so I asked if it’s the Go Room. And he said it’s the Go Room. And now…. Here is the Go Room with the High Roller View! Let me just show you around first and then
I’ll make comments on what I liked and didn’t like The room was great! especially for $23 a night. The vibrant colors, the room was clean, bed
was comfortable with 4 pillows with firmness, it came with all the necessities like a coffee
maker, a small fridge, a big mirror, decent sized TV, a DVD player and surprisingly electronic
sheers and drapes which are really cool to use when you wake up at noon. And some minor details like this barn door
for the bathroom, A TV mounted into the mirror
This modern sink Basic alarm clock
And this cool remote holder Nice lamps
Plenty of outlets light and mirror right above the bed… I don’t know why they have that there…
if you know what i mean, Here are some things, you may not like about
the Flamingo. No security at the elevators like some other
higher end hotels making it less safe. Be aware of your surroundings when you’re
going into your room and make sure to use your deadbolt when you’re in your room oh
and use your safe For the bathroom, water pressure wasn’t
as strong as some other hotels I’ve stayed at, but they have these side things to wash
your…. Belly button. Also, No bathtub… but the shower was big
enough for two people.. if you know what I mean. I do see the signs of the casino’s wear
and tear. I mean, they’ve been around since 1945
There was a pretty big gap under my door that kept bringing in smoke and noise from the
hallway. I learned to put pillows here to block the
breeze. I’m a bit sensitive to sound and I could
hear my neighbor’s TV, but I had no problems sleeping with the sound machine app. The internet here was unreliable. You are supposed to have 5mbps with your resort
fee, but I was having technical issues and it kept taking me to the login page over and
over and when I checked out, I saw that they were charging me $10 for each time I logged
in. I eventually gave up and ended up using the
coffee shop nearby to work. I have to say, Caesar’s support was beyond
excellent in helping me with the billing issue! That all said, I think Flamingo is a great
value and I would still recommend it! The location and value is just gold. I loved being able to go outside to the middle
of the strip within 3 minutes of leaving my room. If this was helpful, you don’t have to subscribe
but please hit thumbs up or leave a comment which will make me happy.

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  1. Nice review! I stayed at Flamingo last August and I really love it because of the location, like you said, it's gold! It's not the latest nicest hotel but would totally serve my needs (also because it's very budget friendly). Your video is very clear on filming which I appreciate~ I was here for Go Room review and I think you did a good job on the room tour.

  2. Great review of the Go Room. I usually stay at Caesers or the MGM. However, the Flamingo is my absolute favorite of the cheaper hotels. I actually love it, and kind of like it more than more expensive hotels on the strip. Because it's cheaper, it brings in more life and more energy. The more expensive hotels have an older more refined clients. The Flamingo's pool is small but fun. The gaming is great. The buffet is in a beautiful room with a glass dome that I love. You can't beat the location. But the absolute best part of the Flamingo is the huge entrance from the strip to the casino, letting in fresh air and sunshine. I've literally gambled with the sun shine in the room. It's one of my more memorable Vegas moments.

  3. Nice review! I stayed at the Flamingo back in 2011 when the Go Rooms were first out….I still like them to this day!

  4. Nice video review of the Flamingo. I am going next month and will try the $20 trick. I am a Total Rewards member and get their Vegas room specials emails. I made a reservation fro the Flamingo a couple months ago, then got the email special, so I cancelled that reservation and made a new reservation with the special rate. I agree with you about the value and location of the Flamingo.

  5. I'm getting married in November and we're taking our honeymoon in Vegas. I'm set on stating at the Flamingo. Is that a busy/expensive time?

  6. Thanks for your great video and tips. We are going on June 6 and hope we can get a descent room, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  7. Do you live in vegas? This was an awesome video! Please check out our channel 😉 I liked subscribed and shared you are awesome 😉

  8. Don't have to slip them a tip upfront. Just ask if there are any upgrades available, then tip after getting the upgrade.

  9. Always good reviews, thanks! I stayed at MB bc of your review in June for 8 days and had a good time there. I have to go back in Aug. and am looking for a new place to try. Have already stayed at the Encore, Cosmo, Palazzo, Venetian and of course those are excellent resorts but since I am there for a whole week I may look at something nice but more economical. Pool, location and room are all important to me.

  10. Great review.  I've stayed in the Go Room With a View & it is one of my favorite rooms/views in LV.  You're a natural host!

  11. thanks for the video, I have stayed at the Flamingo every year for the last 10 years, other than 1 time they have always given me a great room and we've always enjoyed it there. The rooms are clean the staff is awesome
    and its got the best back yard in town.

  12. Hey Kenji! Thanks for the awesome review of the Flamingo. As a front desk employee, I will tell you that the "Tip Sandwich" is getting people fired and will no longer work! Your 20 bucks is not worth my job, so you will be paying an upgrade fee if you check-in with me. In answer to some of posts regarding us waving the Resort Fees for a tip, the answer is NO, waive the parking for a tip, the answer is NO. Furthermore, the days of the 30.00 room rate are almost gone too, as the Flamingo is renovating and eventually the rates will go up substantially. Do you tip for good service? Because we do accept tips for good service, like any other industry, where you don't give away goods or services for a bribe. Thank You for staying at our hotel, but your "Tip Sandwich" is a thing of the past. PS, better be careful of the legal implications of posting a video of an employee during your transaction….catch my drift??

  13. Any tips for getting the resort fee waived? Headed to Vegas in a few weeks, but most likely staying on Fremont since there's no resort fee.

  14. Hi Kenji, great Video. Thanks a lot…and great music. Could you please tell me the song title starting at ca 2:40? Thank you very much. Take care!

  15. We stayed there a few years back and I tried the 20 trick, but didn't get anything, but it could of been cause we already had the GO room booked.

  16. Kenji you really should make a video about MGM. I am going in a week for my 6th time in 3 years and this is my 4th time at MGM! Great rooms (try and get a wellness room!!!), friendly staff and it just feels very clean

  17. Ok, I'm going to give your tip a try and slip a $20 over to the person at the front desk. I'll report back how it went. I presently have a Fab Room with a Strip view, I don't think it's that much more for the Go Room, I had no idea it was that big of a difference.

  18. When you showed the multiple internet charges, I saw the $33.00 DAILY Resort Fee. So, the $23 room actually cost $56 per day. Still, a good deal to stay in the HEART of the Strip. And, I think ALL of the hotels on the Strip charge the Resort Fee. Even the Palms Resorts, which are all far from the Strip. Maybe downtown hotels do not charge the Resort Fee. Maybe, better check. Resort Fee is a HIDDEN charge, a junk fee. But, they will NOT "Comp" the Resort Fee.

  19. "If you know what I mean" I really liked this phrase, it made me laugh. If you know what I mean. Jajajajajaja. Thank you for your nice video. IynwIm. I've shorten it. Jajajaja

  20. The Flamingo is really good value. The location is unbeatable and the layout of the hotel/casino gives you easy access to the strip.
    In other bigger resorts you have to walk for a long time until you reach the strip. The pool is also ine of the best.
    The Flamingo was the first place I stayed at in LV and I've stayed at most of the fancier place but still I prefer Flamingo.
    I spend very little time in the room so location and closeness to the strip is more important to me.

  21. hey thank you for your videos im planing a trip in may to go to vegas im goin to try the $20 trick and see how it works and all that for me.

  22. Worked for me at least , went there in Dec 2016. It wasn't super busy but had a decent crowd. Slipped a $20 note and got a much better room that too strip facing.

  23. I would not do this at the Flamingo. It is well documented that their check-in staff has recently been told that they are not to accept $20 and give customers an upgrade.

    Even previous to that, Flamingo was one of the hardest places to get an upgrade. I've been staying there fore years.

    I'd say you got lucky and your experience is not the norm.

  24. Pegged it Kenji! I've been going to Vegas for 40+ years and I go "at least" 6x a year. Vegas is a tipping town and if you do you can travel in style. Best rooms, best theater seating, best service…

  25. Around here, $23.00 gets me a room with a view overlooking dumpsters and a bed so "comfy" it's feels like it's stuffed with bubble packing… for 2 hours. An upgrade is a room that has a condom/sanitizer vending machine.

  26. Does this work if you booked thru 3rd party like Expedia or Kayak? Looks like you always book directly to their website. Thanks

  27. We are staying here in two weeks in that exact type of room. That internet thing is disturbing. Was this charge because you were using THEIR wifi? All I want to do is possibly use my phone for social media.

  28. Love your videos! We just cancelled at Bellagio to stay at Flamingo because I saw a $33 rate. Now that I read the fine print we aren’t guaranteed a king or NON SMOKING! My husband is 6’8”…if we don’t have a king it will be awful, same if we get a smoking. I am definitely trying your $20 trick. Your videos crack me up. I swear I saw you do a Cosmopolitan one before. “If you know what I mean…”

    Love 💕 it!!!!!

  29. Your videos are really helpful . I’m going to book the fab room and try the 20$ trick. And omg thank you for mentioning the Total Rewards account, helps a lot.

  30. I stayed at the Flamingo last year and have it booked for this July. We had a Go room with the strip view. It was a great room and great view. Unless you're booked in the old, cruddy Fab rooms, there's nothing worth upgrading to. The suites are a waste of money for two people. You're best bet is to just book the Go room or the newly renovated Flamingo rooms.

  31. In Vegas you’re supposed to gamble, I know that. But actually touching the bathroom remote? Wow, I would never dare to do that…

  32. I be stayed in the standard room. The go room and the jr suite. Can't beat flamingos location and how easy it is to step out and be central strip which is the most expensive area. Best bang for ur buck

  33. How much do you have to tip per night and where do you leave the tip…. I’m Australian and we don’t tip in our country but I always tip when I travel overseas but just want to know how much to tip?

  34. Good vid
    Flamingo is first hotel I visited in Vegas, 25 years ago and still a great pool and location!
    Dont forget to mention the $35 per day, resort fee, though!

  35. I've been staying at the flamingo for 6 years straight and have tried this every time and been told they can't except it. So I find this hard to believe because theirs always dozens of people standing in line willing to pay full price for that same room.

  36. Nice review! Before I look at price or location, I always look for a clean and secure room. No security features at the lobby elevators is a huge miss here. If I don't need to show a key or require one to operate a room elevator I look elsewhere. Only paying room guests should be allowed on room floors … not anyone off the street. Thanks again!

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