19 thoughts on “Free Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress – MotoPress Plugin Review

  1. Thank you Kori for this demo. Was wondering what the difference between the Free and the PRO version of this plugin as I can't seem to find it on the Motopress website.

  2. well i have encountered a slight issue… where in the booking confirmation page doesnt seem to load.. i have tried using the right short code too… any help would be much appreciated .. thanksssss

  3. i want to add a pos system so that whenever the customers want to order something it will be save to their accounts, is that possible?

  4. Hi Kori, Nice lively review!
    I am doing a client's site with BellevueTheme bundled with Motopress. I wanted to say it works fantastic with Elementor and has its own widgets integrated with Elementor.

  5. Thanks a lot Kori. I was searching for a long time for such a plugin. It has almost everything that I need. I want to use this plugin for reservation (and not for hotels) and I need also the hour check in and check out. Do you have any advice?

  6. In motopress hotel booking have option for customer login or sign up if have option then please make video on it I needed sign in and sign up option for every customer they can check there dashboard and check out from there also. Like as OYO rooms website.

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