1. Y'all killed it; I think it'd be really funny if y'all took this incredible knowledge you have and mucked it all up in a Japanese-themed Pass It On

  2. I think you're living your dream in Tokyo. You should come to Croatia and try our Specialties such as Kulen, Sarma, Kobasica, and Rakija. 😊😊

  3. Come to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Try our beer, seafood (especially mussels, digby scallops, lobster), donairs, garlic fingers and poutine! We are welcoming and awesome and we'd love to have you here!

  4. Loved the care and efforts you guys took to understand Japanese food and culture. It's not easy to go into a different country and serve locals a take on their own food and you guys did it really well! Would love to see a less chefy can-try-at-home version of these recipes on Sorted!

  5. Way to go Sorted team or as James would say ´´that was PROBABLY ONE OF the best challenges you have ever done…´´👨🏻‍🍳

  6. Guys, you need to come to Singapore and do a South East Asian tour, and explain what the food is supposed to taste like. Case in point : there's no such thing as Singapore noodles.

  7. I only just started watching your channel about 6 months ago and I love everything you put out. The videos are brilliant, funny and (for me at least) educational. In the short time since I became hooked to Sorted, I have never cooked so much or had the confidence to try new things. They don't always work but me and my good lady have a great laugh anyway. Keep up the good work guys.

  8. you should do a London pop-up with the food you cooked in Japan! i am sure you would get many people who would love to try those dishes!

  9. I'd like to see more in a Sorted popup restaurant series. I know in the past you've had ultimate battles for the places you've visited, but it's fun seeing the whole gang partake. Heck a popup restaurant series could gain a lot of subscribers for the channel and get revenue for the restaurant. It'd be a risk though.

  10. This video was an exercise in delayed gratification for me.
    I've been anticipating this for days but when the notification popped up early this morning (in my time zone) I did not click right away. Oh no, instead I ran errands, did several loads of laundry, popped over to my dad's place to fix lunch so he doesn't subsist on junk food, and then finally sat down to view this repeatedly. Such a sweet reward!

  11. While I enjoyed the shenanigans of the group leading up to the meal, I was impressed at the level of respect you all showed to the details that are important to Japanese diners; you met them on their terms, and that's something generally lacking in today's world.

  12. I'm so proud of you guys! You've really moved up in the world of both skills and understanding, and it's so AMAZING to see! 😀

  13. I bet the Japanese were having a blast with their pronunciation. One thing is certain: they will not only be tolerant, but they will like it that the guys went to the trouble of trying to speak the basic courtesy words with them.
    On the other hand, the Japanese would NEVER just walk out because the dishes are bad. And they might even eat all of them just to be courteous. But the afterdinner comments proved they really managed to do an outstanding job.

  14. Maybe you do a Pass it on with ingredients that you've learned about from other cultures My eight year old requests more gadget videos. Have a great day everyone.

  15. I have been waiting for this video since the first episode, and I absolutely loved the series! Great job guys! I got really teary-eyed at the end when you sat there relieved celebrating the amazing job you had done. ❤️

  16. You should make the Nova Scotian donairs. But you have to make sure you learn from Nova Scotia. Other places in Canada arent so good from what my family says. But donairs are simple, the sauce is delicious, and for me, 1000000 times better than gyros. But then again, I don't like gyros.

  17. The Japanese will never be confrontational, so they wouldn't complain about something. Especially with a camera pointed at them.

  18. I would love to see Prague, Budapest, or some parts of central Europe with the national liquors and spices. Nothing like a family style serving platter of meat, veg, stew like goodness, and a big old beer. 🙂

  19. I really miss your first video. The very first one, where you just were a bunch of friends getting together, cooking, having fun and trying to teach idiots like me to cook at home. I don't know what this channel is now, but pompous and pretentious come to mind.

  20. I was in japan last summer for 3 weeks, so actually got into the habit of the phrases, so when they started saying the phrases, especially the thank you (arrigato gosaimasu) at the end my brain immediately followed through🤣 says how much just 3 weeks of immersing yourself into culture does~

  21. Remarkable. Japanese chefs often train for up to 10 years before they would attempt something like this. Food is truly a universal language between cultures.

  22. breathes a sigh of relief you guys actually did it, I'm proud.
    Also… why'd you change from 'group of mates/friends' to 'group of foodies'? I'm ok with most of the changes that are being made, but that kind of sounds like the friendship has disappeared lol. Sure hope that's not the case.

  23. Come to Austin Texas! Learn barbeque, Tex-Mex and true breakfast tacos. Come for SXSW and get to know live music and movie premeires. We'd love to have you.

  24. Congratulations, guys! "The Japanese food tasted Japanese" and "you made better Dashi than we could"… "Fusion that was actually elevating both"… What fantastic feedback! (And I think that first one was the highest praise you could get from someone Japanese, probably!)

  25. As for what food I think you did the best on… well, I love Salmon, and I love Shrimp… and not being there to taste any of it, I have to say the Shrimp and tempura batter dish looked the most appetizing to me (everything did, but the shrimp the ABSOLUTE most… Like I wish I could reach my hand in through the screen and pull it out to eat it.). Absolutely beautiful. Plus the idea of that ketchup on the shrimp sounded delicious, too.

  26. I cant watch food shows with food myself so I'm watching you guys make amazing food while wrapping parmesan cheese in spinach leaves and dipping them in ranch dressing. I'm fancy af today

  27. I've been waiting for this. Commenting before I've watched it.
    One of the best channels on here, definitely the best food channel. I've even learned to love Jamie!

  28. Oh my goodness, I’m watching the feedback from the diners and I’m SO proud of you Sorted guys! You really nailed it!

    I admire the respect that you showed by putting in the work to properly understand Japanese food and Sake pairings. And that work paid off. Well done, all of you. ❤️

  29. I know that's not what this was about but after I watched this video I would love to see another one where you introduce people from different cultures to British food the never tasted, so "the best Britain has to offer" instead of making food "out of your comfort zone" for people that eat dishes like that almost on the weekly or monthly basis if not more often.

  30. the entire japan episodes are awesome and a little bit emotional. I'm so proud of you guys for kicking ass in the challenge. and thank you mike for arranging the trip as it is!

  31. Awww Jamie, you are too adorable with all your mischief! Great series of vids, boys. Really amazing how much respect, time and education went into these, culminating in an incredible dining experience.

  32. I'll be honest with you Mike…. Janice absolutely should have done the "previously on sorted" I'm a scrap dissapointed…. BAKA!!!🤣🤣❤

  33. This is actually unrelated to the food (though everything looked fantastic) but does anyone know what flowers were used on the salmon dish? I'd like to grow some of those.

  34. Why is Sorted so interested in Sake? Most people in Japan drink either beer or shochu (younger people) while older (men) drink whiskey.

    In fact, sake is being marketed to China, due to hardly anyone drinking it in Japan:

    – https://japantoday.com/category/business/focus-japanese-sake-pours-into-china-amid-shrinking-consumption-back-home

  35. Yeah I think you guys did a great job. It would have been great to see you travelling about and showcasing more dishes, but as it stand this was still very entertaining.

  36. You guys!! This seriously is super awesome! Sitting here hoping someday we can visit a Sorted Pub. Feel a weird sort of proud watching you accomplish this. Y’all are awesome!

  37. Reaction before starting the video: I'm scared.

    Reaction in the middle: JAMES HOW DARE YOU!

    A few seconds later: Christ, help me.

    After: Well done boys…you've given me hope.

  38. Safe to say the salmon was my favourite.
    I am so proud of you all.
    Solid dad joke Spafford.
    France next? No pressure, mwahaha
    Anyone else get a bit emotional, when the Japanese diners were giving their reactions?

  39. I enjoyed the 3 video format. I got really invested into this and I'm stunned not just that you pulled it off but by how much. You absolutely smashed that.

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