Brit guests ‘locked in Tunisian hotel by armed guards’ in Thomas Cook pay row – The News

Brit guests ‘locked in Tunisian hotel by armed guards’ in Thomas Cook pay row – The News

 Terrified British Thomas Cook guests have been locked in a Tunisian hotel by armed guards  Hotel bosses at Les Orangers in the North African country are said to be holding people captive over unpaid bills from ailing travel firm Thomas Cook  Guests are claiming they are being imprisoned at the resort – and staff are preventing people leaving for their flights  They are also claims that exits are being barricaded and tourists are being charged large fees – despite already having paid for their holiday  Thomas Cook – the world’s oldest travel firm – is in talks with the Government and potential investors about a last-minute rescue deal to fend off a collapse that would leave an estimated 160,000 UK holidaymakers stranded abroad  Ryan Farmer, who was staying at the Les Orangers Hotel in Tunisia, told BBC Radio 5: “It started at around 4pm there an announcement to call the people who are leaving today to go to the reception to pay this additional fee, obviously with this situation with Thomas Cook  “They told a lady, who is over 80, to pay over £2,000 and she had just come out of hospital She had a fall over here.”  When asked why they were being made to pay again, Mr Farmer added: “Thomas Cook didn’t explain anything at all  “Guests who are leaving today and tomorrow are getting the extra bill slipped under the door    “And obviously they are concerned and they come down and ask why and they are just being told to pay  “The Thomas Cook rep is here as well and we are all trying to sort things out with the hotel but they are just not interested  “From what we gathered, it has to do with the owner of the hotel. The owner and the staff locked the door, they don’t let anybody out and don’t let any coaches in until they are paid ”  Another guest Jonathan Fielding tweeted: “Currently on holiday at Les Orangers in Tunisia    “Thomas Cook not paid hotel, the hotel duped an elderly lady into repaying her hotel bill – over £2 5k, and then barricaded the exits preventing those due to leave for flight this evening, physically preventing when they tried ”  Planes are waiting to fly Britons home in an airlift that would cost £600million and be the biggest ever UK peacetime repatriation if the airline goes bust  Mr Farmer added: “We have been up to the gates and there are four security guards holding the gates closed and they’re not allowing anybody leave  “It frustrated for the people who are trying to get out and trying to get home.  “I am not leaving until Tuesday so it’s a little bit different for us We are just a little concerned ‘are we gonna get out?’ ‘do we have to move another hotel?’    “The guards don’t say anything, just holding the gates  “There’s a gentleman from Ireland trying to talk to them and say ‘look we wanna go home, can you let us out?’  “They [the guards] just look at him and laugh and continue to hold the gates shut  They make no comments at all.”  He added that the hotel had turned off the WiFi and they couldn’t communicate out  Another guest David Astbury wrote on Facebook that the hotel would not accept electronic cash payment and ‘a group of men arrived delivering a huge amount of cash’  He explained: “All sorts going on – no official information at all.  “But a group of men arrived delivering a huge amount of cash – and the hotel would not accept electronic cash payment – and the people due to leave tonight were then permitted to leave the hotel  “The money was presumably from Thomas Cook. The same drama may start up again tomorrow, but for now it’s over ”  Les Orangers, situated in Hammamet, is described as: “Offering a seasonal outdoor pool and a private beach area Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online  “Enjoy a cup of tea while looking out at the sea or garden The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom equipped with a bath. For your comfort, you will find bathrobes and slippers  “The hotel has an indoor pool, a barbecue, children’s playground and sun terrace Free WiFi is featured throughout the property and free private parking is available on site  “Guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar.  “There is a 24-hour front desk, babysitting service, room service and gift shop at the property ”

8 thoughts on “Brit guests ‘locked in Tunisian hotel by armed guards’ in Thomas Cook pay row – The News

  1. I vacationed there as well as at another resort Quite few years ago and can honestly say that I could not be paid to take another holiday in Tunisia as it has turned into one of the most tourist harassment hot spots on the planet. Even the hotel security were part of this operation by arranging the worst taxis to take you to the worst shops where you would be met by the worst locals.

  2. Tbh this is something that may just start an army intervention….this hotel has basically just ensured that tourists from the UK and other affected nationalities don't visit their resort ever again, once they started though they realised their mistake and are now trying to get enough cash out of it to ride into the sunset with. It's sickening that you would hold people against their will and exploit them. This hotel's management are criminals through and through.

  3. Why do people visit Africa and complain
    Go to other destinations then…
    You only like Africa as it’s cheap currency???
    Now put your money down and pay what you owe 👎😆

  4. A belgian couple got also in this hotel. They also travel with Thomas cook they arrived there and the staff told them to pay 3300 euro. If not they had to leave and sleep in a dirthy hotel.

  5. Just when people were starting to return to Tunisia, so well done, that's your tourist industry fucked, my advice is keep away from third world countries there's a big world out there without visiting these dirty and dangerous shit holes.

  6. Thomas Cook owes Tunisian hotels millions euros. If tourism which is a very important sector falls down because of a bankrupt company, the Tunisian hotels are not guilty of trying to protect themselves by all means. Anyways, I am sure that the British government will pay the amount but it's not 100% sure.

  7. I kept reading negative comments about tourism in Tunisia and how ALL THE SOJOURNS turned out to be a NIGHTMARE… WELL dear Brits go elsewhere, pay more elsewhere AND please Pay MORE.. AND STOP COMING TO Africa if it doesn't stand up to your standards. Gosh, millions of people come to Tunisia every year and they enjoy their time there and spend memorable vacations… So when this case happened and again this is not the Tunisians fault you change view 360 degree???? Aren't here people who went there and liked the country??? How pathetic indeed

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