Bodyweight Back Workout (NO PULLUP BAR!)

Bodyweight Back Workout (NO PULLUP BAR!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Another bodyweight Wednesday workout video
for you here. This time, covering the back. An area that a lot of guys say “Hey! How the
hell do you cover that if I don’t have a pullup bar?” I would recommend you get a pullup
bar. They’re not that much money and they are very,
very versatile an allow you to do a whole lot of other things. But at ATHLEAN0 we say
“You don’t need anything!” you don’t need bars, bench, bands, pullup bars; nothing.
We can get you a workout. Today I’m going to show you how to get your
upper, your mid, and your lower back. All these areas that you need to hit if you want
complete low back development, okay? So, first of all, upper back. Get on the floor, put your elbows on the ground
like I’m showing you here. This is a back widow. Make sure you use this in our ATHLEAN0
program. You drive your elbows into the ground. You can keep your feet flat on the floor and
what you’re doing is you’re driving the lift of your torso, your upper back, off the ground
via the elbows. Don’t push through your feet, they’re just
there for support if needed, but you really want to be able to push through the upper
back. That’s how you’re going to engage the rhomboids, that’s how you’re going to engage
the traps, that’s how you’re going to engage your posterior delts to try to get you up
and off the ground. The key here is to hold each repetition, try
to stick it, hold the contraction, and make sure that you got up there because of the
back and not because of momentum. Next we move on to the lats, more of the mid-back,
or the meaty area of our back. Yes, we can work this, too. Especially if
we have nothing to use because what we have to do – as I always tell you – look around.
Look at your surroundings. Utilize some creativity and you can get the job done. So here I’ve
broken out a pair of pans on a slick floor. I have to say, this ain’t all that slick. This is concrete. I can do it, though. A little
more friction, but it’s going to make it a little tougher than if you had a hardwood
floor, or linoleum floor, or something like that. The idea is that you get yourself all
the way to this fully outstretched position. I have my feet all the way back behind me,
I have my arms all the way out straight in front of me and what I do is, I initiate this
complete, total body pull down, or pull over, or drag, all the way up to the top position.
Then I lower myself back down. You can see that this very much mimics a pullover or at
least a straight arm pull down. You know I’m one of the biggest fans of that
exercise. To make it more difficult go all the way back up onto your toes at the end.
So you’re basically in a pushup position, to then pull yourself out of. If you want
you can actually drag your whole shin against the ground until you’re up to the point where
you can then pull the rest of your body up. So you can unweight some of your body by allowing
your knees and shins to touch the ground. Finally, sort of a combo exercise. I think
one of the most important things for you to do when you’re training your lower back is
to train it with the muscles it prefers to work with. So it likes to get some help from the gluts,
and it’s also going to like to get some help from above from the lats that obviously tie
into your low back. So you can do that with this variation of, basically, a Superman. We’re going to do it with our arms behind
our body though and you can see very subtly that I’m actually rotating my shoulders back
with each repetition. So I’m even trying to get a little bit of external rotation to get
the back here, and our rotator cuff involved. So I’m actually getting a little external
rotation and obviously the squeeze of the lats and then of course, the gluts and low
back working together too. Here, the important thing is how long you hold it for. Try to
hold it, or stick that contraction again for two to three seconds so that you can make
sure that the muscles you want are doing the job and not just momentum. So guys, as you can see, bodyweight doesn’t
only mean you have no options. As a matter of fact, some of these exercises – like
the second one in particular – are so damn hard that you might have to dial them back. So that doesn’t mean you have to compromise
on the difficulty of the exercise and therefore the results that you can get from doing them
if you’re stuck at home using bodyweight only. If you use a little bit of creativity like
I said, and you understand the concept of overload you can get the job done. If you want help with that I’ve got a complete
six week program where we build in exercise. Bodyweight exercises using nothing, no bars,
no bands, no benches; nothing. It’s for your biceps as well as your back – the challenging
areas that people think you can never hit – we cover it all. It’s our ATHLEAN0 program. You can get that over at In
the meantime, if you’ve found this video helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs
up below and let me know what else you want to see here and I will do my best to cover
it in the weeks ahead. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here again

100 thoughts on “Bodyweight Back Workout (NO PULLUP BAR!)

  1. I’m a beginner and I tried the first exercise but I couldn’t get off the floor. Is there something I’m missing about the exercise? (I’ve watched the demonstration a few times already). Should I just keep trying or do you think I’m doing it wrong? Also I couldn’t do the second as I couldn’t get off the floor. I’ve been in bed for almost a year and have no training. Is this just not right for my fitness level?

  2. How many reps each would you suggest i start with? Im recovering from a shoulder luxation doing the shoulder instability derby, ive gotten green light to start fitness again, but i cant fully extend yet

  3. Absolutely fucking genius. Been training over ten years finding weird ways of getting workouts while on holiday with no equipment etc, never in my life would I have thought of this and you can really feel it working!

  4. I have done a 'similar' movement to Exercise #1 by using a couple of chairs, or bar stools, and a broom…
    Place the chairs on either side, with the broom handle across them… "Plank' my entire body, down to my heels, and do 'pull-ups' with the broom handle… I can change the width of my grip, and/or the angle of my arms (by moving the placement of my feet) to 'focus' on different sectors of my upper back. Sometimes, I even put my feet flat on the floor, and bend my legs at the knees, so my body is somewhat level, or even add some weight, such as a few heavy books or whatever I can find around the house. But with my full body off the floor the entire time of the exercise, it keeps those muscles under tension from start to finish. And it is still 'no equipment' other than household items.
    I have even done it in a hotel room, between the 2 beds, with the ironing board from the closet!
    I haven't done it before, but you COULD do #2 with the same set-up! Put a towel, or anything that can slide on the floor, under your toes, and go from straight arms to the Up Position, and back down to straight arms… That brings in much more of the Front of the body as well… but still a Great, and Challenging, exercise for overall upper-body conditioning. And, again, changing the grip width will change some of the 'focus' on different sectors of the involved muscles. In hotel room, it could be as simple as placing a chair outside of the bathroom door, and your feet on a towel on the tile floor of the bathroom, and moving as far up and down as the space will allow.
    Just a couple of 'suggestions' for those who travel and can't carry along 'equipment'…

  5. Hey so I was looking at your posture correction in 4 moves video, but I don't have a cable machine at home and I don't belong to a gym. Could some of these stand in for the cable machine exercises?

  6. You just made my week. I've been trying to figure out ways to work the back without a bar or bells. All my gear is in storage so this was really helpful. Thanks so much!

  7. Yeah the second exercise is quite tough I cant come back up, but I love it, it's a new move and a challenge thanks jeff

  8. This has been a super helpful video. I travel for work and most hotels don’t have the greatest fitness centers. Thank you! Are you right-handed?

  9. Jeff never fails to show me just how unfit i am 😂😂 feel like im getting a nice body going and then i try some of his workouts. nope

  10. The back widow – I press the elbows as hard as I can towards the floor to push my body up fast and the squeeze on top for a moment and come down as slow as possible. What if I don't come all the way down but lower to an inche off the ground and lift myself fast up again? Am I doing this right? I feel this in my abdominal region in addition to the upper back.

  11. Older video maybe no reply but what if all you have is carpet floor? I want to make my back stronger so i can stop getting back pains all the time from random stupid everyday movements.

  12. How should those "elbows ups" performed? Is it up – hold(1-2 s) – down, repeart for 80-90% of your max rep range? Or should it be just up and hold as long as you can?

  13. I couldn't go to the gym today bc of work. But I do have an hour before that. So I looked if Jeff had some wo for the back at home just to do some shit…and he does… this guys is amazing.

  14. Dude, you literally have a video on every damn subject I look up. Your always there!! Insane how much content you've got out there. Vids help a ton. Thankyou.

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