100 thoughts on “Coffee Shop – SNL

  1. The skit is hillarious they were funny as heck the purse the fake extensions o.g this is too much im laughing hysterically

  2. This is pretty much a less funny remake Chris Farley’s Colombian Coffee Crystals

    P.S. this is the link to Chris Farley’s one in the 90’s


  3. I love it? Living in a rv…i love it. Letting lady gray sit up front. I love it. Sleeping on the table. I love it. She is hysterical.

  4. Cecily Strong: "Babe what about the Batista? Is the Batista real?
    Batista theme plays
    Adam Driver: "Batista, are you even real?"


  5. Yeah the Terazanos sketch was funny but doing it again feels kinda lazy. I mean they even recycle some of the same jokes almost verbatim. I do like Driver's performance a little better than Gosling and Cecily's weird puke sound was funny. Also "you think this is a movie for Burger King?" Cracked me up.

  6. Adam’s hair watered my crops, cleared my skin, fixed my grades, cured my depression, and just made my fucking day brighter man.

  7. Why does Adam Driver show more acting range in every single sketch on SNL that he's been in than he ever does in any Star Wars movie as Kylo Ren?

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