Crazy Meat Lover’s Ramen! | WILD RAMEN in Waseda, Tokyo

Crazy Meat Lover’s Ramen! | WILD RAMEN in Waseda, Tokyo

What’s up everybody, I’m King-chan! An-chan, here! We’re here with Yummy Japan! Today he done brought me to TAKADANOBABA! Takadanobaba! (say that 3 times fast…) Today we’re going to try RAMEN! Ooo I like ramen! If you gaze in the distance you might see where we’re going today… There’s a huge kanji sign down there! “NIKU” actually means MEAT so you don’t have to worry about your protein today, my guy! A fun fact about this area: Waseda University is around here! So the portion of the restaurant caters to the college students So it’s bigger portions. Let’s head in. Let’s go!!! Let’s EAT!!! So today guys, this is what we’re ordering! Deluxe KARA-MISO Ramen! and it has SEVEN char siu pork pieces! But for King-chan, as a twist today, we’re going to get extra noodles! Make it tough on my guy

4 thoughts on “Crazy Meat Lover’s Ramen! | WILD RAMEN in Waseda, Tokyo

  1. That pork looked soooo good. Thanks for the heads up about the point-award program the restaurant had.

    There are female mear lovers as well. Y'all had me drooling.

  2. Jesus… watching this just goes to show how much editing can carry a video. Glad yummy is trying to revive a dead channel that only existed because the personalities that helped make it big

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