100 thoughts on “Buying Bird Electric Scooters on Wish…

  1. i'm going through a lot right now and took the last month off for mental health. videos coming regularly soon. take care of yourselves

  2. The gear made you look like a sped idk why you need all of that ur on a scooter i go motor bike riding with thongs footy shorts and not even a helmet but your like some safety freak

  3. He goes you hook it up to the throttle 😂 I love listening to people who don’t know shit about Motorcycles trying to play it off

  4. This was my first time here. I mean really, this dork who puts zero thought into the reviews has a gazillion subs. Crazy. Poor choice of music too

  5. Am I the only one that realized that he only liked the last one so much because what brand it is based off the black one is was better because all the options and speed

  6. GET THIS TO THE TOP do not wast your money on this I had 2 one broke in 2 days my 2 one keeps turning off full charge buy at your own Risk

  7. +TechSmartt the first scooter u got is a fake xiaomi m365 . On the rear fender there is 4 screws . On real one there is only 3 screws

  8. Hey Im 14 And I Want Something Electrical Or Something Fast That I Can Drive Around Town Or To School And I Don't Have A License( Because Im 14) And Im In Germany If That Helps. Pls Recommend Me Something.

  9. Xioami scooter 390 bucks on Amazon but let's go to Wish and pay 50 bucks more oh and let's read fake reviews on wish as well. Chinese garbage app.

  10. Hey guys It's me again, and you hablas español am trying to learn english with you guys and other Now I'm using de Google microphone That's why am writing english.. I am from Mexico City i you have Things that You Are Not using Send it to me to Mexico en Jesus Christ Gonna Give You more and more..

  11. If u look back at when he was ordering the jacket he put xL for the size insted of xxL which is what he said the size he needed to get, fast forward to when he puts it on and he says it's a lil tight🤣🤣

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