Dinner Party Guest Etiquette – Top 8 Tips!

Dinner Party Guest Etiquette – Top 8 Tips!

getting invited to a dinner party is so
much fun but are you really being a good guest? in this video I’m going to
give you my top eight tips for dinner party etiquete! this is Drew Emborsky and
this is Captain Housekeeper, helping empower superheroes across the land
who are in charge of their own home. on this channel I have how to’s great
healthy recipes and lots of tips on how you can be the captain of your own home
so if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing. here are my top
tips for dinner party etiquette number eight – be sure to try a few bites of
everything that has been served to you on your plate, obviously if you have a
food allergy – don’t do that but out of respect for your host you
want to make sure you try a little bit of everything. Number seven – if the food is
being served up family-style and you’re passing dishes make sure you always pass
them clockwise and use the utensils that are provided don’t use your own fork or
spoon to put stuff on your plate. Number six – while you’re eating if
somebody asks you to pass something like the salt and pepper or a basket of rolls
be sure you pass that to them directly, don’t take some first – pick it up and hand
it to them. Number five – once everybody sits down don’t start eating until the
host does. Number four – if somebody starts a prayer before the meal just be
quiet, even if this doesn’t correspond to your own belief system. Number three –
before dinner starts ask where the host would like you to sit and don’t sit down
until the host does. Number two – always bring a gift for your host but
don’t bring something you expect to be part of the meal.
the host is planned this meal out from beginning to end
so bring something else – and if you bring flowers make sure they’re already in a
vase because cut flowers that the host then needs to put in a vase becomes a
burden when they’re trying to throw this dinner party. One of my favorite host gifts is to bring a really really good quality bottle of olive oil that they
can then use in future meals. Number one – and my number one top tip for dinner
party etiquette as a guest is to RSVP! that means respond to the invitation and
let them know that you can or cannot make it – it’s important for the host to
know because they are planning out an entire celebration and they want to know
if you’re going to be there – and don’t ask if you can bring anybody extra! if
they want you to bring somebody extra they’ll say “you and a plus-one” or “you
and a date” but if they’re just inviting you that’s all they’re counting at their
tables so don’t say “oh can I bring somebody” I hope you’re enjoying this
etiquette series to get more etiquette tips click the YouTube card up there in
the corner or click the link that’s in the show description that will take you
to my netiquette playlist. Hey do you have any other tips for dinner party
etiquette for guests? leave them in the comments below I’d love to hear from you
and feel free to suggest other etiquette topics for future videos… and say it with
me everyone no matter what life throws at me I have the ability to make this a
fantastic day!

4 thoughts on “Dinner Party Guest Etiquette – Top 8 Tips!

  1. If you need to use the powder room, ask which restroom to use – don't wander around the house, as it may appear you're just "snooping" into private areas of the house; the host usually has a guest bathroom stocked with towels, soaps, and tissue for guests to use. Don't open other closed doors down the hallway. Don't commandeer the remote if the host has something playing on the TV or stereo; the host has set the theme with their own choice of background music. If you are new to the host's home, find something to compliment, like a piece of art on the wall, or a fancy rug; even if you don't personally like their choice of style, you can usually find *some*thing nice to say about something. Offer to help clear the table; if they say "it's okay, I'll get it later", then leave it alone, but at least offer to help.

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