ARIA Las Vegas Resort – ARIA – Luxury Hotel Tour

ARIA Las Vegas Resort – ARIA – Luxury Hotel Tour

Our January gallery takes us to Aria Resort & Casino. The sleek hotel opened in 2009 and has made a name for itself with fine dining, boutique suites and noteworthy art. This is a luxury stay with perks for foodies and shopaholics. Visitors will find great views, more than a dozen restaurants on-site, three lounges and more nightlife. The resort’s public art collection can be seen from outside. Aria’s Lumia fountain features twisting ribbons and large arcs of streaming water. View the colors of Lumia at night. Focus, an expansive, curved water wall, lines the porte cochere. Chairs resembling birds sit in front of Focus. Pull into the porte cochere right inside CityCenter on the Strip. Enter Aria between the Veer Towers, left, and the Mandarin Oriental at right. A pair of Kirin statues flank an entrance. Funky sculptures mark another entrance. Art displays continue through the lobby. Check into one of 4,572 rooms and suites. Maya Lin’s 84-foot, 3,700 pound “Silver River” is suspended over the hotel’s registration desk. Aria’s lobby is decorated seasonally with fresh flowers and bright natural light from above. The bedroom in a one-bedroom sky suite boasts sharp colors, a king bed, one of the suite’s three TVs and extra seating. The living room in a one-bedroom sky suite features plush seating, eclectic decor and a flatscreen TV. The dining room in a one-bedroom sky suite seats four comfortably. The bar area comes well stocked in a one-bedroom sky suite. An array of snacks is also available in the one-bedroom sky suite. The spacious bathroom in a one-bedroom sky suite boasts a standalone tub and walk-in shower. The bathroom also has a wide double vanity. Bathroom toiletries include shaving cream, lotion, a razor and more. The bathroom also includes a make-up area. The bathroom has floor-to-ceiling windows with views over Vegas. A small nook offers a mirror and counter space in a one-bedroom sky suite. The one-bedroom sky suite includes a workspace. A deluxe room city view features warm interior decor and ample space. The workspace in a deluxe room city view includes a small TV and amenities. The bathroom in a deluxe room city view offers a double vanity and walk-in shower. The deluxe room city view also boasts a large bathtub. A small nook in a deluxe room city view adds counter and storage space. The mini fridge is in a deluxe room city view is packed to the brim with snacks, beverages and wine. Take a peek inside a typical bathroom at Aria. A display on a room entertainment system shows a variety of functions. An Aria hallway is lined with art and illuminated with artistic fixtures. The buffet at Aria underwent a renovation a couple of years ago and offers a variety of international cuisines with mid-range prices. Diners load plates with steamed crab legs at The Buffet at Aria. The Buffet hosts an assortment of stations with ethnic twists, including one of the few tandoor ovens on the Strip. Dine at Blossoms restaurant for Chinese. A common area in front of Jean Georges Steakhouse offers artful seating. World-renowned French chef Jean Georges shows off his steak skills at Aria. The dining area is surrounded by walls of wine. Solo, casual or late-night guests can sit at the bar at Jean Georges Steakhouse. A high-class and critically acclaimed tapas spot, Julian Serrano is perpetually packed. Small plates to share are perfect for groups. Enjoy stuffed piquillo peppers, Spanish tortillas and ceviche. Order a bottle of Albariño from an iPad wine menu. It could be argued that the artisanal, farm-to-table concept was finally driven home in Las Vegas by Chicago chef Shawn McClain at Sage. The bar in Sage offers a more casual experience or pre-dinner drinks. Chef Shawn McClain added casual pizza concept Five50 last Independence Day. Luis Pau takes a pizza from the oven at Five 50 Pizza Bar. The eatery’s name references the temperature at which the wood-fired ovens hover, ideal for preparing Five50’s East Coast-style pizzas. The 120-seat dining room designed by David Rockwell has the black and white tile around the centerpiece bar and other elements reminiscent of an old school pizza parlor, but also features that make the space pop. The Lobby Bar is intimate but festive offering eight signature cocktails. World-renowned chocolatier and pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury has two locations in Las Vegas. In ARIA, they’ll pack up an airline-friendly box. Drool over decadent dessert displays. Like its title, Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana borders on the arcane with a dose of the bizarre. Set in a long-abandoned Gothic theater, this acrobatic rock opera is dominated by an underground circus. Cirque du Soleil fans will find a gift shop outside the Zarkana theater. Unlike many older casinos, Aria has windows and skylights (shown here) letting natural light in. These decorative skylights on the second floor allow the natural light to pass through to the casino level. Guests head to the casino where Aria’s working hard and building a following with a good mix of games, lots of tournaments and a strong comp structure where players earn $2 per hour at all game levels. Shoppers will love that Crystals is just steps away. The average visitor will do more looking than buying at Crystals with surroundings that resemble a sleek modern art museum than a temple of commerce. A pocket park offers seating and beauty between Crystals and Aria. Henry Moore’s “Reclining Connected Forms” is displayed in the pocket park. A worker cleans the glass around Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s “Typewriter Eraser.” . A woman takes a photo of metal sculptures at an entrance. The free Aria Express, an electric and cable-propelled. The parking garage is equipped with an electric vehicle charging area.

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