76 thoughts on “Ames man to spend nearly 2 decades behind bars for LQBTQ flag burning

  1. My original comment gets deleted because KCCI, youtube, and the U.S. government hate free speech. Meanwhile the failure of cultural Marxism get rewarded at the expense of the erosion of family. Martinez is a buffoon, but not a buffoon deserving 17 years for burning down a flag symbolizing brazen gratuitous hedonistic mainstreamed perversions.

  2. That's Insane, He burned a Flag, not a Phag… I tried spelling it with an "f" and my comment got deleted.. Wake up people can't you tell we are in the End Times.

  3. Antifa hates everyone they dont agree with and burns, attacks harasses. Neither is right but 17 years. Drunk drivers that kill whole family's dont get that

  4. I'm amazed the preacher and the rest of those interviewed here seem "ok" with a man spending 17 years getting abused behind bars for simply burning a flag. Do they not see the injustice? Where are their consciences? So much for turning the other cheek. Seems they are vindictive.

  5. This guy appears to be mentally ill. Not sure if 20 years in prison is what is needed here. But, this is America and long prison sentences seem to be our answer to everything EXCEPT government malfeasance.

  6. Any comments that do not adhere to the politically correct totalitarian new world order reverse Handmaidens Tale society where leftist idealogy reigns supreme and conservative values are stamped out of society will be taken down and censored out of the YouTube community!! American Conservative values can be burned via the American flag proudly and freely but if the lgbtq flag is burned the protesters will be punished severely. I've been robbed in my house while I was there and denied justice on the premise the police told me they could not enter the neighbors house without permission to recover my things or arrest the robber..so he robbed me, went into the house he was staying with my stuff and the police tell me even though I can prove my phone is in the house, and my house was damaged from an apparent break in, they can do no more than knock on the door and ask if he took my things..no warrant..case closed!

  7. Instead of sentencing to so many years you should treat the guy with some help,he seems like he has some mental problems.Dont think him being in prison for so long its gonna help that problem.It could damage the guy even more and when he gets out cause a more violent crime.I have seen people that rape get less of a sentence kind of absurd when you think about it.

  8. Modern women are turning Christianity into a parody of itself. These ladies flat out ignore God's word to boost their own status, appealing to the temporal world by accepting homosexuality into the church, and now they are gonna support locking a man up for 2 decades over a banner. They know nothing about overcoming fear. They are terrible people who could justify anything to themselves if society gave them a pat on the head for it.

  9. There was a 14 year old White kid who got beat by 8 BLACKS for wearing a Mega hat on a school bus. Was beaten severely and sent to the hospital None of the Blacks got charged with a Hate Crime or even a felony. This is Bullshit and a Complete Double Standard. This happen like 2 weeks ago in Florida.

  10. So as long as you don't take the flag off the building you can burn it right as freedom of speech the same as burning the American flag

  11. People who support the jail time this man gets are either ignorant or insane or both. What these LGBT folks do not comprehend is that this is not about hate, but about sacrificing oneself for the purpose of divesting the world of a perceived evil. One person commented that this person showed no remorse. That is right, he destroyed a symbol of what he saw as evil and stood against it. That is not evil like a person raping a child. Try to keep this event in perspective. He burned a flag, not a human being. Lefttist destroy property all the time in protest and attack human beings. Do I hear any of you crying out for justice then? No! You are opportunists with your ideology as your brand of justice is all one sided. People who murder other people often get much less time, so we know that leftist politics is behind this severe punishment. It was a perspective about what he considers to be an act against God and does something about it. Was it wrong? Yes! Burning a flag, which is someone else's property is a crime and should be punished. Hating the LGBT for what it stands for is not a crime, nor should it be treated like a crime. The act of burning a flag was not a crime according to all those people in this country, on the left, that burned American flags or supported the act or turned a blind eye to it. Nor did it mean anything to CNN News or MSNBC News. They did not even make the burning of an American Flag incident enough to report. This entire narrative of punishing people for hate speech is amazingly ludicrous as it is diabolically absurd. We used to be a tolerant nation. We used to be a country that stood for free speech which meant not only a freedom to express oneself, but an admonishment to all Americans to tolerate those ideas with which you do not agree. Hate is something you cannot rid from this world by laws & punishment. This method being used will only create more intense hate because you are forcing people's feelings underground. Now, instead of allowing us to know who they are and what they stand for, they will talk in secret and that whole underworld substructure of social animosity will build upon itself and instead of having the grace of rational discussions to divest malignant thoughts of energy, and integrate and balance hateful ideologies with commonsense & alternative positive ideas, it will flow & fester freely in its purist evil form, in dark rooms where conspiracies will eventually hatch into chaos, rebellion, murder, destruction & war. You people who support this do not understand that open conversation is an outlet for the steam that builds up in society. It prevents explosions literally as well as figuratively. I also want to emphasize here that this abhorrent practice is fomented as usual by the left. They cry hate, but they do the real violence. Not one draws the comparison with the hundreds of attacks of hate upon our American Flag. No one is punished for that insolence. It won't be long before this method of punishing hate, slides down the slippery slope to punishing mere perceived behavior or language of hate, that are the projections of fear within persecution. I see omens of a return to Salem-type witch hunts, where instead of women, it will be white heterosexual men being hunted down and persecuted by this evil being practiced.

  12. “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.”
    ‭‭Jude‬ ‭1:7-8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  13. A woman who sped past a stopped bus and killed 3 kids and hurt a fourth so bad the kid has had 20 surgeries got 4 years with 3 years house arrest and 3 years probation. Our justice system is broken beyond repair.

  14. So what was the story of harassment, over the years? Was he convicted prior? Because it sounds like The sentence is based purely on the assumptions of a judge and people. So, basically a thought crime.

  15. For one that is not a true church, it is a house of demones, there pasture is a false ph he or she will decive many, peracution of the chirstanas

  16. Muh feelings were hurt because people didn't accept my forced concept so I will sentence you for a long time liberal bullshit.

  17. Concentration camp as a punishment for opposing a group that has 50% aids ratio of all its occupants. Let's put 100 aids filled freaks into the white house to spend time with politicians children and what's wrong with that? Rotten politicians I hope you get cancer for locking up a person who hasn't committed a violent crime and I demand his release now

  18. I'm a Baptist. God HATES who? You know who, it certainly isn't this innocent person in jail. Listen to pastor Steven Anderson on bitchute to find out who God really HATES but you already know who

  19. I'm a Christian and I support burning the aids flag besides wasting money on matches or a lighter there is nothing wrong with burning the aids flag

  20. This is how the left loses the arguments. I just managed to convince all of my girlfriends hispanic family that the democrats are the very representation to this mans injustice.

  21. People are sick and tired of the fact that not only do we have to accept it, which most people do anyway, where two consenting adults put their dicks is their business, no one cares…but we have pushed on us that it is perfectly normal and anyone who says otherwise is committing a hate crime?! But to have this bullshit from a church?

  22. In other news, a man was sentenced to 7 years in prison for attacking a 75 year old man with an electric scooter and causing great bodily harm.

  23. This is sick. All of it. Someone needs to do something about this total abuse of the justice system. And what is wrong with this church?!

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