DIY WONKA BAR RECIPE (Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight)

DIY WONKA BAR RECIPE (Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight)

Wonka whipa winka whipa wonka haha. Hello everyone its Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen now today we are making Willy Wonka inspired recipe. It was sent to me by Ed Gent on email I hope
thats your real name Mrs Barry thinks its a made up name I believe it is a real one. We are randomly in the woods first things
first I want to thank everyone for putting up with our videos at the moment cos we do
have building work going on its insanely noisy so we are getting out and about to do the
voice over so thank you so much for putting up with it and dont worry the real time recipes
will be coming back once it is all done very very soon. But we are making I am going to have to read
this out Wonka whipple scrumptious fudgemallow delight chocolate bar Willy Wonka inspired
recipe. Very excited to make this a lot of you guys
wanted to see it so we have just done it this is how I got on and I hope you give it a go. So the first thing you really need for this
is a chocolate bar mould and if you look on line for a chocolate bar mould you get those
like quite thin ones which Ive already got but you need quite a deep cavity for this
and randomly even soap ones didnt work but I need find one that I ordered and when it
arrived it was kind of small and thin they would of made good KitKat finger ones so Ill
do a homemade KitKat bar one day. We didn�t use that we went to a hobby craft
store and found this thing that looks like a pill box which would work kind of well but
it had these sort of narrow columns in it and like sharp pointy bits so it might of
stabbed it a little bit. I also found these little plastic pot containers
which would also work quite well but it might make it look quite stumpy. So the finally thing I went with was actually
a small loaf tin which was actually going to make quite a nice sized chocolate bar so
I was pretty excited and that was the mould I opted with. Not really sure where I was going with this
but the bottom line is find a mould that suits but you need a deep cavity. The first thing you are going to do is break
up your chocolate in to nice little pieces just blast it in the microwave 30 seconds
each ensuring you stir it until youve got a lovely smooth melted chocolate baby which
you are just going to pour into your mould of choice. So make sure you get it all in the bottom
and then up the sides just a thinish layer and shove it in the freezer for 10 minutes
so that it will firm up. Whilst that chocolate is setting in the fridge
we are going to make our fudge filling its the most dangerous step and ideally you are
going to need a candy thermometer for this ok. So what you are going to do in a sauce pan
is our in your milk butter and sugar and it is going to get very very dangerous it is
going to bubble and you are going to just keep going away make sure you stir it so the
sugar dissolves through the butter melts and it bubbles roaring away. If you are a young child you are going to
need adult supervision 100 percent ok. I just want to say a deer just randomly walked
past whilst I said that so if need to suddenly turn the camera around and show you a deer
over a chocolate bar that�s going to happen. Anyhow with this bubbling away as it hits
that 115 degrees soft ball stage, remove it from the heat very carefully trust me you
do not want to get this one your fingers add in the vanilla extract about a teaspoon of
that gives it a nice vanillary spank. Stir that through and then just transfer it
into a glass put it in the fridge to cool down for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure your fudge hasnt cooled down too
much ok because it becomes quite butch and unmoveable you want a tini bit of movement
in it to make this next step easier so so you are going to add that into your chocolate
kind of about a third of the way up in there spreading it all out so it is nice and even. Then grab your self some marshmallow fluffy,
nice bike dont know if you heard that. Then grab your marshmallow fluffy and add
that layer on there get it all smoothed out too and what we will do then is get an extra
batch of chocolate, melted chocolate and drizzle it all on there to bring it flush to the top
so we have affectively made this Wonkaess chocolate bar upside down. Shove it in your fridge to set it needs a
really good set for at least an hour. So simple remove your Wonka Whimipple scrumptious
fudgemallow delight chocolate bar from the mould and gawp I havent ever used that word
in a video before gawp in its monstrosity and gorgeous chocolateness. Absolutely phenomenal of course you might
wat to make it a little smaller but her you know you guys like it when I make giant stuff
so its kind of like a mede giant food going on phenomenal. Thank you so much Ed for sending that recipe
in absolute stonker indeed I hope you guys give it a go but do be careful when making
that fudge it is very very dangerous indeed. That is it folks do let me know any other
recipes you would like to see I will try out more of your suggestions leave your comments
down below. Dont forget to subscribe for regular recipes
and food fun and I will see you again next time. Now where is that deer. It was up there honestly but its gone now
oh dear.

100 thoughts on “DIY WONKA BAR RECIPE (Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight)

  1. I hope I speak for everyone here but your content is always amazing and we all ways enjoy it no matter what format you are using

  2. Would love to make this for my little brother. He actually played Augustus Gloop for a year in the Theatre Royal production of Charlie and the chocolate factory, so I'm sure he'd love it!

  3. love the videos.. but I have wondered why no giant recipes of foods with your friend? is there a reason you two haven't made a video together? or have I missed something.

  4. Have you done banana bread if not can you do one btw my names tasha πŸ˜‚ I made this account when I was non I'm 12 now πŸ˜”πŸ˜‚

  5. I'm always waiting for paprika to be added to everything because Barry loves to remind us how much he loves paprika. πŸ˜‰

  6. You know i was supposed to be doing my makeup…but i had to watch this because wonka.

    You guys should do more college type meals though! I've already watched your playlist for it like twice lol

  7. If you want a better fudge, pour it out onto a buttered baking tray and fold the hot fudge with a palletw knife until it becomes pale and thick

  8. when you said "fudge" that was not what I had pictured. I guess I'm just so used to Chocolate fudge that seeing your toffee like fudge threw me for a loop. still looks delicious though.

  9. OMG I laughed so hard at the end your face just awesome,
    Could you make stuff that has white Chocolate in it, I can't have Milk or Dack.

  10. OMG I laughed so hard at the end your face just awesome,
    Could you make stuff that has white Chocolate in it, I can't have Milk or Dark.

  11. love the videos, mate, but your fudge kung fu could use some work. maybe add a touch of corn syrup or golden syrup to prevent those chunky sugar crystals from forming

  12. When I lived in Canada, many MANY years ago, I lived on Sausage Rolls. They were cheap, greasy and delicious. Would love to see a good recipe for those.

  13. Similar to the Wonka idea (Original movie) have you ever tried to make those (fruit flavour optional) edible sugar paper? that'd be cool to watch/find out how it's made!! (from scratch not getting a blank piece and somehow printing your design on it lol)

  14. Does everyone in England just always have builders and construction going on at any given moment or????? And why does it always take so long? Like my crew did my whole home drywall in a day fam.

  15. used a premade choccolate bar for this "diy" chococlate bar Booooooooooooooooooo, we want a "from scratch chocolate bar"! =P

  16. Thanks Barry.. I just watched your video when having breakfast and I know I'm going to think about this all day long.. fun recipe!
    Could you or Becky do something no bake some time, like Petit Beurre Cake? I'm sure you would love it and I could mail you my grandmother's recipe. Old but gold! and euuuh.. Petit Beurre Cake is made with Amaretto πŸ˜‰

  17. During Christmas a few years back my family decided to make fudge, I was about 17 and had never made it before so I was helping my sister who knew how to. All of a sudden (can't remember how) I got molten fudge on my fingers and my sister started laughing (family I know right?) and when I washed off the fudge a good portion of finger skin came with it. PLEASE BE CAREFUL MAKING THIS STUFF IT IS SOOOO NOT FUN TO BE BURNED. Imagine burning yourself but the gooey mess is stuck to your fingers πŸ™

  18. Hey Barry! I know a while back in (2015) you made a vegan hotdog, it would be so cool if you made another vegan hotdog as I've seen the 'carrot hot dog' around YouTube, would love to see your take on it 😊

  19. My Idea is that the Chocolate Bar would have it's ingredients already mixed instead of putting them together separately. I thought to myself that mixing them together would have a Chocolate Bar with the same appearance but with a different taste. And the Bar should be flat and thin, not thick.

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