[Eng sub][AMWF][International couple]스웨덴에서도 피를 먹는 다고요? (선지국밥 아님)

[Eng sub][AMWF][International couple]스웨덴에서도 피를 먹는 다고요? (선지국밥 아님)

Hello, we are Junellie What’s the topic today? I found some unusual food. I think there are a lot of unusual food in Sweden But you eat a lot of soup in Korea Soup ~ But in that kind of food, well…. We also had the pork soup in Busan, right? But what we didn’t eat is something called Seonjigukbap. Seonjigukbap Seonjigukbap? Well Blood … I don’t know how to make it either … Blood? Yeah Cows, pigs, that blood! Blood! Blood ~ Blood! Blood! Blood !! You talk a little bit like a viral video though? Blood ~ Blood! There is a food that makes soup with blood. It’s called seonjigukbap … No, you don’t just boil the blood and eat it~ No ~ I had that kind of picture in my mind No it’s not like that~ Not like that, but you make the blood hard, like tofu So you do it like tofu, and put it in the soup to eat. If you think of it as blood while eating, then … You could feel uncomfortable If you eat without knowing then it’s delicious! Isn’t all of the soups? (delicious) It’s delicious ~ What does it taste like though? It tastes like blood. Blood taste! Blood … have you ever bitten your lips? Well … yes It’s a bit like, since you eat it together with the soup It’s a bit hard to explain Let’s try it next time we go to Korea! We have something similar in Sweden. I, I found it! Right ~ This is it … It is made by making the blood a little hard It’s just like this Blood Pudding What kind of blood is it? It’s like pork! Oh? Then do you eat Seonji too? You eat Seonji huh? Do you eat it with soup? We kind of slice it and fry it And you eat it with jam… And kind of… This is more shocking ~ And a little bit ~ Something similar to potato pancakes It’s called “potatisplättar” You eat it together with something similar to potato pancakes… And with jam The fact that you eat it together with jam is really shocking to me. With jam? Yeah ~ That’s…. Jam… The jam that we eat on bread! This jam… In Sweden … An often consumed berry? It’s a berry Well, it’s called lingonberry Kinda Blueberries….. It looks like blueberries, but it’s red. Red So you make jam with it It’s not so sweet ~ Isn’t it sweet? Not sweet But it’s sweet though? A little sweet But this is actually a bit sweet too this?!?!? Yeah If you fry it~ Oh yeah? When I went to school as a kid, sometimes they would serve this in the school cafeteria. Oh, that’s how often do you eat it? So it’s something you eat normally? Just well, it ain’t that unusual of a food? Like kimbap Kimbab? I don’t eat it that often, but I eat kimbap very often, in Korea But it’s that simple Now, people don’t like it It’s not something you don’t eat well but it’s something just anyone can eat easily. Is that right? Do you eat it with jam though? So I’m going to eat this today Yeah It’s been a while since I ate it last time, so… I’m looking forward to it! I’m scared It’s scary to eat this with jam … So I think, in Korea, something quite similar to this, Liver of cattle? Liver? That’s how it looks So because it looks like that I’ll prepare sesame oil and salt and eat it together with that Let’s do that! I’ll eat it with that, and with jam~ Let’s do it! Let’s try it! Please me it~ Okay ~ Go go go! Thinly ~ It doesn’t smell strange. The smell of blood … It doesn’t smell like that This Is it butter? Yeah It’s increasingly becoming black huh? Originally it was red When you cook it, it turns black Culture shock Culture shock, culture shock This is not Swedish culture Then who’s culture is it? I do not admit to this Yeah It became really black It doesn’t smell so strange ~ Do you want to try it? You go first ~ That… Should we try it with jam first What jam do you eat it together with? I’ll start with eating a small piece Uh…. It’s not usually this jam, but lingonberry jam This is the most similar (that we have at home) Originally you don’t eat it with this This is the most similar in taste that we have at home That’s right Do I have to put on a lot of jam? I don’t know well either … I’ll eat now Yes ~ Blood with jam Don’t say it~ I remember now why I didn’t like it So this is why I hated it. What should I say? Garbage? I think I need to put on a lot of jam … (What am I chewing …?) It makes me think a lot … If I ate this not knowing it was blood Then I think I wouldn’t know I can’t taste it at all What should I say The texture It’s a lot like rice cake It’s easy to chew It’s a lot like rice cake But if I eat just this, it tastes bad You have to put on a lot jam Jam … Kind of to cover the taste? I can’t eat anymore What you prepared I’ll try to eat it~ Sesame oil and salt ~ It doesn’t taste bloody at all I need a lot of salt … If you eat it with a lot of salt it’s fine It tastes like raw blood Sometimes there’s a little smell in Seonji too There is no such thing at all in this It doesn’t have that taste Rather, what should I say? Just Like rice cake… Rice porridge It feels like if you would fuse it with rice porridge There is no stickiness as that of rice cake Uhm But, let’s just see Yeah just… Just… eating it is a bit… That’s not it? If you just eat it there’s a bit of a bloody taste I’ll eat with salt Do it ~ A lot of salt? Not that much … You did a bit much though? With salt and with sesame oil if you put on a lot of that… A lot of saliva is coming out In sundae … There’s liver and … Not liver It’s much more sticky than liver It feels a bit like that Eating it with sesame oil It’s better to eat with salt Jam isn’t it… Compared to salt Jam isn’t it. Mmmh It’s not “mmmh” It’s a little bit better The fact that we didn’t eat it with sesame oil and salt first, and eating it together with jam after that I’m really happy we didn’t Because we ate the worst first It’s tasty now eating it together with sesame oil and salt it doesn’t taste anything at all Instead, it tastes a lot of sesame oil So it’s worth eating Still a little bit… bad I’m just eating it because I’m hungry It’s pretty okay though? I put a lot of salt to cover the taste though Yeah, me too It’s almost white now I’ll take some of it off and eat it If you feel the taste… What should I say … It’s fine because I’m hungry… But I’m starting to feel nauseous. This is the last one If I can choose between many things (to eat) then I wouldn’t eat this However If I was hungry and this was the only thing available Then it’s enough to eat The taste is just that much The taste is so … It’s not disgusting and It doesn’t really smell anything at all With this food itself Delicious or … It’s not delicious at all. For me… This… I would not eat it if it was the last food on the planet. Even if There is only this food on the whole planet? You’d die if you don’t eat this though? Rather than that I would eat your foot If I keep eating My insides don’t feel so good… Really I feel strange. Do you want to eat all of this? No! I’m full You’re full? This is diet food! Iron A little bit makes you full~ Even if you eat a just little, you do not want to eat more Right! It’s a diet food ~ That’s good ~ If you eat just one it makes you not want to eat food anymore though? Sure The color is black! The fact that it’s black is a bit… It makes you just keep staring at it It looks so unpleasant to eat Let’s try Seonjigukbap when we go to Korea Yeah, I think that’ll be better Blood Pudding I tried blodpudding It was not the taste of Korean seonji. If it would have tasted similar I was going to try boiling it as a soup I don’t think I can do so Let’s do it Um … no ~~ And This is … now Do you think you’ll vomit? Yeah I don’t think I’ll vomit, but I just keep swallowing. Today we ate trash. Be careful of what you say~ Sorry I think I should drink water Yeah We’ll eat something else, something delicious, and… Next time We will be a Junellie coming back with delicious food. Because it’s good to challenge yourself~ Since we took on this challenge! Today! Fighting! Yes

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  1. 피를 그릇에 받아두면 피가 분리가되어 혈청이분리되어 맑은 혈청은 버리고 굳은 부분만 조리해 먹습니다.
    라면스프와 야채 넣고 끓이세요.

  2. 와우 같은선지네요      보기에는 간 삶은거같은맛이날듯하네요                다음엔 선지국을 끓여서 넬리님에게 맛보게하면좋을듯 ㅎㅎ         인터넷상에 선지국 검색해서보시든지,아래 어느분글처럼   라면스프랑 채소넣어서해도되겠죠               두분만 나오는 영상인데 항상 새로운 느낌의 컨텐츠^^                  이미 그렇게 계획한거같던데,  급하게 생각말고 차근히 두분의 결혼계획대로 차곡차곡 만들어가시길바래요  항상 응원합니다        구독자수도 꾸준히 느는것같은데   이제 3만을향해 힘차게 달려봐요~~~^^

  3. 지구의 마지막음식이라도 거부하는 넬리ㅎㅎㅎ
    우리음식을 그리도 잘먹던 넬리가 갑자기 생각나면서 너무 웃겼음 ㅎㅎ
    소소한 영상이라도 자주보니 좋네요 준님은 잘 적응하고있는듯해서 나날이 보기 좋아요
    언어 공부는 잘되고있는지 한국말만 하는건아니죠? 넬리는 한국말이 거의 원어민수준인데 ㅎㅎㅎ

  4. 여자친구가 모델같은 분위기의 미인이네요 … 남자분운 사려깊고 깊은 배려심이 있어 보이구요. 영상 재밌게 보고 있어요~ 스웨덴에 대한 이해가 많이 됩니다. 정말 해가 짧은나라같네요.

  5. 국 끓여 먹어 보세요.. 그거 영상으로 올려 주시면 좋겠는데.. 맛있으면 한국으로 수입도 하고…
    넬리는 끓여 보자는데.. 도전 개척정신이 빵이네요…ㅋ

  6. 거의 모든 민족은 피를 먹습니다. 다만 종교적 이유로 먹지 않는 경우가 있습니다. 소세지에도 피가 들어가는 경우가 있습니다.

  7. 피에는 많은 영양분이 풍부한 음식입니다. 북극 지방 민족들은 사슴이나 고래 피를 좋아합니다.

  8. 선지국을 먹을 때 약간 쿰쿰한 냄새가 나는 것은 상한것 인가요? 식당에서 선지콩나물밥 먹다 토할뻔 그래도 꾹 참고 다먹었는데..원래 그런 선지맛인지 아니면 약간 신선한 것이 아닌것인지 알수가 없네요.

  9. 오늘도 잘 봤습니다.
    그 뭐지 수르스트뢰밍 인가? 그게 역대급 최고의 숨막히는 음식이라던데..스웨덴 음식인가? 어느나라 음식이라는데..

  10. Is that supposed to b cooked ? It looked like sandwich meat when sliced. Jam, ew. Think should b eatin like blood sausage with jst salt or salt and spices powder.

  11. 세상에 신기한 음식은 없다고 생각합니다.  그랬다면 현재 인류는 존재하지도 않았겠죠.  내장이나 피등이 음식재료가 된 것은 당연히 먹을 것이 귀하던 시절 무엇이든 먹지않으면 죽을 수 밖에 상황에서였겠죠.  그래서 희귀한 식재료를 먹는 민족이나 나라를 대하면 그 사람들의 역사가 더 궁금해져요.  저곳은 어떤 사람들이 또 어떤 힘듬을 겪으며 생존해냈을까  하는..  그러고 음식을 대하면 음식의 거부감도 덜하고,  어떻게 하면 더 맛있게 먹을수 있을까 고민했었을 옛사람들을 상상하게 되고요.  선지는 여성분들이 많이 먹으면 좋은 음식이에요..철분 함량이 풍부하거든요..

  12. 가축을 도축할때 방혈을하는데 그 피를 받아놓으면 피가 굳어요.
    국밥 만들때 덩어리로 넣으면 풀어지지않고 맛이있습니다.

  13. 이런 커플 솔찍히 가짜같음. 백남:똥양녀 커플은 맷날 5-10번 보임. 똥양남:백녀 커플은 6게월에 한번 볼까말까함. 한국도
    그렇고, 외국도 다 마찬가지. 근데 유투브엔 상당이 많아짐. 가짜아님 집에서만 노나봄. ㅋㅋ 한심하다, 동양인들 상태. 심각하다.

  14. 이런 커플 솔찍히 가짜같음. 백남:똥양녀 커플은 맷날 5-10번 보임. 똥양남:백녀 커플은 6게월에 한번 볼까말까함. 한국도
    그렇고, 외국도 다 마찬가지. 근데 유투브엔 상당이 많아짐. 가짜아님 집에서만 노나봄. ㅋㅋ 한심하다, 동양인들 상태. 심각하다.

  15. it reminds me of the video where you eat tomatoes. koreans eat it with sugar and in sweden with salt. this time its the other way. koreans eat it in a savoury soup and in sweden with sweet jam.

  16. 저건 다른것 넣고 가공시킨것 같은데~
    밀가를 더한건가?? 우유나 버터를 집어넣고 가공했나??? 한국선지는 두부처럼 부서지는데~

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