11 thoughts on “Drilling for Answers: Oil Company Profits, Runaway Prices and the Pursuit of Alternatives

  1. peak oil is a myth perpetuated by oil company's to justify falsely high oil prices. there is no reason why oil should go from $20 a barrel to $114 /barrel overnight in 2004 after katrina. brick nations demand does not come up over night. it's a lie .

  2. two oil barons set up this tax break for themselves BEFORE OBAMA WAS ELECTED!- Chaney exempted underground frakking chemicals in 2005- from the Clean water act- chemicals not disclosed.Diesal Fuel was the only item forbidden to be put into the ground-(because this fuel is americas-(texas) best money making export) marie antoinette says- (pararphrased)-LET THEM (commoners)DRINK OIL!- a grey eagle

  3. @ 0:27:46 why the FUCK is Mr. Sullivan talking about bread? He is really trying to hide something ad change direction in the discussion, fucking hypocrite.

  4. you are correct, i know alot of people who think it is fake. Listen, i've been getting paid about $200 a week just selling energy. I took the idea and plan of here. you can also try it: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  5. Interesting how we have low oil prices right now.  According to the logic of the dems, this is just because oil companies stopped wanting to make money.

    Or it could be what EVERYONE who actually knows about economics has been saying ALL along.  The market sets prices, not oil companies.  This is an issue of supply and demand.  But the democratic party just doesn't understand basic economics.  It's staggering.If you don't believe me, put some money in oil stocks.  When you have some real skin in the game, you'll start to learn supply and demand.

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