Bangladeshi Pizza is Detroit’s Best Kept Secret — Cooking in America

Bangladeshi Pizza is Detroit’s Best Kept Secret — Cooking in America

– We’re going to Amar Pizza,
where this brother has decided to bring Bangladeshi
flavors to Detroit Pizza. – I worked for Domino’s
Pizza for 11 years. – And you worked all the
way to general manager and working at– – No, I started out as a driver. I worked my way up. Then I decided I wanna see the country, so I went in to trucking. – [Sheldon] Okay. – Everywhere I stopped, I
ate pizza, I ate you know. (laughing) I’ve been to all 48 states. No matter where you go, there’s always a pizza
store in the corner. (upbeat music) – What defines a Detroit pizza? – Only in Detroit, you’ll see
this square pan, that thick. So this is Detroit style. ♪ One two three come on ♪ – [Sheldon] This is the Naga sauce. – Right, are you familiar with Naga? – No, I’m… – It’s ghost pepper’s cousin. – Oh, shoot. – The actual pepper looks like
habanero but it’s way hotter. – Way spicier. – [Shofiul] The base is pizza sauce but everything else is special. ♪ Come on one two three four ♪ – Detroit style pizza
with Bangladeshi flavors. You’re doing your thing man. – And then we’ll do a
tandoori classic hand toss. – Here we go under pressure. ♪ Make it groove make them move ♪ – And we cut, look at how perfect. – Seriously?
– There it is. (both laughing) – This is our house sauce. It’s yogurt based, magic dust in it. – Alright. That doesn’t look like yogurt. That is magic. And this is your tandoori pizza. – Tandoori is an Indian dish. You could say the pizza
is like a naan bread. So you got the whole package in one deal. We’re gonna be doing a
thin crust, dry fish pizza. – This is a different kind of dough. It feels completely
different from the other one. – Yeah, this is a little pastry type. It comes a little flaky and buttery. – It’s almost laminated. You can tell all the
different pockets of flavor. That’s how you get the crisp. – [Shofiul] Yeah. You gotta get it to the thin consistency, almost down to nothing. Dry fish blend. We make a paste out of it. – We can smell it right off the bat. – Oh, man. – They’re fermented and salty. – [Shofiul] This is mom’s home cooked man. – I grew up with this smell in my house. This is like bagoóng. We call it in Filipino. Fermented fish paste. – In our language we call it shuki. Once you try it with an
American twist on it, it’s pretty good. Then the shrimp and garlic mix. – The aroma that is coming off of it. Dried shrimp, some crispy garlic. – Some chili peppers. My mom’s kitchen we gotta
put cilantro on everything. – So mom was an amazing cook? – Oh, excellent. Voila. – [Sheldon] Dried fish. – [Shofiul] Dried fish. You want to put them in? – Go ahead, I’ll get this one. (laughing) – Authentic food on top
of what you grew up with here in America, pizza. We did not open this business
just for our community. It’s for everybody to come and try it. Amar Pizza is my pizza,
translation into English. – My pizza is your pizza. – [Shofiul] Exactly. (jazz music) – This one has the Naga
paste on the bottom. – It has the Naga sauce. – That’s definitely a good
piece of pizza right there. The freshness of the cilantro
gets me right off the bat. The chicken’s still moist. The dough is delicious. The crispiness of the
outside and the bottom. And you said this is
your most popular pizza. This is your tandoori pizza. I love the vibrancy of it. Crispy on the bottom. Good sweetness to it. There’s amazing spice in that sauce. – Right, it’s a yogurt base sauce. It just blends all the spices
together so it cuts down a little bit of spiciness
and you got a little sweet. – That sweet and a little bit
of tang too from the yogurt. Who’d ever think right? – Yeah, it’s a perfect marriage. – And this is the most
interesting pizza I ever did see. – This is the… – This is as Bengali as you can get. – [Shofiul] This is as Bengali as it gets. – That is a lot of flavor going on. – Yeah. – That’s like anchovy on boss level. – You taste the… – Quite spicy too. – It is, that’s what I was gonna tell you. – Yeah, you can literally hear the crunch. That’s so unique man. I love that. – This is a perfect snack
watching the game or something. – This is a perfect example of the town of Hamtramck right here. – People from all over
the world come here, live in this community and
this is what America is. Small town yet you can
run into somebody from a whole other part of the
world right next door. – You came from Bangladesh to Detroit? – No, we originally came into New Jersey. – So you were how old when
you made your journey from? – From Bangladesh to America, I
believe I was 10 years old. My dad came here back in the late 60s. And then my mom came here in the 80s. And then we came right in the late 80s. My dad, he passed away back on ’91. My mom and five kids, you know,
she has to raise five kids. – Five boys. – Yeah, five boys at that so at that point it was go in the city, jobs, and all that. That is why we moved to Detroit and it’s been home ever since. – You’ve been in Detroit
for over 20 years now. You’ve seen the city go
through the recession. – People in the city
they just don’t give up. They’re always fighting
to strive and be better. No matter what you throw at them. They always want to go get it. A lot of things going on and
it’s gonna be a good thing for the city of Detroit. – [Woman] The special of this
week: Pulpo a la criolla. Grilled octopus. Usually it’s 45 minutes.

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  1. When I heard "Sutki" in pizza (dry fish) ,my eyes just jump onto my forehead , that's great tho.
    Love from Bangladesh ✌❤

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  3. Thanks bhaiya for representing our beloved country Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    And it’s amazing to see the people of our country are doing so well in other countries…..lots of love 💖 and respect ✊

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  7. Bhaijan what a proud moment for me as a Bangladeshi__
    One day I will come to eat your amar pizza all the way from NY. Maybe soon you will have a store in my city , but I will bring my family just to try your invention! Lots of prayers & respect ❤️

  8. Hamtramck is not outside of Detroit. It is an enclave, fully enveloped by Detroit and Highland Park (another enclave).

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