100 thoughts on “EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)

  1. Want to see how I got into North Korea and how much it cost me? Watch here:

  2. Dude you need to work for vice or some big media outlet beacuse you do amazing work towards getting footage everywhere you go you should be a journalist you have the natural talent to be one good job.

  3. very cleverly you vlog everything what you wanted to tell us..You did it like a journalist..1more like for your T-shirt..Thank you so much for this vlog m a new subscriber to your channel..Bye buddy..🙏❤from India..

  4. "Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night"
    Ha! love the reference. It definitely seems that way. The girl at 5:06 reminds me of Meryl's panicking scenes somehow.

  5. These tours are crafted for the foreigners to see only the good things. Only a North Korean can say what it is like to live there.

  6. Watch the full 2 to3 hour videos by uri besmenov in usa. Youd be suprised by how much of what you see is staged. All thoroughly planned. Just for you special tourists!

  7. It is the emptiness of all of the places and atteactions where there SHOULD be people that are creepy…

    But the sites are incredibly gorgeous.

  8. This dude is not to bright. Why do you think nobody is on the trail or in the hotel? The trail and hotel is not for the people its for the tourist to help make North Korea look better. The country looks like all their people are miserable or slaves. The people are oppressed by their evil leader.

  9. The scenery is beautiful but I can see how drained and uncomfortable you seem. It's so sad to see how extremely controlled this country is 😔😔😰.

  10. Thank you for these videos. I’m so glad to see the countries the US demonizes. North Korea looks pretty much like what the west says it is. Iran…. not so much. I hope we don’t end up starting a war with them. I have Persian friends and they always say how the Iranian people love America. Very friendly people.

  11. We see 4 ..5 peoples on working but its not mean hole contry is poor …if i trust you its mean the hole india bagger sory bro pleazy shair positive face of north Korea

  12. Thank you for a great, insightful video. If you look at a map and realise that this is the southern tip of China … makes you question world politics – South Korea is an American base… at the gates of the Chinese mainland. When the Russians got friendly with Cuba in the 60s the world almost came to another nuclear confrontation. Too close apparently. North Korea is simply wanting sovereignty. The definition of freedom is not without boundaries … its just a question of who defines these boundaries (and how much you are aware of it). Applies to countries as well as individuals.

  13. It’s seems to me that you are saying more positive things than you probably normally would because I’m sure your camera recordings would’ve been thoroughly checked before leaving .

  14. Is there any fashion restrictions for tourists coming to North Korea? For example, you can't wear fancy clothes and stuffs?

  15. North Korean deserve a better life. I feel so sorry that there is not much I can do for them. Just hope they would be freed in near future.

  16. Translation of the Mountain Carvings
    "Chosun (Korea) let's be proud and brag.
    In the past 5000 years of our history we have had the Honour/Glory of Kim Il Sung being our leader" something like that.. super hard to explain but thats the jist…

  17. Taking pictures that way from a moving vehicle, I believe, is illegal in North Korea.  You are lucky you got out of that country without being detained (arrested) !!!  I love to travel but you COULD NOT pay me enough money to go there.  Sorry.  Too risky for me !!!

  18. Hi Nick. This is the 4 th time I am watching this series. Btw, Venezuela was great and I am looking forward to the Colombian series.

    I have a question. How was the coffee in Korea ?

  19. imagine, you're a tourist in North Korea and you were walking down the street just having a good look of the city Pyongyang and then suddenly someone (a North Korean) kneeled in front of you and begged you for help, what would you do?

  20. Communist rule loves controlling speech and this blogger proves this point. If he slanders the DPRK in any way, he will never be allowed to leave.

  21. I love and enjoy you and your videos whatever your name is!!! Maybe one day we'll meet each other. You'd be a great one for me to share things man to man with whatever your name is!!! You're quite a man to man Inspiration on me too whatever your name is!!!

  22. It was said they put out a buffet so people will think they have a lot of food, and as you leave they pick up all the food and don’t eat any of it

  23. Considering what their dictator does to anyone who doesn’t bow to his cretinous, fat dictator ass, I have no idea why you’d want to risk going going there. What they did to that poor kid from Utah, whose parents were absolutely frantic to get him home, and they basically ripped all of his teeth out of his mouth, re-arranged them, and re-implanted them, rendered him blind and deaf and catatonic even though he did NOTHING…they are f-ing MONSTERS. Why, why, WHY would you want to go there and promote their “luxorious” Hotel? How blind deaf to unspeakable cruelty can you be?

  24. Such a beautiful country (from a foreigner’s perspective), it would be an awesome/nerve-wrecking experience to visit, certainly am interested 🧐

  25. Kim orders South's
    buildings at resort in North be destroyed https://news.yahoo.com/kim-orders-souths-buildings-resort-004547125.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=ma

  26. These are the stupid you hear about in north korea,iran and russia who get arrested (like this guy) do time or expect the us to save them.i have no sympathy for these people when they get caught,the put themselves in harms way.morons

  27. Ok, I came to a conclusion, if u wonder how would be like to be the last person on earth, or treated like a king, u can experience that going to NK, but remembers, while u doing that, there's a population starving till* death

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