(ENG/SPA/IND) Siwon, Attracted to Straight Forward Gong Myung ♥ | Life bar

(ENG/SPA/IND) Siwon, Attracted to Straight Forward Gong Myung ♥ | Life bar

[Se Yoon] This is what he felt “I don’t talk that much, so I might not get a chance to say anything So, this part, what I was thinking was I can loosen up the atmosphere
because I’m close with you guys And after a few drinks,
Myung will start to improve it more [Se Yoon] That’s a relief He’s a pretty boy on the outside,
but can drink 5 or 6 bottles of Soju – [Se Yoon] Really?
– Wow, really? If I keep my head straight,
I usually don’t get drunk You can tell that he’s telling the truth Usually, people who are bluffing
say that they can drink a lot – But he’s being modest
– [Se Yoon] Exactly! Siwon is crazy about Gong Myung? [Hee Chul] Why is that? So, that’s because of the first time I met him (They first met at a table read)
[Gong Myung] At our first table read Yes, at our first table read When I look into someone’s eyes,
I can tell what that person is like I liked that he was so pure, yet so mature Yes, that’s right I really like people who works out [Hee Chul] That’s true I like people who have specific hobbies And that’s exactly how Gong Myung is – [Dong Yup] What’s your hobby?
– Gong Myung likes to go bowling And I like bowling too,
even though we’ve never went together I found out that he has
determination and is competitive And I used to do exercise when I was little [Dong Yup] What kind? I used to do taekwondo (Forget about ‘Sloppy Gong Myung’) [Yu Ra] That’s awesome~ (4th dan’s shining black belt) (He’s still got it) (Reaches out for a handshake)
You used to do taekwondo! [Hee Chul] What does it
have to do with hands? Oh, I was just glad to meet a fellow taekwondo player [Hee Chul] Oh, that’s why [Se Yoon] I can picture him
wearing a taekwondo uniform It would suit you
How long have you been training? I trained until I was in high school So, that would be 4th dan? – Yes, about 10 years or so
– [Hee Chul] Siwon used to do taekwondo too – A long time ago
– [Hee Chul] Yu Ra used to as well Yes, I actually did The three of you should compete! [Hee Chul] Compete, compete! (Myung isn’t talking)
[Yu Ra] Are you two thinking the same thing? (Today, Myung was…) (Feeling awkward at first)
[Hee Chul] This is so awkward (Completed adapting) (You guys are funny) (The liquor and food here are great) (Quiet but enjoying ‘Life bar’) Hey, Myung Don’t just sit there and laugh
Please talk a little bit Myung is quiet even
when we’re with our friends When all of us are out eating and talking He is so quiet and still so we say,
“Myung, you were here?” “Myung, talk a little!” “It’s like we’ve never heard your voice!”
“Myung, talk to us!” But it may be different outside of work When I’m with my friends outside of work, I swear and talk comfortably,
but it’s pretty much the same You swear? You don’t look like that kind of person [Siwon] What kind of words do you use? We’ll beep it out, so just imagine
we’re your friends and try swearing (Making a comfortable atmosphere)
Hey, Myung! Let’s grab a drink! – How does it sound?
– [Siwon] That sounds like Ho Dong Let’s go grab a drink I can’t do it
What do I do? – [Hee Chul] You can’t do it?
– Why are you telling him to do this? Good job, sis (Hurt)
Then should I just leave him alone? (Shy) I didn’t know, but he’s a scary guy – [Yu Ra] Why, why?
– Why? – [Hee Chul] Did he hit you?
– [Siwon] Nothing like that, but he’s I thought, ‘Does he think at all?’
because he’s so quiet and he behaves But I don’t think it’s anything like that It’s not anything like that,
but you know what I’m talking about, right? – So, he’s thinking…
– You’re doing it right now Both of you are saying,
“You know what I’m talking about” [Yu Ra] You’re asking each other (Never heard why, but I’m guessing)
So, you know the kind of thought (Probably means ‘He seemed bright^^”)
Anyways, right to the point, He suddenly started to… You know the ‘Mon’ catching game? Oh, yes, yes (Po**mon Go!)
The game where you catch monsters He had a stuffed doll! (One day, he brings a stuffed doll)
I was here, Kang So Ra was here and Myung was here, he suddenly… (Suddenly throws the monster ball at So Ra)
said “Catch So Ra” and threw it! – Why are you telling this story
– [Siwon] The ball, [Hee Chul] What did he throw? So, what I did was… – [Siwon] The stuffed doll
– The Pokemon ball – [Siwon] Ball, the ball
– I said… “Catch So-Ra-Mon!” And threw it It made my heart race
even though I’m a guy! (Not intended) Myung does a lot of cute acts [Siwon] But he’s the type of person who (Thought he was bright)
“Oh, yes…” and he instantly changes – [Yu Ra] Yes, yes!
– Like when you just open your eyes and a good-looking guy
is right in front of you I think Myung knows how to
make girls’ hearts race What would you do if
you were in a soap opera And you have to fight
over a girl with Siwon! Both of you are in love with Yu Ra! – Let’s just pretend it’s me
– [Hee Chul] Both of you like Yu Ra (What if you have to fight)
[Hee Chul] What would it be like? Are you the type of guy who yields,
or the type who has to make her his I think he would [Yu Ra] I think I wouldn’t give up I wouldn’t give up (Heart races) You’re a real man I think I have the confidence
to win her over (Bright and)
(♬ Love Lane – Mamamoo ♬) (Naive) (You’re wrong if you think
he’s bad at being in a relationship) I’m not stupid (Straight forward when it comes to love) I was so happy (Straight forward)
Because you stayed with me all day (Heart races) I feel like I usually am committed
when it comes to being in a relationship And I usually am more straight forward when I’m with the person I like

100 thoughts on “(ENG/SPA/IND) Siwon, Attracted to Straight Forward Gong Myung ♥ | Life bar

  1. He really looks like seungje from return of Superman when he smile! I bet when seungje grow up he will look like gong myung! 😍

  2. When Yura says Gong Myung knows how to make girls heart fluttered, I was like, Thats why Jeon Somin from Runningman cant get over with him hahaha

  3. i remember i first saw him on bride of the water god then got curious at him and search him up immediately 😛 <3

  4. I love Gong Myung so much that I got interested in Doyoung and got into NCT tbh. He was all shy and shit then the way he said he’d make the girl his so confidently made my heart melt wtf

  5. ㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎ시원싀ㅋㅎㅋㅎ갈수록 눈이 커져ㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋ조만간 튀어나올듯

  6. i'm already inlove with doyoung now i'm catching feels for his BROTHER ugh why are they so perfect

  7. I fell in love with gong myung through Revolutionary Love which is a kdrama!!it ended but siwon also acted in it soo pls watch it

  8. 명배우님 하백의신부.에서보고 푹~빠졌습니다~😍공배우님연기너무좋아해요💕 눈망울과 입술이 정말예쁘신거같아요💕

  9. I freakin love gong Myung, ever since I watched after school, lucky or not (I think that’s what it’s called, can’t remember well) I’ve loved him. His character was my favorite in the whole show. Him with his pink panther toy, My heart!! I liked his cuter side in the second season but we Stan a flower boy

  10. So this is how the phrase goes..

    If you can’t marry him, marry his brother😍

    Like Myung and Doyoung are too handsome omfg-

  11. 분명 한국 동영상인데 댓글판이 온통=영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어영어

  12. I became interested in him because he's Doyoung's brother but I have stayed interested in him because I love his personality

  13. although i dont rlly stan him he rlly made my heart race from just 5 sec in making me wanna give him all my love and wrap him up in bubble wrap bcuz he needs to be protected AT ALL COSTS uwu 😭

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