100 thoughts on “Egyptian Street Food – Seafood HEAVEN + Traditional Egyptian Food Adventure in Alexandria, Egypt!

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  3. May be someday will get the chance to visit Alexandria, Egypt and must enjoy all the good foods. – may be it not be happen. But i am very happy because I enjoyed a lot thru you- The food ranger ,

  4. المائده المصريه غرام 😍 اللي يقعد ياكل منها ماراح يشبع 😘 تحيه لكم من الكويت 🤗

  5. u have to mention the price, its very essential for travlers, comparing the price is important when we trave. i heard n.y is most expensive place to live. i dont want to go to n.y  btw what about comming to korea and introduce cusine, it will be also very great. koreans are very kind for foreigners even there are some psycho who hurt foreign workers as i heard.

  6. those things were developed with sandwich, its very rare in korea, we dont have that kind of cusine , theres no culture to cook internals of animal adding with bread

  7. انا بس مستغربة على العرب دووول 😂اللي داخلين ولا ليهم فيها وعاملين يهروا معرفش عملالكم ايه مصر حرقاكم ف ايه صدق اللي قال العرب جرب والحمدلله اننا مش عرب فعلا بتثبتولي كل مادا انكم همج الا ما رحم ربي قلة قليلة محترمة وتحب الخير لمصر اما الباقي منفسنين ربنا معاكم😂

  8. Your tours of food locale is contagious. I can't get enough. People love you and you them and that makes this
    beautiful. Food is so awesome there wow. The people serving preparing are genuine.

  9. I am all, the way in, for that totally insane seafood,..! No. 1 on the agenda, lets go, hopefully, we can get some recipes, some place? Be so kind to let us, know,..! Thank you.

  10. I like Chicken liver, how it s prepared in the Polish way, like my father s friend s wife prepares it, magically,..! I told my mother, Im not leaving Poland with out, this recipe,..! And we didn't,.. OMG,..!

  11. Alexandria is the most beautiful city in Egypt you can find good people and a beautiful atmosphere in summer and winter and the most beautiful restaurants and cafes.

  12. هو الراجل ده دفع 126 جنيه في أكلة الفول ولا أنا فاهم غلط يا جماعه 🤔🤔

  13. مش عارف شكل العرب كبفاش غادي يكون بدون مصريين
    غادي يكون كئيب و حزين تحياتي من المغرب

  14. I love eating crabs, but as time goes by, I feel that it's just wrong to inflict that kind of pain on them just to satisfy my taste buds. Great vlog as usual!

  15. Thanks for showing our country in such a beautiful image.. I live in cairo but now you made me see Alexandria in a whole new perspective.. Visiting soon to taste the food again 😁

  16. I praise and thank God Almighty. The price of a seafood breakfast here is soooooo much less expensive than one in Tokyo, Japan. Muslims are kind and generous!!!!! I ask God humbly to Guide and Bless you.

  17. Egyptians are most friendly people over the world! they help you as they can if you need help and they even not ask nothing back for it!

  18. https://youtu.be/aRh6gy3fMTM دي قناه اكل مصريه تابعوها لو بتحبوا الاكل المصري
    This is a new Egyptian food Chanel make your self comfortable to see our content.

  19. I grew up with many Copts here in New Jersey and had very bad impression of egyptians as dishonest etc. When I visited Luxor and Hurghada, it was amazing. Some of the best beaches in the world!

  20. ..please like share subscribemay channcel may muslam brother and sister .. maulana masood azhar bayan babri masjid..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr_a-KAyU24

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