81 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Inmate Jumped by Rival Gang (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Im east indian is it possible for me to join one of those mexicans gangs ? "Comment Social Experiment" not really trying to join a gang i happily drive 🚕 for a living

  2. Guys, I can’t knock the kid too bad. The look and feeling lost is what happens I know I had the look while I was in bootcamp but, once you get the hang of things the look wears off.

  3. i can think for myself and not be a sheeple talking about Chaz. he is one of you, slower.

    anyways, its cool to see a son and father respect each other. sorry to say something positive.

  4. Chaz needs to do some homework and memorize the layout of the land. I don't think having Father and Son working in the same facility on the same shift as a good thing. At least not during training.

  5. Well, there's no flies on Chaz is there – more like f'ing blue bottles. Jeez, that guy should not be working there. He's so laid back, he's horizontal.

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