BANGKOK’S BEST FOOD – Restaurant & Street Food Guide

– Bangkok, a city with some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets,
most incredible nightlife, and some of the world’s best restaurants. And with almost 13,000
of these restaurants registered on Trip Advisor
and so many more undocumented, I wanted to help you
through this labyrinth to find the best eats in the entire city. It’s freaking unreal. How do I have the authority to share that? Well with nearly four
months living in the city, as well as giving you the information that I’ve been able to
find by much more capable food bloggers than myself, these are the restaurants
that you cannot go without. (electronic music) Restaurant number one, the
Ekkamai Macchiato Home Brewer. From the moment you walk into this tiny, little cozy restaurant,
you’ll notice one thing. And it is the attention that the employees give to you and to their craft. If you haven’t had Japanese
curry, you need to try it. But what they’ve done is they’ve got the thinnest layer of egg covering over the rice and
all around it here is curry. It’s just so good. Katy got Miso Curry.
– So good. – It’s called omurice, omelette rice. – Ale loves drip press coffee. Overall, giving this place two thumbs up but I gotta use the other
hand to hold the camera. So it’s gonna have to be one thumbs up. Two thumbs up. One thing that needs
to be mentioned though, is they do have limited runs
of every item on the menu, so it doesn’t hurt to get there earlier to make sure that you have
a wider range of selection. (upbeat music) Now if you don’t know
what food you’re feeling, I have the perfect place for you. It’s called Common Ground. Basically, it’s a high
quality gourmet food court. You’ve got so many different selections, whether you want a burger,
a pizza, Thai food, sushi, or an incredible coffee, you have it all in one
convenient location. Ale was telling me that they actually make a really great coffee
over here so I took it. I got the cookie crumb coffee. How do you feel about that? – No comments. – He’s a little bit
heartbroken deep down in side seeing a beautiful
coffee turned into this. Very delicious. – I’m trying to be healthy after all this month’s eating so much. – It definitely can be
busy from time to time but that only adds to the atmosphere and I highly recommend you check it out. Now the prices are definitely
gonna be on the upper end, ranging anywhere from
eight to $15 for an entree and some can go a little
under and some a little over. But one thing’s for sure, you definitely get your money’s worth. (upbeat music) This is what is claimed to
be Bangkok’s best pad Thai. Now I’m gonna decide for myself whether that’s true or not. This is Thip Samai and on most nights, you’ll see a line out the door, people waiting to get pad Thai. The incredible thing is that
they’re open ’til 2:00 a.m. every night and they’re near Khao San Road which if you’re coming to
Bangkok for the first time, I’m sure you’ll have at
least one night out there. I’ve never in my life seen
the kitchen at the front of the restaurant outside like it is here. But it’s so cool because
you can see it all happening right here. And the equipment they
have here is bare basics, it’s not state-of-the-art
but it’s the technique, it’s the balance of the ingredients, the choice of the
ingredients, let’s try it out. Now this restaurant is
open seven days a week, open ’til 2:00 a.m. and
queues can be roughly 20 to 45 minutes on an average day. Luckily we showed up around midnight and we had no lines to worry about but even at that hour
it was still very busy. One thing that’s really unique
is they actually take the egg and they cook it really thinly and they basically wrap
the whole pad Thai in that layer of egg and it
comes with some prawn. (diners chattering) Essentially it lives up to all the hype. It is really good. Now the pad Thai was incredible, but what really shocked me
was that my favorite item I got was actually their
freshly squeezed orange juice. There’s so much pulp, it’s incredible. It is a little bit expensive,
around $4 for a bottle, sometimes even a little
more but if you get that and a pad Thai you’re still only paying about seven to $8 US
dollars for everything in. I should also mention this
restaurant has been known to ignite some romance, just like this. ♪ This is the night ♪ What’s up guys and good morning. Welcome to what should be
one of the greatest ways to start off your day in Bangkok. We’re at a restaurant by
the name of Crepes & Co. It’s a French-style breakfast and brunch. – I’m so hungry. – I got the Greek crepe and it is incredible,
it’s got feta, chicken, olive oil and a very, very tender crepe. One thing you need to know
about the Thai culture is that it’s quite often that your food will come out at different times. Even if you go to a nice restaurant, you can have one meal out
five minutes before the other. When I first arrived
here from North America, I actually thought it was
little bit disrespectful and at first I thought it
was a sign of bad service. But it’s just the cultural norm here, so even in nice restaurants you’ll see that happen quite a bit. We have to try this one last thing here because we got on to the dessert menu and Katy was like capricone is like my favorite kind of cheese. – Mascarpone.
(laughing) – I’ve never even had
it if you couldn’t tell. So it’s orange crepe in Capricorn which is just too bad
because I’m a Pisces. – And I’m a Libra.
(laughing) – It’s got the fluffy
crepe, it’s got the citrusy, tangy taste of the orange, it’s got the very creamy Capricorn. Mascaporn?
– Mascarpone. – Mascarpone.
Mascapone, muy bien. ♪ Gives me butterflies ♪ Now one thing I should mention
that’s actually quite common in higher-end restaurants in Bangkok is you’ll see a 10% service
fee as well as a 7% VAT fee. Basically consider that like a 17% tax. Not all restaurants charge it, some do. It’s hard to tell which ones do. (upbeat music) The sacrifice continues, we are
now leaving what is the best crepe in Bangkok to go
to the best ramen place. I know this has been the
most challenging video I’ve never made for my
subscribers, for Team Get Lost. But at the very least, just drop a like to thank
me for my hard work, for the sacrifice. Let’s go, from one meal to ‘nother. This is just a little area for street food that we came across in passing. But you can see all this
incredible food, ready to go, and so cheap, I mean 60 baht here. Almost $2 for a huge kebab of meat. How much for that one right there? – 60 baht, two for 60 baht. – 60 baht?
Thank you very much sir. This right here is freshly
pressed pomegranate juice. Now these prices compared
to North American prices are cheap but the thing that
might surprise you is that these are actually quite expensive. The main reason is
because of the location. We’re right across from the
main malls here in Bangkok, we’re right off of one of
the busiest roads, Sukhumvit. First things first, have you
guys had mango and sticky rice? – Yes.
– Not yet here. – Not in Thailand.
– Not in Thailand though? Okay, we’re gonna get one. – [Melissa] The unboxing. (laughs) – Okay, okay.
– Yup. – Try it Ale. – You diggin’? This was by no means the best
mango sticky rice we’ve had but you’ll see the best one very soon. The point of this segment
was just to show you that you can find incredible
street food anywhere you go. If you’re not that comfortable
trying street food, here are my major tips, make sure you find stuff that looks fresh. If it’s been prepared
right in front of you that is the best way to get it. If it’s been freshly fried, if it’s been just cut from the fruit, you should definitely strive
to get that food right there. Now if that’s not the case and
you can’t get that certainty, the next best bet is really just to eat where the locals are eating. If you see a lot of locals
there it means two things. It means first of all, they
clearly didn’t get sick, otherwise they would not be coming back and secondly, if there’s
enough people going through, it means that the food is also moving and it’s not been sitting
around for hours and hours. Street food can be done very safely and if you don’t do it you’re missing out on one of the pieces that
makes Bangkok so incredible. I guess you could say the moral
here is eat from the street. In North America if a
restaurant’s in a mall, typically I associate it with
low quality but in Bangkok, malls are actually central to the culture. It’s where people come to meet
up and so you can actually find incredible restaurants
throughout the different malls here in Bangkok and there’s a lot of them. And we’ve just arrived
here at what is said to be one of the best places to
get ramen in the entire city. So Alejandro bought the $40
bowl, he got it with wagyu beef. They only sell 20 of them a day. – That’s $40?
– Apparently. – I don’t know. (laughing) – $40? This is what the peasant ramen looks like. This is cold, this is hot. You pick it up and you
dip it in the hot soup and it just makes it so
perfect, the temperature to eat. – [Christian L.] I’ve
never done that before. – [Melissa] So good. – One of the great things about Bangkok is that it’s such a multi-cultural city with food from all around the world. And this ramen restaurant is actually owned and run by a Japanese
person who’s come over and shared their craft with Bangkok. – So now I can try to my dipping sukamon. – Here we go, gonna try sukamon. I’ve never had that
before and it’s so good. It’s way creamier and it’s
thicker soup than mine, a bit sweet but the noodles
are just so incredible. They’re thick noodles, udon style. Was it $40 good? – Yeah.
– Was that legit $40? (laughs) – Mine on the other
hand, is coming in around seven US dollars so this is
much more affordable pricing and on the yummy scale, I give it about 13 yummies, maybe 12, 12 yummies. (siren wails) So we just took a taxi and
everyone’s kinda looking at me like why did you bring me here? But this is where I
used to eat all the time as an exchange student. And this is where you can get a one or $2 like chicken broth with
chicken and rice and spice. And it’s so delicious and I ate here, like almost four to five times
a week when I was in Bangkok. So right across the street,
not much has changed. There’s a couple of different restaurants from when I was here
three or four years ago. But for the most part, it’s the same vibe, just a bit quieter tonight than usual, so let’s go check it out. Come on guys you gotta
trust me on this one. Oh, what do we got? Hello, Sawasdee Ka. – Sawasdee Ka. – This one was always a classic. I used to eat here like three years ago. – Okay, okay.
– But I come back for you. (speaking foreign language) This is getting emotional,
it’s like a family reunion. This one also was the best, memories. So these are the prices guys. They’ve gone up, I’m very disappointed. Chicken and rice here is around $1.25. $1.25 for dinner guys. – Isn’t that 50 Cent? – [50 Cent] G unit! – Could I get the egg noodles with pork? This is the best food
ever and it’s so cheap. – [Katy] Yeah, I’ve never
seen you so excited. – It’s very nostalgic too, I used to eat here all
the time, it feels good. There’s a soup station, there’s
the fried chicken station and the cool thing is, they
actually bring the food to you so you got the service
and you pay afterwards. I’m gonna have the
location drop down below if you really wanna try this out, which I highly recommend you do. It’s very typical in
Thailand when you go for like street food or a nice restaurant that you’ll have these assortments here. So you’ve got salt, you got
like a jalapeno fish sauce, not really my cup of tea, I
do not like the fish sauce. But you’ve got peanuts and
in this case, my favorite, we got some grinded up chili peppers, has a little bit of a kick to the meal and we are off to a great start tonight. Now let’s see if it’s
as good as I remember. – He’s so happy, it’s nice. – [Ale] Yeah. – He’s so happy. – I hope Mama Thai didn’t
change the secret formula ’cause she had it perfect before. – (laughs) Mama Thai. – So good, now I’m gonna be honest, my favorite one is one that’s coming, it’s the chopped up
chicken with a cucumber and the fried chicken, it’s just (lips smacking) and there it is. They bring it with this
incredible chicken broth. Not only does it have the
chicken, the rice, the cucumber, you also get two different kinds of spices that come with it. This one right here is
a bit of a sweeter one, this one’s just a bit more spicy. I think this is my favorite one. This is one of the incredible
things about Bangkok, it’s that you don’t
need to spend big money to get big results. This is one of my favorite
meals that we’ve had all month. We’ve been eating such good food and yet this is one of my top picks and it cost me $1.25, $1.50 for this. Do a bit of research to try to find those unique street food experiences. There’s tons of food bloggers, I am kind of knew to
this food blogging world. Now with that being said, I have to go give a big thank
you to someone, so let’s go. So good to see you. (laughs) – You. – Very nice, bye.
– Bye. – If you wanna check it out,
the location is right here. If you do end up going to see it, then tag me on an Instagram story. I would love to see it and
I might even re-share it so that right there is
my Instagram handle. Now this may sound funny but
it would not be a Bangkok food guide without showing you
one of the main meal sources I had as a backpacker
and that is right here. Get ready for the sound
because you’ll hear it a lot. (sensors chiming) It like let’s my endorphins
just flow through my veins ’cause when I hear that sound, there’s one thing that I come to know and one thing that I come to love. I’ll show you that right now. Just come with me to the back
of the store, right here. The ham cheese sandwich,
here we go everyone. It’s happening, it’s happening. Sawasdee Ka. That’s where the magic happens everyone. They come out extra hot. It’s what a toastie looks like. Look at that, the incredible shape that’s been pressed right into it, it is a melted cheesey, hamy or whatever flavor you choose, goodness. Look at that cheese right
there, just oozing out the side. I don’t know if it’s real
cheese, processed cheese or whatever but this toastie right here, cost me about $0.80 US, I usually get two of ’em. On to the next destination. Hello, Sawasdee Ka. Can we go to Octave Sky Bar, Sukhumvit? Octave, Marriott hotel. No, okay, Sukhumvit 57. Yeah, okay guys, we’re good. ‘Kay, 30 minutes later, we got dropped off and actually coincidentally,
it’s right in front of another street food
place and this looks like a really good spot to get some food. It’s popping off, the
people are nice, hello. It’s actually just a
little bit more expensive than our last place but
you’ve got way more variety. I’d still recommend my local joint but hey, you can find
them anywhere in Bangkok. Now the reason we’re here is because of what’s in
front of me right there. On top of the Marriott is my favorite sky bar in Bangkok, let’s go check it out. – Are we in this video? – Ah, look at that view, woo! Check it out, that right
there, that’s the main road that runs all the way through Bangkok. (upbeat music) There are many sky bars here in Bangkok but the reason I’ve come back
to this one so many times is because it’s actually
pretty chilled out. You can get a table upstairs,
enjoy this incredible view over Sukhumvit and the drinks are actually reasonably priced. It’s around $12 for a
cocktail but actually if you come here during
sunset, 5-7 p.m. it’s 50% off. This is not sponsored,
none of this video is but I just wanted to share with you a place that I really like to
come when I’m here in Bangkok. So that has been our sky bar. (soft music) Good morning guys and welcome
to another day in Bangkok, another day to conquer
some delicious food. It’s time to go eat some food. – It’s the dance of hunger,
so let’s go eat. (laughs) – We’re leaving our hotel
room now to go and meet with some people that live in Bangkok and apparently know some
of the best restaurants, best food throughout the entire city. So we’re now meeting them
for a traditional Thai meal at one of their top choices. All right, we’ve just arrived. This looks really cool. – Hi, are you with Bopa? – [Christian L.] Yes.
– [Hostess] Right there. – Okay, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Sadly we’re arriving a little bit late, everyone’s kind of at
the end of their meal. But this restaurant is
completely focused on one region of Thailand and that is Trat. It’s a province I actually went to when I did my Elephant Series. Everything here is completely authentic, it’s actually a beautiful restaurant and the atmosphere is great. And I’m excited to try some this food because a lot of this is new
to me, we’ve got octopus, we’ve got crab meat, we’ve got turmeric, all sorts of different spices. This right here, is a crab curry. It looks really creamy, just
gonna put some of that down. – This is incredible, I feel I’ve never had something like this. – The meat is so, so tender.
– Very tender flavor, yeah. – [Christian L.] And very
creamy, bit of pepper. – Kind of sweet, so good. – So this was a bit of a shock
to see sitting at the table but this is pandan juice
mixed with a few other things but it looks like Powerade. – [Melissa] There’s butterfly in it. – Are you serious?
– Yeah. – [Man] Butterfly pee, sorry butterfly– – Like an actual butterfly?
– Yeah. – The insect?
– Yeah. (laughing) – [Melissa] They blended them together, I’m joking, I’m joking, I’m joking. – You’re lying! (laughing) I was more excited about
it, I was like this is cool. (laughing) And this is a soup with
pork, cucumber and rambutan. And I actually don’t
know what a rambutan is but they’re explaining it to me as like this hairy red fruit. – Nom, nom, nom, nom. They make their coconut milk
fresh every day, every morning. This is amazing. – It’s so legit. The coconut milk and
these are longan berries? And I’ve had them before
while here in Southeast Asia but I would never get them back home. But I guess an acquired taste because Katy doesn’t
like them, I love them. It just goes really well
with the coconut milk and now we’re trying whatever this is. – [Katy] It looks beautiful. – [Christian L.] It looks
very beautiful, try it. – Wow, it’s good. – I’ve never given it a fair
chance but this is durian and this is a fruit that
you will see in airports, in hotels with a giant X
through it because it smells like someone died and was left in a sewer. ‘Kay, it’s not that bad but it’s a very strong and pungent smell. – [Katy] I think the perfect description. – Katy doesn’t disagree with me. It’s not a very nice smell. (diners chattering) – [Katy] Did I put too much in it? – [Man] It’s good, it’s good. – It tastes like a sweet potato. – [Woman] Oh, it’s good,
what’re you talking about? – I’m not gonna eat the rest of it but we’ll give it a thumbs up. There’s a big process to
actually preparing this, but we don’t know what it is. – Just gonna mix everything together. – [Christian L.] We’re
just gonna eat it all. – So good, I like it. I have no idea what I’m
eating but it’s good. – [Christian L.] Can you save me a bite? – That’s durian. – No. – [Christian] That’s durian. – No it’s not.
– Did you see her face? – So here’s the thing, no
one’s really sure what this is but I think I heard her
say coconut stir fry and it’s basically been
rolled in sesame seeds, we got some more coconut milk on top of it and a peanut thing on top of it. – [Katy] Wow. – Food tours of The Lost Blog everyone. Very good, wow, so inside of it it’s actually very soft and very light. So now I’m being peer pressured into trying the manly version of durian. This is the ripe one,
it’s like falling apart, it smells a little bit but it doesn’t smell terrible, actually. I liked it better than
I liked the other one. – [Man] Yeah.
– Yeah, not as chewy and kind of more
creamy, it wasn’t that bad. It’s called Sri Trat,
it’s kind of a unique one, it’s not your typical Thai
meal but that’s what it’s about when you travel to try new things. 10 minutes later, we’re very
close to Thong Lor station and the reason we come here is because we’ve been told
that this is the place to get the best mango sticky rice. This looks like it might be it. These are some serious mangos. Could I get two mango sticky rice to go? How much? – 300 baht. – 300 baht for two, okay. So I just got us a couple of tickets to go back to Nana area, where we’re staying
and the crazy thing is, for us to buy two train tickets
is coming in very close to what we’d be spending if
we’d taken a taxi back, but it’s gonna be about
the same amount of time. It does save you a lot of
time when traffic is bad. – We’re ready to try
this sticky mango rice. – They actually gave us something else. We don’t know if we’re
gonna try it immediately but we’ll put it on after. These are little bean. They also told us that we
have two hours to eat it so I guess after the two hour mark it’s not as fresh as it once was. Okay, so she said drizzle it. All right, so that is the coconut milk mixed with a lot of sugar. – Oh, it’s so soft. I literally just touch
it and it teared, okay. – [Christian] Tore.
– Tore. – This is exactly what I
was hoping it would be. It’s just so, so creamy and the mango is perfect
ripeness, it’s just amazing. – I have never had in my
life a mango like this, it’s so soft, you don’t
even have to chew it. – It just melts.
– It just melts in your mouth. – Yeah.
– It’s incredible. Okay guys, so do you want to
know something interesting? In Peru we say rice with mango, if you say something that
doesn’t make sense at all or you’re talking about
something that can’t be together no matter what but I think
Thailand is proving Peru wrong. – Are we rice and mango or no? – We’re coffee and milk. – Coffee and milk,
that’s good, I like that. (upbeat music) Welcome to the blog, this is Christian and now we’re off to go get some food. And Christian’s living here
in Bangkok, for how long now? – Since February, I moved here from Australia and I loving it. – [Christian L.] So you’re German? – German, yes. – Down a little hidden alley way, you’ll think you’re going
the wrong way but that is when you arrive at One Once of Onion, One Ounce for Onion. My friends are huge foodies and they told me that this
is like a top-notch coffee, a top-notch traditional
Thai coffee and breakfast. And I think it’s fairly Western-style but let’s go check it out for ourselves. It’s in the Thong Lor area, which is that trendy, trendy area. One of the items on the menu
that I was highly recommended is their V60 coffee. I’ve also ordered a
traditional Thai coffee, which I’ll show you in a
little bit but it’s very sweet. Thank you. Here we have a couple of
our first items showing up. We’ve got the croissants,
all ready to roll. And they come with this
creamy minced sauce, it’s a little bit spicy, also
there’s an egg yolk in there. And then here, we have some fried chicken, pickles, it is all
fresh, fresh ingredients. We might have to order another
one, it’s freaking unreal. It’s so good, am I ruining your Instagram? – [Christian] No. – Mm, KFC better watch out. (laughs) Traditional Thai coffee, iced, deliciosa. This is a little hidden gem guys. You’ve gotta check it out, I’m
just telling you right now. Just like cutting onions,
this meal will make you cry. (upbeat music) Now it’s time for dessert. I don’t know if it’s
ice cream or what it is, but of course we gotta get
a bit of waffle in there. Let’s get banana, a bit
of syrup, here we go. There’s a lot of flavors, so I needed a second
to compose my thoughts, but I’m ready to make my decision. You have to get dessert
with your breakfast. This is freaking awesome. I’ve never thought about
being a food blogger, but if it means doing this all day, you better believe we’re
gonna be the next food channel on YouTube, Team Get Fat. – Amazing.
– Just a few minutes’ walk away, we’re
now going to get lunch. I’m not really that hungry at the moment but I wanna share with you guys what is a very, very old
restaurant here in Bangkok, it’s been open for 60 years. I think this is it here, by
the way, welcome Chandler. – Hi, how’s it going? – False alarm, wrong restaurant. She’s like, no it’s over there. Yup, this is it.
– This looks a lot older. – This is the one! That right there guys, this
is what it’s all about. It’s actually been going
for 30 years, 24/7, how exciting is that to think that I might just get a piece of
meat that’s 30 years old today? All right, so here we go
this is Wattana Panich. I hope I’m saying that
right, I’m sure not. But basically what you
saw when we walked in was like a bubbling
cauldron of beef, of fat. And for about 100 baht, I’ve gotten myself a bowl here
to try it out to see if it lives up to the local Thai hype. Let’s try it out. – Mm, it’s good.
– It’s good? – It tastes better than it looks. – You know what I taste? I taste the cinnamon. I saw cinnamon sticks in there
and it’s a really nice add. I definitely recommend trying this out. You know for I think a lot of Westerners, this might be a little
out of their comfort zone, just because of the way it looks. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Everything on the menu is actually beef. I like it, I think it’s pretty good. – It tastes like, kind of like a pho or like a Vietnamese flavor. – It does, yeah.
– It has a lot of Vietnamese flavor to it. – It does.
– Chopsticks. – [Christian L.] Yeah,
three guys, one bowl. (laughs) It’s like egg noodle. I can’t pick it up for the life of me, but there is rice noodle in here. Combination of different
cuts of the beef in here. The fatty, thick beef is just really good. The more I eat it, the
more I’m getting into it. Very savory, the meat, the noodles, it all falls apart right in your mouth. (upbeat music) – 300 baht.
– No, no, no, how far is it? 20 minutes?
200. – 200. – So right now we are off
to show you what is maybe one of the craziest
dining options available and it’s only because of you. I don’t know if I should
thank you or not– – I think you should thank me.
– But we’ll find out. (soft music) All right, we have arrived. – Chang Chui Market. – [Christian L.] Chang Chui. This place is crazy. This is not what I expected at all when he told me we were going to market. Right behind here is a massive
airplane just parked here. There’s tons of different street food, but where we’re eating is right here. It’s called Insects in the Backyard, you’re about to find out why. This is who would normally compete for the food we’re gonna eat tonight. This restaurant is like probably nothing you’ve ever seen before. Take insects from your backyard
like this guy right here and combine it with
some gourmet ingredients and have it done by a proper chef and that is what you have here. And this is Eve and this is James and they are the owners of this business and so they’ve actually
invited us here tonight to try it out and share with you guys. Starting with the salad with
crickets or grasshoppers. (diners chattering) – Tastes good.
– Does it? – Yeah.
– How do you describe the taste? – Not too fried, they actually
have flavor, so it’s fresh. – Did you eat the head? – [Eve] The whole thing. – Okay, (diners chattering) wow really good. That’s the first time I’ve ever
said that after eating a bug so already I’m pretty
excited about what’s ahead. I don’t know if you guys
have ever had nachos and thought, oh this could use some bugs. But if you have, this is the place because right here we’ve
got white grasshoppers and silkworm cocoons on the nachos. – [Eve] The white thing? – You sure?
– Yeah, yeah. – Pretty good. So this right here is a cocktail with some little caterpillars. This right here is the scallop
with ant caviar, bottoms up. If you didn’t tell me it was an ant, I just would’ve thought this
was like an amazing scallop with some sort of a topping
but it’s really good. (diners chattering) I’m tasting more scallop
than I am the caterpillars but, very well prepared. The scallops is so tender and juicy. Everything so far has been
basically insects added on top but where this is interesting, this is actually a pasta with pesto and grasshoppers grinded up with it. So if you’re somebody that
maybe feels a bit uncomfortable about the idea of actually
putting the insect in your mouth, well at least here you can
eat it and not really know it. So it just tastes like
good pasta, it’s awesome. In all honesty certain parts of this meal did push me mentally. There was a bit of a block
that I had to get past but once I finally did,
once I finally crunched a few of those bugs, I
actually started to enjoy it for what it was, for the
flavors that were in the food, and it was a very unique
tasting experience. So what do you think here Christian? What kind of ice cream
flavor we got today? – Probably–
– It’s this a Ben & Jerry’s, is this Haagen-Dazs?
– Bug and Jerry’s. (rimshot crashing) – Bug & Jerry’s, that was pretty good! (laughs) I’m enjoying the bugs actually,
I didn’t think I could but I found a way tonight
to really enjoy it. – [Christian] It’s actually quite good. – Mission accomplished,
I had an amazing meal and it was predominantly with insects. The interesting thing is this
is not just a novelty thing, this is actual food that
is predominantly found in a region called Esan which
is like Northeast Thailand. So that’s where a lot of
the insects come from. They’re brought down here to Bangkok and turned into some gourmet food. So after having just eaten some insects, my boy here’s hookin’ it up. We’re on Koh San Road and he’s got some of the finest insects. (upbeat music) – [Man] You got a stomach
for another one or something? (upbeat music) Oh, he’s going for it! That right there is my
full Bangkok food guide. Now if you’re planning a trip Thailand, then you’re definitely gonna
need to know how to travel to the Southern islands,
what to do in the North from the elephants to the
temples and so much more. I have developed an entire
Thailand travel itinerary from the hidden gems
to the best viewpoints, everything you need to know
from hostels to nightlife, it’s all in this one easy guide and if you wanna check out the free trial. It’s all down below it’s
the best way to get yourself started before your trip to Thailand so I highly recommend you check it out. In fact, I implore you check it out. With that being said though guys, this is officially my first
ever dedicated food guide. I have never done one before. I wanna hear your thoughts. Do you like videos like this? Do you wanna see me getting fat or would you rather that
I preserve this body and go back to doing travel videos that are less focused on food? Comment down below, I wanna
hear from you and guys, as always, if you’ve made
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that being said though guys, I will see you next Saturday and until then, let’s get
lost again in the next one. (soft music)

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