100 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Little Lilly Shows She’s Tough | A&E

  1. Great america…just leave this actual flower petal to be slaughtered by the wolves…I mean look at her. Wtf are they thinking?

  2. There should be something in place for people who are of that stature to be accompanied by another officer. She wants to do the job and she likes it which is great but at least be safe. I can see that some of the inmates wont let her get touched tho. They would probably cut for her. I know I would if I was an inmate.

  3. do they not realize how fast someone can harm another person?! I get that she’s capable but they are capable of being violent. that is why some of them are there. Jesus just have one other person with her at least!

  4. This has nothing to do with her being short and a woman. Even a 6-foot man should not be doing pat-downs by himself. Its dangerous regardless

  5. I'm sorry but that's dangerous, sending her in there with a room full of 200 pound guys, she is lucky they are just being nice inmates. Just to prove small people can do big people things is irresponsible

  6. Did anyone spot the DOG???
    3:52 the guy has a dog!!
    Wonder if it is one of the training programs for inmates to get their trainer certificate and for dogs to be trained to become available for adoption.
    Edit: it is! Southern new mexico P.A.W.S.

  7. She seems all soft but all the bullying has got her holding a lot of anger inside. I really want someone to test her because I bet another side of her would come out

  8. These people in jail are smart enough to make weapons out of whatever they can get their hands on so why don’t they use that smartness for something good

  9. If anything bad ever happens, let us shed as many tears for the little Lilly as we do for the thousands of male correction officers who are injured by inmates every year. Let us avoid being lead to believe that men who by their own acts have proven that they cannot conform to social norms will somehow embrace the ideal that 5 foot 100 something pound Lilly is Equal to 6 foot 300 pound Jim.

    Think about how many little girl's dream it is to be a correction officer when she grows up. Hey Lilly, Disney wants to make a movie and will pay you $10 million dollars. After the movie will you return to the job you only took because it pays well and you got bills. Slaps A&E from its delusion.

  10. Not saying a woman can't do the job but don't think she should.. one guy could easily snatch her up and do whatever.. she can't be that strong.. I don't think women should work with men..

  11. This is BS. There's no way they would put her in a section alone with violent criminals. This is a puff piece. Shame on A&E and the prison for trying to sell us on this.

  12. She needs to have another officer with her… in episodes of "Beyond Scared Straight" they talk about how it can take about 5-15 minutes for an officer to respond to help if a prisoner gets hurt or attacked… She's really small and obviously isn't as muscular as these men. She's also a female, and we obviously know that women have less muscle than men on average. If she were to get attacked, and they take her walkie-talkie or whatever system they use for communication, who knows what'll happen to her if they pin her down or something like that…

  13. She is not tough enough on them, they will make her feel safe like she has control but in reality she doesn’t. That girls gonna get hurt and bad

  14. Little female doing that doesn't prove she is tough . It proves she is convinced that nobody will hurt her and if somebody tried there would be help to save her before it was to late. Fatal thought processes. But whatever.

  15. There are some jobs that only men should be doing, and this is one of them. Of course, they want to present the myth that women are "equal" and should be present anywhere men are. The cuckening of 'society' has commenced. Meanwhile, another man with boob implants and lipstick breaks another "women's athletic world record". LOL

  16. Only thing keeping her from getting (you know what) is the fact they might have backup respond with bullets…….just saying this system they have is ignorant bs

  17. I really hate to see situations like this. A 5'0" tall, 100 pound girl, is going to get extremely hurt in this environment. They could all riot and hold the doors closed while somoene rapes her and kills her. They could do it very fast. She's too nice of a girl to work with these pieces of garbage.

  18. Are these guys in jail for parking and jaywalking infractions? I can't see this little lady controlling any other type of inmates.

  19. I hate all the comments saying oh she’s so cute and she shouldn’t be doing this HOL UP there’s no grown woman to cute to do a job she signed herself up for and she knew what she was in for but woman enough to take it on, don’t demean her. Women can do it all AND more.

  20. That's one really brave female but she needs to not take that smile to work it's far to pretty and very very inviting other then that she's gotta alot of work ahead of her dam 4 ft 9 how did she even get that job. That's like riot hostage just waiting to happen.

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