Bartenders Reveal Secrets About Bars

Bartenders Reveal Secrets About Bars

– Don’t have sex in bars. Just drink, have fun, and go home. (upbeat instrumental music) – The best way to get a
drink or shot for free is be someone who comes
in often and tips us well. If you treat us well, we treat you well, it’s really that simple. – Be a big tipper. I always remember people that tip big and I always get ’em a
shot or buy ’em a drink. Learn the bartender’s names. Like, get to know them
when it’s not super busy. – Make a connection. We’re more likely to
share a drink with them. The worst way to get a free
drink is to ask for one. – By the way, I can give you other stuff for free other than free drinks. A lot of times I will get
you free food or snacks, something like french fries. – That’s a total lie. Asking for no ice or
less ice does not change the other ingredients of the drink. Nothing else changes. You’re literally just getting less ice, which is exactly what you asked for. – I don’t know, less ice just means disappointment most of the time. – It means you get less in the
cup or you get a smaller cup. Unless you tip and then
that changes everything. When customers ask for,
like, a stronger drink, I just put, like, two or
three drops in the straw, just to make them think it’s stronger. It kinda burns the back
their throat real quick. – The amount we put of alcohol will be the same no matter what you ask. You can always pay for a
double shot or you can have the cup full of ice and
then it’s less mixer, which will make the flavor
of the alcohol stronger. – Sounds like they want something strong, but they don’t wanna pay for it. If you want a strong
drink just order a double. – This, this is my number one pet peeve. “Yes, I see you, you’re
there, there’s people “that are also here
waiting for my attention.” This is not helping your case. – When people say, “Oh, just fix me “your favorite drink to have.” No, what I like is not necessarily
what you’re gonna like, not necessarily what your
best friend’s gonna like or what your mom’s gonna like. Most of the time I’m just
gonna end up giving you a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry. – If you wave your cash or snap at me or do anything obnoxious, anything that, like, you as a human
being would find annoying, you’re gonna get less attention. – If you snap at me,
you’re not getting served. Like, point blank and a period. – It’s always the people
that, like, schmooze you, those are the worst tippers. Your compliments and,
like, your love for me doesn’t pay my bills. – The best way to get
a bartender’s attention is to look at them and smile. It’s like, I mean, when you meet somebody for the first time. – The best way is just to
look like you’re ready. Most of the time, bartenders are standing in their section of the bar to see who’s ready and who’s not. – So we’re always looking
for you, don’t worry. If you stand there, waiting, catch my eye. Make sure I saw you and then you’re good. – Patience is rewarded behind the bar. – Wait your turn. Don’t worry, I will get to you. You will get your drink, you’ll be fine. Nobody’s gonna say no to, like, a handshake with something in it. – Cash is always king. Like, always slip cash. – If they did a really
bad job and you didn’t have a lot of fun give ten percent. If they were fine and
you were kind of okay give fifteen percent. And if they did a good job
and you had a good time, you should give a twenty percent tip. – It’s a decision that you make. Twenty percent’s a good place to start. – Do I drink on the job? No. – Yes, always, every single time. – I like to call it quality control. – Oh my God, you’re gonna get me fired. I used to a lot. I can finish a whole bottle of Jamison before I even sell one. You make more money not, though. – I just wanna make you happy. Drink what you wanna drink
and if I can make it, I’ll make it good. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. I learned no one stirs or mixes anymore by themselves so sometimes they put a lil on top to taste like they put a lot in da bottom

  2. The free drinks/food for being friends with bartenders thing is exactly what my parents did by accident. They have regular bars they go to and my dad likes making friends.

  3. I will never understand why tipping is mandatory in the United States. Tipping is a sign of appreciation for a well rendered service, if and when I can afford it. Maybe the answer is like @legoguy400 wrote. I don't mean to be rude, just in Italy is not that big of a deal.

  4. I have asked bartenders to just give me what they drink before (esp if its somewhere I've never been before and the environment is unique)..not often I have my normal drinks but sometimes they bring some random house drink..or a drink I never had..and it turns out i like it. I see how that can be know what you want..but i still see no problem w it. If the customer doesnt like it..that's on them.

  5. at my bar I put some small bowls by the bottles. each one has a different spirit in it (whiskey, vodka and gin is usually enough) and so when someone asks for a strong drink i just dip their glass in one of the bowls so the rim is covered in alcohol. they take on sip and think i've given them three shots in a glass. great for tips without giving them anything free 🙂

  6. Can someone please tell me how much you’re SUPPOSED to tip a bar tender? I’m not old enough to drink but I’d like to know…

  7. As a bartender who goes out, I get mad at other bartenders who know I’m there but attend other groups or people who just got there. I waited 30 mins at a club to get my drink.

    It was bad too and I still tipped a bit over 10%

  8. I feel that given tip or not you should provide a good service. Granted customer shouldn't be rude or disrespectful & I understand tipping but not an extremely amount. That's why people get paychecks. As a waitress I'm happy if I get $3 or $5. Who gets mad over being given free money?! Be polite to the server and servers should provide a good experience & give recommendations when asked. So much complaints about tipping…stop giving free service to celebrities who do have money…
    The one that deserves the tips are the pizza man during the rain!

  9. When I used to get drunk, i used to leave my change at the bar. Whoops but the bartenders always got me a drink lol

  10. Dont believe in the tipping structure …. If they do a great job 10% it is nothing more …. Customers should not be responsible for their income and a tip should only be for good work

  11. When it comes to tipping bartenders i usually follow a different rule like for each drink i get i will tip at least one to two dollars per drink based on how much the drink is if im paying from a tab than i will do percentage

  12. Oof now i feel bad for my nervous tic tapping my card on the bar because i hate being squished and it freaks me out

  13. "Btw, I can give you OTHER things for free"
    Me: gulps
    "Like snacks…"
    Me: chokes on water
    "Like french fries"
    Me: inhales tHaNk gOd

  14. These are some snobby ass bartender, most bartenders to drink on the job, why shouldn't people have sex in the bar, maybe they don't want to drink water down, some people don't drink very often and they don't really know what they want. There's good things and there's bad things you're always going to have shity people everywhere you go.

  15. I find it weird that Tipping in bars is a thing people do in America… why not just pay the bar staff a decent wage?
    We tip in restaurants, but NEVER if just in a bar…

  16. Is it rude to do a quick wave to get a bartender's attention? Not like crazy waving arm but like the "thanks" wave you'll do when pedestrian crossing the street and a car stops to let you pass. Because I do that and I don't want to seem rude.

  17. If the customer service is bad I wont tip the waiter/bartender at all. You have to earn it. And yes, I know American waiters live off of tips but then you got to have your attitude right. I get a nice waiter? I'll gladly tip 20% or more.

  18. Soooo do they get payed off just tips orrr are they just really money hungry and tips is the best why for them to get extra cash i dont get it

  19. Never tip .Never pay service charge. …
    We are already overpaying at least 3 time for a Simple drink & bad meal + vat…

    If you dnt like it get a dfrnt job.

  20. Bar tenders sound like drama queens. You opened a can and handed it to me after waiting a while all cause I don’t want to tip you for opening a can or pouring a beer from a tap? If someone’s tapping the bar or calling out to you it’s probably because your dramatic ass is taking a while to get their order or serve them. Get over yourselves

  21. My boyfriend has the talent of getting ignored by bartenders. We don't know what it is, he is a very polite and sweet guy but maybe he comes across differently to strangers because it takes aaaaages for him to get served 😂 There even is this one lady at a local bar that refuses to serve him and he does not know why. He has never talked to her but she just does not look at him at all. We tested this and I stood next to him after him standing at the bar for 10 minutes or so and she instantly came to me and took my order 😂😂 Maybe he's cursed

  22. Everytime i go out to drink with my bf and my drinks are always strong no matter how much i mix it 😂 this is why I'm always nice i get a nice bonus

  23. The tipping thing surprised me a little. Where I live (Germany) tipping isn't necessarily expected, you just round up a bit and if the service was really good, you give like 10% and there are very few who do more. But I guess American waiters live off of tips, but for a European it's very strange to go to big US cities, pay more than at home, get food that isn't phenomenal bit decent and then being expected to tip like 20%. Also, if the service was bad, you usually don't get a tip at all, 10% for being disappointed by the waiter seems like a bonus for doing a bad job, doesn't rly make sense

  24. Why would you tip if they did a bad job? Isn’t the tip a reflection of how you felt about the service? If you do a bad job you’re not getting tipped buddy….

  25. Honestly I love asking a bartender what their favorite drink is because I am not picky at all and I love to try something new!

  26. Less ice does mean more drink though… The quantities of alcohol would be the same, sure. But if you get a coke without ice you get more coke than if you get one with ice.

  27. I did a 7 hour bar shift in the UK today and got 10p total in tips. These 'secrets' might be true in the states, but not elsewhere.

  28. sorry but as a former waitress I don't agree with their views at all. I always gave people more alcohol in their drinks when they asked nicely for it, because why not? it's not that expensive and you can make them happy. it doesn't hurt you as an employee, it's not like you get paid more if you're stingy with the drinks. if you don't like people and you don't want to make your customers happy, why become a bartender?

  29. I used to bartend at a friend's bar, small place that can gather up to 40 people. Me and the waiter (another friend) there would split the tips we would get and never argued about it. We still got decently paid plus free drinks&food (of course not overdo it.) We saw the tips as rewards for a job well done, and usually use that money to go to the club or just buy some snacks and hang out for a few hours since we are both night owls. Best 5 months of my life.

  30. I thought tipping at bars was $1 per drink which is obviously great for any drink that's about $10 (which most drinks are). It sucks for more expensive stuff but I've never spent more than $15 on a drink sooooo?

  31. I was a bartender the best way to get a drink or shot for free is to either take the trash out for me or perhaps stay very late and keep me company if I'm the only person left to walk up because I don't want to be there alone. I bartended years and years ago but having a nice person there for safety reasons or to take the trash out for me when that is also a safety issue was a sure way to either get a little bit of a tip or a free drink

  32. European here. American tipping culture is so weird. Pay your workers so they don't have to be all obnoxious about tips. It ruins the good service

  33. I only go to 3 bars i tip $1 every drink and use their name and they use mine, and they make them 99% alcohol ,around 4 shots a drink with a tish of coke just the way i like it 😁

  34. I'm from a country that we don't tip and is so much better because you are not thinking that they will hate you if you don't tip. And imagine you have a budget and then they expect you to tip?

  35. Those bartenders are arrogant af. They are serving on the lowest level of service there is. If I was depended on other people's will to tip I wouldn't be as demanding as those idiots. This video wants me to tip never ever again. I mean common bad service and than you tip 10%? For what? Go get a real job.

  36. If you’re mad you need to pay extra through tips for good service maybe direct your anger at the companies that wanna avoid the income tax and are happy paying their staff squat. Tip your damn servers ppl

  37. They seem like the millenial, snowflake, entitled type of people. Please do share the bars they work at so I make sure to never go there.

  38. I’m not just going to tip someone, you have to earn a tip and I’m also not going to tip 20-30% of my bill. You earn your tip and if I don’t give you anything then you didn’t deserve it, people don’t always tip and it’s not always because we don’t want to. It’s because sometimes we don’t have the money to when drinks are expensive anyways.

  39. You’re hearing them talk about tipping a lot because usually policies in serving jobs have a rule against asking for tips. The server just has to be completely polite and 100% energized only to be left with like a two dollar tip for like a 40 dollar meal or purchase. I might be wrong but I’m just going off of my jobs.

  40. In my bar if I buy you a drink its not on the spill tab i'm actually really buying you that drink. and i ONLY do that if i mess up (self punishment) but if your my friend…. i might put it on the spill tab haha

  41. I'm a straight man who is very feminine and is married to an equal mix of feminine and tomboy, and she is core of the sun level of sexy.

  42. As a European: 20% tip hahahahahahahahaha

  43. I would give less tip and pay for my own drinks. I dont want to work for free stuff and actually pay them by tipping more.

  44. Don't tip bartenders like this. They're just begs who expect extra for regular service. Tip people who actually go above and beyond

  45. If I tip and don't get a free drink by the end of the night. I will never tip that person again 😈 I also work hard for my money lol

  46. Ok in Britain…
    Tipping is like…not that much of a thing. I tipped a guy and he just looked at me funny and gave it back to me. But when I went to America the guy made me tip before I was finished saying thank you 😅😕

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