57 thoughts on “At a Hotel | Easy English Conversation Practice | ESL

  1. Thank you so much Mark, your videos are always really interesting, I love it so much, once more time, thanks for this great job! have a nice day 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Mark, I'm working at hotel and all your videos help me a lot . I'm brazilian but I live in France . Have you Skype ID ?

  3. oh boy ! this is wonderful,, I think it will be most welcome ONE SIMILAR TO THIS – Immigration /at the airport with the related conversation and forms please

  4. Hi. Mark Kulek . I am hung, and I am Vietnamese. I want find job in hotel. So I think this video help me a lot. but I speak English not good. May I have your Skyper or facebook.. I think it better for me If I talk with you something. 

  5. thanks Mark for this video..i'm planning to apply for a hotel job in doha soon,i am a Filipina and i have good communication skills specially in English but for someone like me who didn't took HRM course,this video helped me a lot.In fact,i downloaded most of your videos so i can practice on my spare time.Thanks! 🙂

  6. Hello Mark! I found what I was looking for 'At a Hotel'. It's possible to find everything in your videos! Great! Very useful for those who travel a lot and have some problems in English. Thanks a lot! Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  7. Hello Mark! My name is Evgenia . I'm Vera's student. We study trips. Your videos are very helpful.How are you?
    Thank you.Goodbye✨

  8. Hi, Mark! This is a very useful video! By the way, I have heard about the floods in Japan. I hope that you and your family are well. Goodbye!

  9. Hi peoples ,i need help, i have serious problem with my inglish because i. learning, to. podria alguien ser mi amigo para practicar ingles every day for one hours, please? i´ve facebook.

  10. Hi mr.
    Thank you verry much.
    It's verry good for me.
    I want to talk with you.????
    I look forward for you…
    Many thanks.

  11. Its really nice to have this conversations,, thank you for making this vedio it can really help with me since my course is HRM ,,and next week our assestment already,,a little bit of nervous and the same time happy..this vedio help me a lot ,how to manage when someone called you for a reservation….good luck for my assestment next week😜😜

  12. Hello, I'm searching some friend to be study english . I love this lenguaje for this rason I need freind to practice with me. When peaple re interesting,Ask me here. Gracias 🙂

  13. i am vietnamese…i have learnt english for 37 years but still not good…a lot of vietnamese people like me…but now with your work everything is more easier…my kid is learning english from your video..she likes it,i like it,too….and some people who i told them…they like it ,too.thanks your videos…keep your health

  14. Hi Mark! ive been using almost all your videos for my speaking class for special kids in the past two years – its been so helpful. And the kids love it! I hope you could also upload some social stories such as "how to behave in a particular place -whether restaurant, beach, or on travel. Social stories for special kids help them managing behaviours and tantrums. I look forward to it if you read this. Thanks Mark! 🙂

  15. Wooooooooow so beautiful my dear love you teacher Mr mark kulek love you. My dear love you teacher Mr mark kulek love you thanks helping love you

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