100 thoughts on “ASMR | Vampire Feeds on You in Hotel Room Roleplay [Penny]

  1. WATCH THE OTHER ROLEPLAYS IN THE VAMPIRE SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCqQj5Vu3CEaq3DKxJY9vcqZvXmt9pwNb

    Penny is a troubled but well-meaning vampire with a sweet voice. She found you injured outside her hotel room, where she's hiding from another vampire. She wants you to be her new dolly as her other companions keep disappearing.

    Includes blood drinking/slurping, face touching, washing your face with related sounds, soft speaking, and whispering.

    MIRA LOS OTROS ROLEPLAYS EN EL SERIE DE VAMPIRAS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCqQj5Vu3CEaq3DKxJY9vcqZvXmt9pwNb

    Penny es una vampira afligida con una voz dulce. Te encontró en un estado herido afuera su cuarto del hotel, en donde esconde de otra vampiresa. Quiere que seas su nueva muñeca por que sus otros amigos siguen desaperecer.

    Incluye tomando/sorbiendo sangre, tocanda la cara, lavando la cara con sonidos relacionados, hablando bajo y susurros.

  2. Vampires… Nothing makes me weak in the knees like them, though it's usually the reverse circumstances that work for me lol
    Great roleplay, you need to keep this series alive, I tend to come back to the majority of yours once a month.

  3. Teases us with that almost Lydia Deitz make up. Still waiting for that Beetlejuice ASMR or any Wynona Ryder stuff

  4. Hey there, since it is October, the month of spooky things, do you think you could do a roleplay video where you roleplay as a sinister-ish clown character? Here you could have triggers like creepily laughing close up to the mic, maybe use some props like a clown would and use the sounds they make. Just an idea, but I hope you will one day do something similar to this, I think it could be really fitting for an October video 🙂
    Great video btw!

  5. I really really really like the clock sounds in the background 🙂 almost hypnotic. Also amazing video and great acting. 3 spoopy 5 me. Saving to my playlist 🖤

  6. WOW this was pretty dark and spooky. Amazing acting as always!! The slurping is so tingly but I hate blood so I just have to pretend I'm not Dolly and I don't feel faint 😂 Fantastic job as always.

  7. Wooooow :0 is Amazing
    Maravilloso trabajo , realmente te metiste en el rol de tu personaje , interpretaste asombrosamente el papel. Si youtube diera oscars obviamente te ganarias uno :3

  8. The sounds are good, but man who can think that a clock sound will calm people… that tick tock shit is making me go nuts 🙁 I'm so sorry but I just hate that sound

  9. Proof of our acting talent: Even though you're an inhumanly powerful vampire, I find myself wanting to defend you. The fact that another vampire keeps mistreating you so severely makes me want to protect you. I mean, it really ignites something in me. It makes me want to destroy this foe of yours, comfort you, and let you know that even though I'm flawed, I am way better than a dolly. There aren't many ASMRtists who's acting skills have such a powerful effect on me. I get so into it. Like when you say, "She's coming" with that look on your face, my instant thought is, "Then this will be the end for her." Not that I could actually overpower such a creature, but for some of the characters you create, it feels like I could do almost anything. Not every monster has fangs.

    Sometimes your asmr helps me sleep, and sometimes I just get into the characters. You really know how to inhabit a character and cause others to empathize with her. I mean, seriously?! Nobody just comes to be Penny's friend!? I'll be Penny's friend! I'll show Penny what it's like to have an actual friend!

    I make no apologies for feeling so strongly. Good job on this one, Softly. Thank you very much for your hard work. Both your sleep aid videos and imaginative stories have improved the quality of my life.

  10. this is somehow the perfect combo of calming and disturbing lol. you are super creative with the stories in these roleplays. some deep stuff in there. thanks for making them!

  11. Omg some of ur best work yet!!! I fricken love this story u concocted and the character!!! My only complaint is the ending…..because it ended. I demand a part 2. Also a ghost rp

  12. Her: It's been, It's been so long since I've fed doll…
    Me: Shows neck I am both an organ and blood donor so take as much as you need. Plus you took me away from that awful party that I didn't even want to go to so I kinda ow you one… Chuckles Also if you don't mind call me Kurly, all my friend do. Smiles

  13. Wait so the old one isnt tabatha… tabatha doesnt remember so she could have been batsy and veronice didnt make penny or batsy? Or am i misunderstanding some of the story? God i need more and i need answers

  14. ok so i just want to say that this video is awesome but at 3:30 there's a knocking sound that sounds like it's from behind the viewer and i swear to god that got me so freaked out until i realized it was the video's audio

  15. Watching this gave me tingles until the blood drinking than my stomach lurched and i had to turn it off when I saw the fake blood. Oh boy weak stomach

  16. I keep wanting to make her feel better, but me being dead because she doesn't trust me is definitely going to complicate comforting her…

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