AMAZING AFRICA HOTEL on Lake Kivu, Rwanda | Paradis Malahide Resort!

AMAZING AFRICA HOTEL on Lake Kivu, Rwanda | Paradis Malahide Resort!

Good morning. I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s mark Wiens I’m in Rwanda on Lake Kivu and we’re just about eight kilometers from ksenia town Which is in western Rwanda right on the border of Democratic Republic of Congo but Lake Kivu. It’s an incredibly beautiful like with rolling green hills The culture is fascinating and for this trip. We are staying at a hotel. It’s called paradise malahide mixing it in this video I’m gonna walk you around I’m gonna show you the grounds give you some views of lakes and then I’ll give you a full tour of our room The first thing that we’re gonna do though is have breakfast so we just ordered breakfast and you gotta see the breakfast They bring breakfast out in stages but we’re starting with coffee and they serve all of the coffee and local clay cups and clay and Then also you’ll see as they bring the other wood they serve them on wooden wooden plates But we got to start with a coffee. Oh here it comes Fried eggs And…What’s also notable here is that they serve you coffee It’s like..this is like the equivalent of like four or five cups in this per person Which is fantastic Okay coffee Coffee is It’s okay. It’s it’s not bad. I’m moving on to the fruit cup and yeah served in a a little wooden cup. There’s tomato There’s mango,OH! but my favorite is the tree tomato, which is in season right now That tree tomato it’s delicious It’s like it is like a tomato but more sour and fried eggs served in a wooden plate And then we also brought our own avocado because the avocados are in season right now and they are incredibly good what I’m gonna do Is just take half of this this egg,oh the crispy edges. I’m gonna put it right into my avocado,(oh) with pepper yahaha.. Okay, we’ll see if this works or not I hope this yolk doesn’t Doesn’t spill all over the place all this might not have been the greatest idea Okay, that didn’t work out so well, but I will just put it down and grab a bite of egg with avocado (laughing) Micha just spilled a hot boiled egg Avocado and egg what a combination, and you can sit back. Micha Breakfast is great. There’s so many things on the table But even better is this relaxing on this kind of sofa wooden local sofa Um and with the view of the Lake Kivu, it’s spectacular Okay, I Finished my five cups of coffee breakfast was delicious and can you hear in the background? There are some boats going out and every now and then you can hear them Chanting the the rowing song from here I am going to walk you around actually I might just kind of relax for a little bit and then I’m gonna walk you around I’m gonna show you the property and then give you a tour of our room we may as well start the tour right here since We just finished breakfast right here. But this area it’s actually a small little Peninsula is really the highlight of this hotel So you get at least 180 actually even more than that surrounding views of the lake with the green hills in the distance But you can come around here to eat to hang out to relax to have a drink This is the ultimate chill spot area of this hotel and one of its deaf highlight There’s just nothing better than just chilling on these these outdoor sofas looking at the lake Even as I just sat down there for a couple minutes just making the video. I didn’t want to get up That’s how relaxing it is Yeah, this is another awesome awesome spot and you can see the mountains in the distance and over across the lake That is Democratic Republic of Congo. We’re very close And if you go into the town, which is about eight kilometers away that that’s where the border is to cross over into DRC And they’ve done such a good job with the plant life the Landscaping the flora and fauna here. This particular bench is a little bit on a slanted angle So it might not be the most comfortable to actually sit on for a while But I do love this like laid-back style kind of like yeah, it feels like you’re on an island I just love this type of little hangout spot (singing) This is the reception area It’s a little bit dark in here But it just has the natural light but it kind of has a jungle(y) appearance to it And when you walk you really crunch on these on these volcanic rocks But then they have the reception check in they have again you can also eat in here. They have little seating sections I’ll just take a seat right here. But yeah, you can see it’s made from from a canoe Oh, this one’s a little bit small, but it does make a nice little unique Sofa and step out of the reception. This is actually the front of the hotel. This is the parking lot This is where you enter off the road, but then the rooms are over mostly on this side You walk through this Bush tunnel, and this is where most of the the rooms are located including our room This is our room right here. But Micah and Yin are taking a nap right now And also our room is a little bit dirty So I plan I think what I’ll do is I’ll show you the rest of the property and the beach over here And then when they clean the room when you Michael wake up and when they clean the room later today after that I’ll give you a tour of our rooms, a very cool thing about paradise Malahid is that they have their own private little beach here. I Haven’t really gone swimming, but the view is spectacular And it’s kind of the peninsula is over on that side, but then the beach is right here there It’s a nice option to be able to relax here as well now the thing about swimming in Lake kivu as well as a lot of the great lakes in Central Africa is that there is Potential for this one disease it’s something you should Research before swimming but there’s a disease. I believe from a snail and it’s Its potential that you can get it if you go swimming. We’ve had breakfast. I’ve walked you around the compound the grounds I think I’ve shown you pretty much everything The last thing to show you is the actual room tour. I’m going to give you a tour of our room Welcome into our room and What I like is that immediately it has this cool effect I think because of the stone and how its built but it’s really nice and cool in here and this door It kind of has a problem. It’s not done Hasn’t been the best maintained. It doesn’t actually close. So in order to close it you have to you have to lock it so you can lock it or actually we may as well just leave it open here and Let’s begin with the bed. Made of local wood. Oh, yeah. It’s actually quite a nice bed It kind of sometimes it’s kind of on a slant but that’s okay though. The mattress is pretty comfortable And another thing is that you should use the the mosquito net. I’ve been using the mosquito We’ve been using the mosquito net every night and then over on this side of the room. There are some bamboo Relax chairs. Ah not bad at all and Then finally the bathroom is right here And this let me turn on the light lights. It’s mostly stone. There’s a nice it’s really nice bathroom Actually the shower the shower has been great They have really good hot water and the pressure of the water is also really a lot of a lot of pressure So this is one of the best showers I’ve had in Rwanda and the shower is just like straight pipe To showerhead so that’s why the pressure is so good and the hot water really works Well, and I think that’s all there is to show you in the room. The room is basic. It’s a little rustic I really like the style though, and the localness of the room and it fits with this entire With the whole hotel concept. Now I was just talking with one of the staff We said we could take a boat ride later this afternoon But if we end up going on a boat ride, I’m gonna share it with you next It got a little bit overcast this afternoon but still very nice we have decided to take a boat ride. Oh Ying and Micha have already jumped in the boat while I was in the room Hello Nice huh? Oh, you are the captain Okay, Micha , you’re riding the boat? Oh, yeah *Singing* The boat ride is amazing and right now we’re just passing the market area for the town village, and we’re passing the triple boats Which is their unique fishing boats style and they have you’ll see they have these giant poles attached to them and they attach the the nets pop. For fishing the sambaza. Which are small sardine-like fish *singing* We’ve just been cruising around in the boat it’s so peaceful it’s so relaxing the views are stunning and as the Sun starts to go down as it starts to become sunset just the.. the Reflection off the lake you can see the mountains. Those are all in Democratic Republic of Congo over on that side. It’s it’s beautiful It’s serene We just finished with the boat ride that was fantastic that was so relaxing. Beautiful *singing* We’ve come to the end of this review and full tour of paradise malahide on Lake Kivu and Gisenyi (City in Rwanda) We’ve spent three nights here and it’s been a really relaxing stay, one thing I have to mention is that the staff of all of the staff the waiters? They’re really nice. They’re really helpful. They’re really friendly All of the staff have been very really really top-notch I think the best reason to come here is to kind of do nothing and just kind of lay back in these chairs Sip on a beverage just hang out. It’s a good place to come with family for our double room We paid ninety dollars per night. I think it’s a fair value for what you get and for what is here and yeah. A Fantastic place and thank you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up and also subscribe I’m gonna be publishing more travel reviews more accommodation reviews like this transportation all sorts of travel information So if you’re interested be sure to subscribe and also click that little Bell icon So that you get notified of the next video that I publish. Goodbye from beautiful Lake kivu I’ll see you on the next video

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