Brunei’s Luxury 7 Star Hotel

Brunei’s Luxury 7 Star Hotel

Hey guys! It’s a gorgeous day in Brunei and right now
I’m outside the Empire Hotel. This hotel has 6 stars — sometimes 7 stars
depending on who you ask. But either way, we wanted to come and check it out and see why it has so many stars. We just walked inside the front doors
and in the lobby is this huge chandelier, which really catches your eye. And I’ve heard estimates that it cost
up to a million dollars so I figure that’s worth at least one star
and we’re only in the lobby. When you walk past the chandelier,
straight ahead you see the water and the beach and it opens up into this vast area. I hesitate to call it a room
because I see six storeys right now. And it’s all marble and I’ve heard
it’s flecked with real gold. How’s the view from the escalator? It’s nice. You can see all… It’s doing all the work for me. You can see all the storeys from here. Yeah there’s so many. I feel like we’re in an MC Escher drawing. Three escalators to get up the lobby. Yeah. At least you don’t have to take the stairs. Quite the walk-out basement. This place is massive. They’ve got their own cinemas and the Empire Theatre. Restaurant… All of these buildings and then down here is the Golf & Country Club. Apparently the golf course here is world class. It was designed by the legendary golfer, for those who know golf,
which is not me by the way, Jack Nicklaus. Not to be confused with Oscar-winner Jack Nicholson
who’s a little more in my personal wheelhouse. But this golf course was named the best one
in Asia-Pacific by Asian Golfers Monthly Magazine so it’s a great golf course if you love to golf. And what I find really interesting is that, of course,
you know they have all sorts of rooms and suites and the largest suite here
is the size of a football field. It has it’s own pool and apparently
the carpet has flecks of real gold. And two of the most famous guests in that suite
were Pamela Anderson and Bill Clinton. Not…not together. I see a beach! So do I. And I also see a swimming pool that looks so nice. One observation I have is that
the swimming pool at the back of the hotel seems to stretch forever all the way around the back. And then it seems to blend right in
with the South China Sea. Pretty nice little beachfront spot here, eh? Oh! It’s so beautiful. I just love how there’s so much beachfront here. Like when I walked in the front, I had no idea that it would
open up so much at the back here. It’s just…it’s beautiful. And there’s lots of shade
so it doesn’t feel too hot, you know? We’ve just come across what I think
is my favourite part actually so far. Me too. It’s kind of away from the manicured pool area. Just this rocky part with gravel
that juts out into the…into the water. It’s really peaceful and there’s nobody else here. It’s relaxing. Shall we hitch a ride on one of these
golf carts as they pass by? Oh! For the breeze alone. Let’s do it. It’s hot! That would be so nice. It’s taken some time to walk around this Empire Hotel. I can see why it has 800 employees
and took 6 years to build. This place is very big. But it’s been really fun. I hope that you guys enjoyed walking around too. What do you think of this 6-star hotel? Does it look like what you thought it would? How many stars would you give the Empire Hotel? If you like this video, don’t forget to like it,
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and we’ll see you in our next video. Bye!

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  1. whatttt. you are in Brunei right now???? welcome to Brunei. visit Pasar Malam after 6p.m more foods for you. go to Jangsak Foodcourts also have delicious foods for you. 💪

  2. 🇧🇳Check out our other BRUNEI videos here:! SUBSCRIBE for more travel adventures: 👉Is this hotel how you imagine a 7 star luxury hotel? Tell me one of your favourite places you've ever stayed…👇

  3. Places you should visit while you in Brunei.
    1. Pasar Malam Gadong after 6p.m you can go there.(MANY DELICIOUS FOODS. GET READY YOUR WALLET)
    2. The Sultan Palace,only can visit outside the gate.
    3. Tamu Salera Seafood foodcourt Bandar,many restaurant. try the Ayam Penyet.. ehh wait,you cant stand spicy food. ok ok you just try the seafood.
    4. The Mall Gadong also got restaurants. you will be the judge. The mall gadong is close to the Pasar Malam.
    5. Jong Batu Kampong Ayer
    Bandar Seri Begawan,historical place.. There is a history about it. a Sinking ship in a River. a mini titanic. But the history about it,its all true how that ship became stone and all the crews. You need a watertaxi to go there. NEVER try to put your hands in the water. many crocodiles. Carefull.
    6. Bandar Seri Begawan Mosque and Ecoridor Park.

    enjoy your staying. 👍 have fun.

  4. Fabulous resort hotel! Love the drone shots – especially the last one! Very clever. Yes I'd like to stay there if I ever get to Brunei. Will start saving up! ha, ha.

  5. Hi Eileen!Have you visited the state Sarawak or Sabah?If you visit Sarawak,you should visit the town of Miri or my village Annah Rais in the Padawan district of Kuching. It is a wonderful experience to be there.😄.Hope you choose it as your next visit!I almost forgot when you visit Sabah,I recommend you to go to the beautiful islands of Manukan or Sipadan or the night market. It has different varieties malls too!

  6. What a place.  It's great.  Honestly I have no idea what a 7 star hotel should be like but this one is really "spacious".  I do appreciate is you and Marc.  You are both 7 star people and travelers.  What a great series and I am sure that you are having a great time.  Once again thank you for the great amount of time you spent editing this video.  It is another great one.  Notice how many times I said, "great"?  Did your room have a ocean view or did you get the parking-lot view?  I think it's funny that Marc brings his stuffed shark when he travels.

  7. nice drone shot.. perhaps the best one so far?? thank you for coming to Brunei.. Bill Clinton and Pamela Anderson.. not together.. lol!

  8. I looked the hotel up and one night is only €190 p/p? Don't get me wrong….€190 for one night is still very very expensive for me, but for a 6 * hotel that is peanuts.
    Thank you for this amazing video!

  9. Thank you fore coming im so proud that my country is on you tube!!!! 😁💖

    Edit:OMG thank you for like my comment….. 😁😁💖

  10. I'm from arakan occupied Myanmar (Burma) I have been Brunei Darussalam 1 year but I still staying in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia . I love Brunei. Nice video dear .

  11. Wow! I watched this video on a 27” monitor…… It’s like seeing it in a movie theatre! You gave this incredible hotel a Personality….BIG and BEAUTIFUL!!
    LOVED the drone visuals! This place has a stunning vibe! Why does anywhere deserve SEVEN STARS?…….Well….Watch this video!
    I so admired the savvy style of this destination hotel. ….An incredible look at a fabulous property. Brunei wasn’t on my MUST VISIT list…But..It is now!

  12. whats great about brunei is, everywhere is near. tq for showcasing brunei to the world, beautifully, in this n other videos. u should be knighted 😁

  13. Saying as a Bruneian, the opulent decoration makes it look like it's on the same level as Burj Al Arab but it's actually just a decent 5 star resort. A simple Google search will reveal that the room rates are quite 'affordable' or even cheap for its standard. Of course there's that elusive presidential suite but otherwise there're plenty of normal-size hotel rooms. It's still a beautiful place though.

  14. I enjoyed watching all your videos in Brunei. I'm glad that you enjoyed your stay. And YES! you don't get to come to Brunei and visit the Istana Nurul Iman that often. IThank you for the correct representation of our country.

  15. Whilst I'm very happy for you both to travel and enjoy your life. This hotel was a huge disappointment for me personally. Just like an airport, tacky, unpleasant beach and frankly quite boring. Enjoy your trip guys!

  16. Missing one place the empire villa. Check it out. It's the greatest. A house servitor is stationed at the Villa until you check out. Best of all, there is a group household keepers by your commands.

  17. It awesome thank you for sharing your beautiful video this place is very good clean place thank you for sharing your beautiful video thanks

  18. I've been there 4 times, honestly the resort is really2 huge and the place is really beautiful ❤️soo unexpected . I had so much fun during my holiday and I would definitely want to make a visit again next time.

  19. I’m Melbourne-born, and have been going to Brunei for the last 10 years. I’ve stayed at the Empire a few times. Great place for couples and families. It’s so peaceful and you truly do have your own privacy. Room prices are around $300 AUD a night, 2 beds, a balcony, a beautiful spacious bathroom…

  20. Very impressive! I believe this would at least be a four star hotel even by European standards, possibly even a five star hotel.

  21. Stayed there and it's not really 7-star at all. You have to pay extra to use many of the facilities, such as Cinema and sports areas, despite having a top end room/suite. Nice decor which is worth millions, but breakfast was not much better than 4-stars i have stayed at in Asia. It is a nice property though to go for walks but remember to bring your own bottle, if you like a drink. As no alcohol on property unless its brought in for personal use which is allowed.

  22. We stayed there about 7 years ago in a club room suite. It is very beautiful and overall, one of the more romantic places we have stayed. The club lounge was wonderful and we have had the best breakfasts there that we have ever had, what a fantastic chef. Afternoon tea was excellent with individual tiered serving dishes. They were so kind to give us more. Then evening canapes were delicious with something completely different every night. We had Russian blinis one night. So memorable.

    Unfortunately, the Hotel room was showing a fair amount of wear and tear and this is why the star rating went down. It was no longer considered a six star Hotel.

    You cannot get alcohol in Brunei and they do not serve it at this Hotel, anywhere. It is possible to bring your own but you are only able to drink it in your room.

  23. Remind me about those days. My 1st business trip visit we stayed here, the hotel really superb!! Our team really love this place!!

  24. My favorite Hotel so far, been stayed there twice, I love everything there especially the quiet beach… The foods are also awesome

  25. That hotel, beach is indeed superb beautiful!
    I wonder though what are other activities guests can enjoy especially if there are kids or for whole family. What are dining options too? Thanks for showing us around ❤️

  26. It's really beautiful and very big. Maintaining such a structure can be very costly due to its huge nature. It's indeed a A 7Star hotel

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