100 thoughts on “Budget or Luxury Hotel Review (GAME)

  1. Love the show, but I am NOT a fan of her. Tries too hard and squashes the chemistry. Also, she seems to push strong opinions of things she’s not educated in. You could tell Rhett and Link disagreed with her a couple times but went along for the sake of of the show.

  2. Check 4 syringes at the foot of your bed and lift up your bed to make sure there isn't crackheads under your bed waiting to bash your head in with a cinder block one time their were two guys under my bed and they hoped up and ran down the street when I lifted the bed up!

  3. I was definitely looking at that Bowery hotel a few days ago for our trip to NYC in June, I booked an Airbnb instead.

  4. Seriously YouTube. Fix trending. Every video these guys make is on trending. Ridiculous. Give other channels that have alot more views a chance.

  5. Lol everywhere with a continental breakfast has someone in charge of breakfast, they get all the hot stuff made, keep the dining area tidy, replace the food when it's empty, that sort of thing.

  6. My mom always brought cleaning products and our own sheets to hotels. When we go to our room, my sis and I helped her clean. I wondered why she'd insist on cleaning up when the hotel room was already "clean." Now as an adult I keep up the same practice. I don't travel a lot but when I do I don't trust any hotels no matter the star.

  7. After watching the funniest Joey Diaz interview. I had to come back here because I was laughing to hard. This channel is so unfunny

  8. Cheapest I payed for a hotel was at a super 8 in a tiny town of about 6k. Pretty clean,small room with just a queen bed, chair, coffee maker and small fridge. Payed about 65 for the night and it included breakfast and up to date fast wifi.

  9. My mom worked at a 5 star hotel for 15 years, and she told me that the bedbug fight was constant. People would bring them from home, they would spread, etc. They wouldn't shut down floors to deal with it, they would just quarantine the affected rooms, and call them "Steven Rooms" because that was the name of the pest control man, lol. She said before you put your stuff in the room, check under the mattress for bedbug poop.

  10. It's funny that you guys don't even think about the fact that some people TRAVELING don't speak or write perfect English.

  11. Public school kids just got roasted on this episode. (Aka I’m one sooo I got roasted hard but public school is just as nice as private in my opinion)

  12. “I’ll see if I can tie it up, I’m going with 5-star”
    “It’s a one star”
    “Mm, I’ve lost”
    I was cracking up

  13. Here I am, it is 23.00, sitting on the couch eating b&j and I'm giggling on my own about two grown men saying words like "teeny" and "slippery"

  14. Definitely that one review was a situation in which English was not the first language. I understood what they were trying to say

  15. I love how confident Emily has gotten over time. Also the “just a bunch of hillbillies trying to speak French” line was great.

  16. I lost a lot of respect for emily when she criticized someone for giving a bad review for not getting a deposit refund, and making fun of someone who probably didnt speak English as a first language.

  17. You read my mind! I was thinking about Dexter when you were talking about Miami and then I was shocked when you actually mentioned it.

  18. She reminds me of that actor from wizards of waverly place. the one who hosts the tea party and works at the frozen yogurt place

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