Ao Nang Nightlife: Ao Nang Krabi Thailand by Night. Restaurants, Bars, Shopping & Street Food

This is sunset at Ao Nang Beach. There’s certainly worse places in the world to be. Once the sun goes down Ao Nang really
comes alive. It’s quite a pretty town by night and there’s lots to do there. There’s lots of shops where you can buy everything from souvenirs to clothes shoes, sunglasses, all sorts of toys and knick-knacks. And lots of different food The main street’s a great place to take in the sights, go for a walk, do some shopping, or maybe grab a bite to eat. After that maybe have a drink and check out a band. There’s lots of bars with live music and at the party hub Center Point night clubs where you can party the night away. There’s one main road along the beach in Ao Nang where most of the action is and there’s a number of little lanes and streets running off of that. Along the main road you’ll find shopping, beachwear, ocean packs, taylors, souvenirs. Thai woodwork, You may even find that missing piece to complete your phallus collection. There’s also money exchange, pharmacies and ATMs. Laundry service. Or you can get a pic of your child with a ladyboy, or get a selfie at Ao Nang’s giant sailfish statue. Whatever you’re looking for there’s a good chance you’ll find it on the main street of Ao Nang. You’ll find lots of different styles of restaurants, and food from all around the world. And seafood is a specialty in the area. Or you can try some of the street food in Ao Nang. There’s a couple of areas with lots of different street food vendors. You’ll find yummy stick food, barbecued fish and chicken, barbecued corn, barbecued fish, tempura prawns, barbecued prawns and calamari, clams and cockles, crabs, or get a coconut drink. You can pick the piece that you want. There’s also a huge range of food cooked to order. You can grab a table and eat there. Or you can try one of Thailand’s famous rotis. Or maybe a couple of them. This is a banana roti being cooked. These are really tasty, if you do come to Thailand you’ve got to try one of these! Once it’s cooked they slice it into pieces. Top it with the sauce of your choice. Add a skewer and it’s good to go. These fried potato spirals on the left are yummy as well! There’s also lots of Thai fruit. And a huge selection of other Thai street food. The only problem you’re likely to face is deciding what to eat. This is another street food area not far past McDonalds. Again lots of different choices. Barbecued chicken and fish. Or if street food’s not your thing there’s always the restaurants. There are hundreds of restaurants in Ao Nang, with every type of food you could imagine. Indian, Italian, Thai, pizza, pasta, steak, even Russian food. Spaghetti, and of course the seafood. Every type of seafood you can imagine. There’s also roadside restaurants if you’re on a budget. This was my choice of the night, the Massaman Restaurant. My wife and I had a noodle soup panang curry, pumpkin and pork curry, and fried rice with prawns. After dinner you can take a stroll along the main street. Get your nails done. Get a massage. Let fish nibble on your feet. Or book a tour for the following day.
There’s lots of choices for activities in Ao Nang and in the surrounding areas. This is one of my favourite places, Hong Island. You’ll find lots of shops selling tours, at really good prices. Or if you want more shopping there’s a street market up the road opposite the mosque, with souvenirs, cheap clothes, And all sorts of other items. Wall hangings, dreamcatchers, diecast toys. Or if shopping’s not your thing you can grab a drink and chill out at one of the bars. Boogie Bar’s got some great bands and live music every night. There’s dozens of bars and many of them with live music. You can chill out with a game of pool. Or chat to the ladies. There’s certainly no shortage of bars in Ao Nang. You can grab a drink from a hole-in-the-wall bar and take it to go. Or there’s always Center Point, just behind Burger King There’s about 20 bars in Center Point, over three levels catering for all tastes. You’ll also find entertainment on the plaza. You can get a tattoo done between drinks, or visit upstairs and do some karaoke, or to dance the night away. Center Point’s also the home of Ao Nang’s Blue Dragon Cabaret Show. Or for something a little different you can head up the road to RCA, where you’ll find lots of ladies to talk to and about 20 bars down a little lane way, most of them with pool tables. No matter what time of the day or night it is you’ll always find food in Ao Nang. You’ll find street food vendors on the road cooking well into the wee hours of the night. Or for a taste of home there’s Burger King and McDonalds that are open 24 hours and there are 7-11s everywhere with lots of food and drink choices. There’s also some late night restaurants in Center Point and a little bit further out of Ao Nang, near the Tesco Lotus, there’s some late night restaurants serving Thai food. It’s easy to get around, you’ll find taxis and tuk-tuks well into the late night hours. You’ll find them at night waiting outside Center Point. You’ll find quite a few a few bars open late
where you can party the night away. So that’s a quick look at Ao Nang at night, I think you’ll find something for everyone Check out my channel for lots more Ao Nang and Krabi videos and don’t forget to subscribe, there’ll be more videos coming soon. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you later.

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