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Check this out It’s Trevor James And today I’m in Leshan, deep Sichuan We’re going for a full on Chinese street food experience I came here to eat And I’m hungry This is Leshan Deep in Sichuan It’s a street food mecca It’s packed with unique specialties That you can’t find in other parts of China I came here to eat it all And enjoyed 8 unique Chinese street foods in this video Starting out bright and early I went to try a Chinese street breakfast With a steamed beef pocket The fenzhengrou is a steamed spicy beef It’s found all throughout Sichuan But here in Leshan they make it into a breakfast pocket It’s first steamed with chilies and rice powder And then they add a little pickled radish And some sliced potato Oh and some Sichuan pepper Look at that, that’s raw ground Sichuan peppercorn That’s going to be a great morning Oh it’s like a little pocket of glee She’s just going to plop it in there That is pickled radish and… It’s stuffed in a Chinese mo bread This is a Chinese Leshan breakfast sandwich I was not expecting that The bread is so soft And the fenzhengrou is really soft too There is that steamed rice meal on it Which has a nice super soft mouthfeel Spicy, it’s a little sweet That’s what is unique about this one I’ve never tried a fenzheng niurou like that before And next up, I went to try another specialty Chinese street food found in Leshan The hongtangbing It’s a dark brown sugar pastry Quickly crisped And then baked in a coal oven on the stressed That looks really good Careful Look at that fresh coal oven Look at that hot coal oven Oh, put it right in there You can smell that This is exciting Come to Leshan for food and you won’t be disappointed Oh that gooey brown sugar Oh wow Look at that, look on the inside It’s all brown sugar Oh it’s like a pocket of gooey brown sugar I gotta go in I gotta go right for the kill Oh you can taste that thick, super sweet brown sugar And this bread is really soft It’s like super soft, almost delicate like bread With that smoky aroma from the coal It’s dripping It’s oozing with ultra sweet sticky brown sugar And now we’re getting to the good stuff Next up is Leshan’s specialty own hand made steamed dumplings The shaomai, you can find shaomai in Cantonese cuisine too But here in Sichuan, the specialty is in the way they are wrapped Being pinched rather loosely So they almost look like a flower Pork and onions! So we got it all here Look at these beauties This is special shaomai from Leshan I had no idea you could come all the way to Sichuan to get Shaomai Just like in Hong Kong, but these have to be much different You have chili oil here They also give you pure MSG if you want To add to your chili oil, and salt But I know already I don’t need those I like the pure flavour So we’re just going to dip that Shaomai It’s not beautiful, but that’s what’s beautiful about it The skin on here, it’s almost papery So it has a really unique texture It’s kind of papery here, and soft here What’s really nice about this is the hongyou, the chili oil It tastes like homemade, smokey, and very xiang As they say in Chinese That’s what it’s all about This homemade hongyou chili oil It’s fresh with packed chili flavour Smoky and delicious In these nice, juicy, plump, papery shaomao A little later I passed by a shop serving blade sheared noodles right there on the street side And I couldn’t resist but to stop for a bowl of their beef noodle soup with bamboo shoots That red braised sauce is so spicy and flavourful To die for We have some classic daoxiao mian here Blade sheared noodles Right on the streetside in Leshan Honestly the street food scene here is off the hook That is what it’s all about Look at these beef blade sheared noodles Let’s try that That is – That is spectacular Take me to the next level noodles right here Look at how thick that hongshao sauce is It’s oily as well So it sticks on to the noodles And you get a mouth You get a mouthful of flavour that just coats every tastebud you have And after that came a spicy lunch feast of Boboji The special skewered cooked veg and chicken innards and organs They are soaked in a cold spiced oily soup With 2 special variations One is a clear peppercorn broth That is spicy and numbing And the other is infused with thousands of chilies So it’s spicy and fragrant You just take what you want And don’t use chopsticks And then they pass it on to the next customer So it’s all the chicken innards Chicken pieces Chicken feet Kidneys Organs Wings Everything And then there is a few vegetables here as well And I have a couple cute kids watching me here That is colourful It’s like christmas They have red and green fresh chilies In an ultra numbing Tengjiao oil Which is raw sichuan peppercorn oil Like green, right from the stalk And full of veg This is what it’s all about You gotta dip it in the numbing and cold and refreshing oil In Chinese they say Xiang which means fragrant But it really means that the flavour is bursting And infused into everything So your mouth just comes alive with every bite And that is what this is right here It’s more than fragrant It’s xiang And after exploring around the back alleys of Leshan I found a deep and dark stall Serving Leshan special sweet skinned duck A super succulent and flavourful duck That’s boiled in oil and covered in rock sugar water We’re going to have a special tianpiya, sweet skinned duck Look at this Look at that That’s what it’s all about The sweet skinned duck in Leshan That is really good That is ultra superior sweet skinned duck here And then for a pre dinner snack I came to try the famous Leshan tofu brain AKA doufunao It’s made with silken tofu, chili oil, preserved vegetables, peanuts, garlic and cilantro You can order it with steamed spicy beef as well So this is the Leshan doufunao, tofu brain They take a douhua which is like silken tofu They load it up with chilies and oil and spice And this is fenzhengrou This is what I had in that breakfast sandwich this morning Oh look at that, it looks spicy and crunchy And then they add hongshufen in there Which is sweet potato starch noodles So it’s a real mixture of textures and flavour in one bite That’s pretty salty That’s really salty You can taste that it’s like loaded with MSG Because it’s very flavourful And spicy as well It’s like an MSG spice bomb And for the final meal of the night I came to try the special qiaojiao beef soup You can order up any part of the cow you want So I went for the regular beef soup Plus a bowl of beef torpedo soup for your entertainment value Adding on a bowl of spicy and numbing pork blood too Oh it’s frozen cow torpedo Oh it’s all from nature, OK We have a full on feast here This is the beef torpedo soup Look at those big chunks of torpedo I can’t believe I’m going to eat this And then over here This is the qiaojiao niurou This is a Sichuan, Leshan specialty Right from this town Leshan It’s like in a rich beef stock And then over here This is like a pork blood This is called Maoxuewang This is pork blood in a hot chili oil Look at all that chili oil With fresh green onions on top Oh man, I can’t believe I’m doing this Dip it into the dried chili flakes And take a bite Oh that’s rubbery It’s just like the first time I had torpedo in Malaysia It’s rubbery It tastes like cartilage, or tendon, or tripe It doesn’t much flavour Let’s taste that It’s like nicely sliced soft beef In a really nutritious and hearty beef broth Let’s try that out Oh yea That is much better than the torpedo And the beef is so hearty This is pork blood in a really thick chili oil Look at all that chili oil We’re going to try that out Oh that is salty Oh, that is really salty Quite oily The pork blood is really soft It’s like a really light pudding It’s like a pork blood pudding So thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos It really means a lot to me Please click that thumbs up Leave me a comment and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already It means a lot to me I have a train to catch I’m heading back to Chengdu Thanks guys, it was a wonderful trip to Leshan

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