100 thoughts on “EXTREME Mexican Street Food! BLOOD + CACTUS Tacos and SPICY Street Market TACO Tour in Mexico City

  1. Bad habit of pointing at peoples food, Ting did that in his Christmas episode and pissed some of his family members

  2. 樹Only you 'Westerns' ration, skip,and cheap on quality, quantity,and freshness wen it comes to 'street food's,PERIOD!?!
    I would GLADLY send my money on this before 'McDonald's,' HANDS DOWN!?! And what HATE the most is seeing foreigners talking all over the food!?!

  3. The Nopal taco was non sense
    The nopales cooked like that should be eaten with the tacos, not in the taco. Got me? Wonderful video!

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  5. bro please in begging you! quit pointing at the food youre nearly touching it! and forget hygiene its just weird! especially when youre talking in english to a camera its so awkward and weu
    ird! theyll never tell you because they are too kind. but believe me bro youre a little too friendly and you weird them out!

  6. Watching this at 12:30am and it's a torture !!! I'm starving love my food I could eat tacos every day and not get tired of it

  7. He just spoons it and taste the mole. And im like.'' Is that a sample spoon for all''? Its no wonder delicious.

  8. u experienced a lots of places, going around the world is really exciting, mexican foods are great, i love meat very much as others do, what about comming to korea, theres blood sausage like that, even that is more tasty i guarantee, u know many language. actually the level of lanauge is not important if somebody know how to communicate that is important thing u are qualified of it. i noticed ur chinese skill is quite good. it will be great chance for u if u can master chinese lanauge to enlighten em to democracy.

  9. Im a san diegan but my parents both born and raised in this city i went as a child and wouldnt want to leave hands down the best people and food every corner you turn you have different types of food never ending love for el DISTRITO FEDERAL CIUDAD DE MEXICO

  10. I love how excited you are, it makes me excited too! Can't wait to finally go to Mexico next year, it's been my dream! Binge watching all of your videos and taking notes =D

  11. A este le falta que le brinque aceite caliente para que se le quite la ma簽a de meterle la mano bien cerca de la comida que casi la toca.

  12. You can tell straight away the female merchants are mums that make sure there is no room for seconds in her household.
    Just huge portions to make sure la familia never goes to bed hungry.

  13. Exellent v穩deo, congratulation's I like your's videos l from Zacatecas, M矇xico, here are a very delicious food like a "caldo de rata" lt's very delicious caldo of a wild rats, l'm recomended You!!!!!!!

  14. Here in Brazil is called VINAGRETE (salsa, fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil) ti織s amazing! It織s more traditional when prepare barbecue (brazilian churrasco)

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