[ENG SUB] Minhee & Gayoung on leaving their company (About Mini #13 Cut)

[English Subtitles by Stellar Twinkles] I, recently Ah yeah, are you all done now? Yup The drama is over now and I need to shoot About Mini now. Let’s while visiting each other… Ah~ I see it’s all over now (lol) (T/N: ROFL both very excited “it’s” all over – well so are Twinkles) Yes, it’s all over We should really have a party to celebrate (lol lol) We have to have a party, of course We have to prepare a party In the future, I will meet Gayoung more often, so it seems like she’ll be appearing more often in About Mini. Now you can come over and play on my V-live channel as well I’d really like to come and play even once. Okay! Well, now you can do whatever you want, right It doesn’t matter. – The head of management left the company right?
– Hmm? The head of management left the company right? Of course he left (lol lol) Now, I can do things more freely I’ll show you my everything. No, you can’t show everything!>

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