FLIRTING WITH MOM / (Angel, Alastor, Ashley, Vivz, Husk) Hazbin Hotel Storyboard – AnimatedMau

FLIRTING WITH MOM / (Angel, Alastor, Ashley, Vivz, Husk) Hazbin Hotel Storyboard – AnimatedMau

Oh, Ashley… Ohhhh! Ashley….. NOT! ÑET! Thsi is… Shut up, Ashley. I’m about to flirt with you So… My Boyfriend 300 Dollars! i’d say that’s enough for me to flirt with you Ashley So, Ashley… NO! You got any money in your wallet? No, you take… Angel: I need some green in my life, Ashley… Ashley: No, You taking it already Oh my Lord Give me all your money… Oh, Ashley… What? I have a friend who’s just dying to meet you… Oh God, i’m dying to, i love to meet them Are you dying? cuz i have a hotel for that Would you care to step into my office? Because we have Blow upgrade!, on all of the rooms of the Hazbin Hotel Opening with special idea! sounds good, thanks Alastor I normally don’t give a Shit About… how much money someone is willing to pay me Because i’m going to win it at a table anyway or if i don’t i was going to shake somebody and take it So, whatever Alastor: I MURER Yeah… But I will say this, okay?… I got a flirt with you so much as hell say you’re not a disgusting freak. Okay, I’ll give you that. I would… I don’t puke when I look at your face, okay? That’s the sweetest thing anybody… Husk: Shut up, Nobody cares what you think Ok, Goodbye And now we have to do the same to our mom, that is really fucked up I’m not going to flirt with my mom… I’m just going to ask here for more screen time in the pilot Ahm* Oh, Vivzie Oh… Vivzie… Draw me like one of you cartoon characters! i was expecting them I’m not go to flirt whit my mom… what are you fucking… weird?… But you got paid to do it I’m not going to flirt whit my mom You paid to… XD With you flirt with YOUR mom?? You fuck anything you get paid to fuck, do it! Not my mom or my dad or anybody I want you go total for you honor, do it Mommy…

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  1. Denny: Hey, Wandelen, wanna have a flirting competition?

    Wandelen: No, I'm terrible at flirting.

    Bella: You are not!

    Wandelen: Oh, really?

    Bella: "Bella~ Have I ever mentioned how cute you were?"

    Wandelen: That's a VERY old flirt.

    Bella: Just try it!

    Denny: Competition?

    Wandelen: Fine.

    Bella: So?

    Wandelen: *Clears throat* Bella~
    Wandelen: Have I ever told you what an amazing kisser you are?

    Bella: *blushes super hard*

    Wandelen: Your lips are like sweet pillows!

    Bella: *Blushes* Oh…my…god…

    Wandelen: Okay, happy now?

    Bella: …

    Wandelen: …uh, Be-

    Bella: *Starts to profusely make out with Wandelen*

    Wandelen: MMPH!!

    Denny: Wow, even I got turned on hearing that flirt…

  2. i was today years old when i found out Angel Dust's VA is and has been Ashley's boyfriend, and that just makes this scene all the more HILARIOUS.. "300 dollars, I'd say that's enough to get me to flirt with you, Ashley", im dying now. im fucking dead lmao

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