MAN:I started having
dreams about a house
And then one day,
I received a letter
and it became mine.But now, it won’t
let me sleep
until I invite others.Just one step
at a time
♪ ♪and, baby,
you’ll be mine
♪ ♪♪ Welcome. [all screaming] – There are three keys.
– If your friends
are wise enough, they’ll be able to solve
the clues and save you. – Joey, what is that?
– Another clue, guys. [screams] You are the
YouTube killer! It’s gotta be Justine. This blame game is
going to bethe death of us.I’m scared. [growling, screaming] ♪♪ [yelling, screaming] WOMAN:Oh, my God!And let the game
♪ [screaming]This is never
going to end.
We are all going
to die. ♪♪ [boom, screaming] This is the worst
party ever. ♪♪

99 thoughts on “ESCAPE THE NIGHT SEASON 1| Official Trailer

  1. I noticed that every trailer to 1st through 3rd seasons they show the two survivors who will escape the night like on this one u see Joey ran with oli and eva only them so yeah

  2. seeing this while i've seen the first two episodes of season 3 is nostalgic… compared to the next two trailers for season 2 and 3 the trailer here showed tooooooo much spoilers, and when you look at it now when there are many theorist about escape the night where they dissect the trailers, photo leaks, and tweets made by joey for clues this trailer is a fail, its a good hype since it just started but hey, the trailer showed lele's death so yeah

  3. Omg I’ve scrolled down the comments and everyone says this show is horrible and I have watched season 1 and season 2 and part of season 3 and so far all of them are sooooo good

  4. I love how Leles death is in the trailer oh happy days when nobody made theory’s and we watched the video and we went back to our normal lives

  5. I watched every escape the night episode on Hulu for free but now I cant get back on it. if you guys know how to get on to it tell me plz!

  6. Lol i was thinking in ny head oh cool they didnt even spoil any death or anything and then i saw Lele being electrecuted….. 2019?

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