Food at Vista Restaurant

Food at Vista Restaurant

Good morning I’m here at the Vista Restaurant At Eden Nature Park and Resort This is part of the resort’s main area And this is where we all dine Overnight guests are served breakfast here A buffet breakfast And they also serve lunch and dinner They also have plated snacks for day tour
guests Who avail of the package Good morning! Good morning Ma’am Cuisine at Vista Restaurant of Eden Nature
Park and Resort Is fusion Sometimes they serve Filipino They also serve Italian, American sometimes I think they have Spanish too It depends on what’s available in their kitchen,
I believe The best part of Vista Restaurant is that They serve salads fresh from their own garden Their hydroponics garden which we passed by During the guided shuttle tour They have a salad bar all the time Except for breakfast And a beverage bar, a dessert bar and the
main area Which has the food This place is really relaxing They have music playing all the time And it’s very colorful, close to nature These plants right beisde me are actually
real plants And they have flowers too Sometimes you can see birds flying all over
the place Now let’s talk about their food The food here is fantastic Breakfast is free for overnight guests as
I mentioned They usually serve the usual breakfast fare Like rice, fried rice, toast and butter and
jam They also have eggs usually, hotdogs What else? Luncheon meat Filipinos love salty food for breakfast Now for lunch they serve a variety of dishes Sometimes they also serve pasta and soup They have the salad bar with a variety of
dressings Hi baby come here You want to say Hi? Hi! Are you hungry? Yeah Yes, she’s hungry already, it’s almost lunch
time The lunch crowd is, I think, about to arrive
here Of course Filipinos cannot do without rice So there’s always rice: garlic rice, fried
rice And regular steamed rice I believe they have vegetarian food all time
time They also have meat and fish and chicken For dinner it’s almost the same as lunch But of course it’s a different set of food If you’d like to dine at Vista Restaurant I dont believe you need reservations They also have take out Or you can also order food from them They also cater to gatherings, weddings And other special occassions At the moment they have a promo for birthday
celebrants All you have to do is present identification That shows that that day is your birthday You get a free lunch Of course if you’re accompanied by a paying
guest They also give discounts for overnight guests As you can see in the video There are a lot of yummy dishes Always delicious and very healthy too If you want to see more of our restaurant
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