Din Tai Fung at The Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 🇲🇾 🇲🇾

Din Tai Fung at The Pavilion Mall Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 🇲🇾 🇲🇾

ok, so we found it Din Tai Fung i know we have had this before
and we had it in the birthplace of Din Tai Fung
which is in Taiwan but we don’t get this in New York City
so you’re right, we should go here that’s what we’re doing we went to the one in Taiwan Taipei
with our friend Jennifer and it was so good
that we decided to come back and try the one here in Kuala Lumpur they just handed us the menu and these little sheets of paper
where you check off the items that you want as you are going through
the menu now the trouble is everything looked so good and we were very very hungry she said maybe we should change tables coz our table is too small well we got moved Naz ordered too much food and the waitress said your table is too small I think we are going to take our time and enjoy our brunch, here at Din Tai Fung in Kuala Lumpur so what are you eating it’s like a hot and sour soup with noodles it’s got eggs and chilies onions mushrooms very savory with this
kind of a bitter taste to it noodles in the hot and sour soup
we really really like this in Taiwan and i love noodles i don’t think we had a lot of noodles
on our trip pour some vinegar in here you said three parts vinegar and one part soy sauce alright i think there’s a little soup
in there oh there it it
there you go it might be hot
and then you drink the soup it’s really rich and fatty
almost a bit greasy you can taste the onion in there
along with all the seasoning along with the chicken and then you can take your dumpling
and you can dip it in your sauce or you can eat it however you want be careful because it’s still juicy mmmm soupy all that goodness yeah let’s try some of that broth mmmm mmm
it’s like chicken broth but it has uh.. it’s like a sweetness to it let’s dip some of this in here i’m going to put some ginger actual pieces mm-mmm so good oh my god we should have just ordered a tonne of these really good mmm
try the beans it’s simple just fried in some oil are they soft, are they crunchy? they are not crunchy and they are not limp and soft
kinda midway between that bits of shrimp in there
it’s gotten infused into the beans very nice dish that’s good too there is shrimp in there for sure in the dumpling there is soup or broth IS There? uh huh oooh!! so i and going to take a big dollop of this
chili over here oh my god look at how red that is let me show you look at all the chilies in there arrrrrrg it’s going to be so GooooD the chilies in here dip it all in aaaah look at that it has soup in there it’s super juicy oh my ghaa it like burst in my mouth with all this flavor
oh my gosh what happened? i thought you said it was too much uh,we still have more food coming what do you think that is? looks like chocolate but i am assuming that it is not chocolate get the bottom in too there we go that’s it there we go wooaw it’s sweet and beany it’s i think there;s some black pepper in there what? there’s black pepper in there and it works what is it? did you order this? yes! they are sticky try it how are you supposed to eat this just eat it no it’s too hot did you see that? it’s like an egg oooh now that it fantastic it’s like a melted custard almost like a lava cake but not chocolate like vanilla and butter it’s um kinda soupy
consistency and the outside is almost like a cake
a pancake almost i think you have to come out and try this
one it’s really good you ready for some more food? yeah let’s go eat this is just the appetizer that was a lot of food how much do you think we paid for that? I didn’t even look at the menu i think it was 148 ok so how much do you think is that.. think about that food and how much do you think ok how much do you think we would pay for that
in New York probably $100 like way over$100 so she is going to calculate the exchange
rate how much do you think
which is how much do you think in US $ it’s $60 roughly $35 that’s was $35? for all that? we should move here

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen.. Feast your eyes on Destiny. If you've ever wanted a Vision of what true love is.. 🐯 Daniel,Naz👸 & family🍀 is the definition.☔ Peace✌🕊🗻

  2. OMG!! I’m addicted to your vlogs guys!!! You guys are such an amazing couples!! Love from Malaysian living in Tokyo 😃. Now my homesickness is getting worse after warched your food vlogs of Malaysia. 😅

    Btw, if you get a chance, please go to Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Colmar Tropicale to enjoy the other beauty of Malaysia. These are highlands resorts where you can enjoy a cooler temperature. Usually it goes between 12-20C. FYI, Genting Highlands is the only casino in the world that built on top of a mountain. They also have premium outlets, shopping malls, indoor theme park, almost everything you can think of. They are currently building an outdoor theme park, which slashed to open this June.

    Or you can also visit Putrajaya (the administrative capital city / garden city of Malaysia). Check this out (taken from other youtubers):


    At night:

    If u love shopping, there are 2 shopping malls in Putrajaya. IOI mall is the biggest one in this area.


    Other recommendations are historical cities like Penang / Georgetown & Malacca.
    If u r interested, I will send more info of other states / islands to you.

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the rest of your stay in Malaysia. 😊

  3. Ooooo yeah love me some bursting ding tai fung! Looks like y'all ordered a huge selection of dumplings loved the video guys. Looks like more selection than the one we had in Sydney ✌

  4. Having to get moved to a larger table even when it is just two people…we know the feeling all to well! Haha

  5. We stayed up late waiting for your video and then woke up at 6:30am today and watched it, we were very happy to see you at the beginning but after we had to go get breakfast cause you made us starving hahaha

  6. Din Tai Fung here in Seattle…. Is just alright. I heard DTF is better in other locations tho. I love Xiao long bao 😍😍😋😋

  7. I totally understand you Naz! We always order a bit too much! Those soupy dumplings look GOOD. Shrimp shumai is one of our favorites! Need to try the custard dumplings. Was that dessert? We would also pay a fortune for that in Chicago.

  8. We were really surprised about the prices of food in Malaysia. The food court was great in pavillion Mall – we had some cheese naan and curry which was delicious too! Keep it up guys 👍

  9. The way you guys eat ..OMG..it's
    making me so hungry. That's exactly how those things should be eaten…mouthfuls. I seriously want the same..yummmm

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